Marvel NFT is coming. How does animation IP open up a new world of virtual assets?

Through NFT, the spread of IP works has been enlarged, and the circulation on the chain has also brought new value-added space.

Since the beginning of this year, “NFT” has set off a huge momentum all over the world. Not only are domestic Internet giants such as Tencent and Ali playing “NFT” one after another, but also major international companies such as Marvel, Audi, and Louis Vuitton.

Marvel, which has many animation IPs, has recently launched a series of NFT collections, including Spider-Man, Captain America, etc.

Compared with the hot momentum of foreign animation companies entering the NFT market, domestic IP operators appear to be out of date.

Marvel launches superhero series NFT

On August 14, Marvel and VeVe, a digital collectibles platform, launched the Marvel series of NFTs. According to Marvel’s official announcement, the first collections include Captain America, Falcon, Winter Soldier, American Secret Agent, and Red Skull. The NFT will be sold in the form of a blind box, priced at $13 each.

This is not the first time that Marvel has launched an NFT for its superheroes.

In June of this year, Marvel announced plans to launch a Spider-Man version of the NFT through cooperation with the digital collectible platform VeVe. On August 6, the product was officially launched, and Spider-Man became the first NFT superhero IP.

According to public information, there are a total of five different types of Spider-Man collections available to the market for users to purchase. These Spider-Man NFTs are 3D “digital statues” that can be viewed from all angles and displayed in the user’s own customizable virtual exhibition hall.

According to media reports, the price of Spider-Man’s digital collection ranges from US$40 to US$400 each, and the total number will decrease with every step of price increase.

Regarding NFT, there is a soul torment: what does it mean to own NFT? Take Marvel’s Batman as an example. What can people get in the process of participating?

NFT, Non-Fungible Tokens, are mostly translated as non-homogeneous tokens. They are data units stored on the blockchain and are non-interchangeable, irreplaceable, and unique encrypted digital assets on the blockchain.

“Based on the basic properties of NFTs, owning NFTs means having unique and fully owned encrypted digital assets. Simply put, NFTs are digital assets. In the process of participation, people can not only pursue their own interests and hobbies, make friends, but also You can increase your own assets.” SHE, the head of the Chinese community of CryptoLions and, said to Lianxin.

“When you buy a Marvel Batman, although it can be displayed countless times and copied by countless people, only you are the actual owner. One reason why people collect NFT works is that this collection behavior It can help them to demonstrate their position in the digital field.” Xin Hongrui, founder of Bailianhui and researcher at the China Blockchain Application Research Center, said to Lianxin.

Xin Hongrui believes that when you purchase an NFT ownership certificate, it means that you have an indelible ownership record and the right to use the actual assets. “Any NFT ownership certificate is irreplaceable and indivisible. The irreplaceable nature of NFT means that it can be used to represent something unique.”

Difficulties of NFTization of Domestic Animation IP

“In the Internet era, the value of animation IP has been given greater vitality. The mining and development of IP is accompanied by the realization and reproduction of a large amount of content and creativity, forming a certain scale economy system, which is the re-value added of the original value. “In Xin Hongrui’s view, the following problems still exist in my country’s traditional animation IP operations:

The first is that the organizational model of operation is not yet mature; the second is that many companies have no systematic planning for the cartoon image IP, and there is no forward-looking prediction of the market; the third is that the operation is mainly based on IP adaptation, often due to the subcontracting and sub-production system Fragmentation of content; fourth, the head IP and high-quality IP resources are rich, and the operation is not enough.

Xin Hongrui believes that NFT has four major characteristics: decentralization, strong liquidity, broad form, and open value measurement. Through NFT, the spread of IP works has been enlarged, and the circulation on the chain has also brought new value-added space.

“NFT can realize the traceability and confirmation of IP works, and its value lies in the first real sense, allowing traditional IP assets and related asset owners that cannot be standardized to expand the market dimension through blockchain technology and ensure that through smart contracts The owner’s permanent copyright benefit chain opens up a new world of assets.” Xin Hongrui said to “Lianxin”.

In the field of NFT, RivvooNFT Operations Director Yu Shimeng is very much looking forward to seeing the participation of giants like Aofei Entertainment with a large amount of IP resources. “Is the copyright of animation IP independent? This is a very important question, and this is also the problem I encounter when discussing NFT with the leading domestic film and television companies. The IP copyright of some films and televisions can be large or small. Dozens of companies. Simply coordinating the NFT process of a film and television IP will face great challenges.”

Yu Shimeng believes that with the rise of the digital asset market driven by NFT, institutions and companies will reorganize the creation and distribution end, as well as the NFT owner’s on-chain copyright solutions, and for companies that want to participate in the NFT field in the future And individuals will provide a new way of dividing and confirming copyright.

Like all other NFT content platforms, how to design interesting gameplay to attract and retain users and how to give application scenarios are also one of the reasons that hinder the development of domestic animation NFT.

“Art works NFT itself has art collection value, and the setting of other categories of application scenarios and subsequent content operations are very important.” Yu Shimeng said to “Chain New”.

“I am more optimistic about the prospects of animation NFT. This is a relatively large market, and NFT is currently relatively hot, and it is in the air.” Artist and founder of, Cai Wanlin, said to Lianxin.

According to Cai Wanlin’s observation, there is currently no company or organization in China that specifically participates in or plans for animation NFT content. “It’s mainly the problem of talents. For the presentation, planning and production of animation works, most of them are now in the graphic sector. The market is very short of creative talents.”

Open up a new world of IP assets

Since the beginning of this year, not only have more and more virtual IP roles been cast into NFTs, many celebrities with personal IP value have also begun to actively embrace the NFT ecology, providing their fans with diversified interactive channels and exclusive benefits.

Earlier, Fox Entertainment announced that it would invest 100 million US dollars to produce an NFT animation series, driven by the “Krapopolis” program from the creator of “Rick and Morty”.

Two-time All-British Music Awards winner Lewis Capaldi launched the “Big Fat Sexy NFT” series of digital collections. The collection is divided into 5 levels, and different levels can enjoy different benefits, and it has been sought after by fans and music lovers.

“In the field of animation, NFT assets are not a combination of empty storytelling and scarcity. The inherent economic value of IP works gives it value support.” Xin Hongrui told Lianxin.

For NFT assets, scarcity is a double-edged sword. The lack of liquidity makes it extremely easy to fall into hype. It is difficult to maintain its long-term value simply by relying on a short-term story or cultural symbol that lacks historical precipitation. Therefore, if the IP works themselves are not relatively With high commercial value, there will be no corresponding asset value in NFTization.

Xin Hongrui believes that the value model of NFT should be similar to the value model of brand. The value bottom of NFT is measured by recognition, the top value of NFT is measured by rarity, and use value is the underpinning of NFT value. “So IP with higher popularity and recognition, such as the Marvel series, will have a better prospect in NFTization.”

At present, most of the NFT products are digital art works or trading cards, some are virtual goods, and some are displayed in common formats such as JPEG and PDF. Only a few digital art works, card characters and other NFT ownership certificates are physical objects. Digital record of ownership.

“NFT will have a positive impact on the traditional IP development and ownership model, not only for the development team but also for the participating players.” SHE, the head of the Chinese community of CryptoLions and, told Lianxin.

Facts have proved that NFT will bring players to participate in the IP craze and attract more edge players to participate. This process also brings higher value of IP. In terms of participating players, players have unique and fully owned encrypted digital assets. This is different from the uncontrollability of traditional online IP assets. At the same time, it is also their favorite IP theme content, which will positively promote the development of IP and players. Passion.

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