Market value skyrocketed by 250%? People who play “the first element of the universe” are neither stupid nor bad

If “Master Brewer” is also considered Metaverse, Happy Farm is the originator of Metaverse.

The magic level of the concept of A-share speculation can always refresh our understanding.

At the end of August, when the concept of Meta Universe was first launched in China , a colleague asked me what I thought of Zhong Qingbao , and I was taken aback at the time. In the past few years when VR became popular, many game companies had layouts. The first-line Tencent Netease , the second-line Youzu, Perfect, Sanqi, and the recently troubled Palm Fun and Kaiying, I dare not say that Zhongqingbao must There is no layout, but it’s a sure thing.

But after all, I haven’t watched the VR track for two years, so I went to Baidu to search for Zhongqingbao and his so-called meta-universe game “Brewmaster”. The result amused me-this is not a third-rate simulated mobile game. , Also set a bunch of NFT, cloud game gimmicks.

This kind of hype was not worthy of the shoes of Teacher Jia and Teacher Feng of the year, so at that time, he said to his colleagues with confidence: “I have to fall into a dog within two days.”

It turns out: I was the one who was wrong.

Since the end of August, the stock price of Zhongqingbao has risen from 8 yuan to 28 yuan, an increase of more than 250%. After FB announced the name change a few days ago, Zhongqingbao has increased by 2 “20cm” in a row. Not only retail investors are chasing it. Sell-side analysts are also enthusiastic, reading several recent research reports about Meta Universe, who will not name them specifically, anyway, they put Zhongqingbao among the key stocks in the industry.

In the face of a series of “facts”, my judgment was shaken: I think it may be because the research on Zhongqingbao is still too superficial and my thinking is not mature enough. With the mentality of being responsible for the “missing hundreds of millions” of colleagues, this time I decided to spend “full” 2 days to study the company carefully, and today I will share my views.

Cross-generational meta-universe game?

The core question is of course: Is “Brewmaster” a meta-universe game?

My opinion is that if it is also a meta universe, then “Happy Farm” 10 years ago is the originator of meta universe.

The concept of metaverse has been popularized by a lot of media recently. If you are still unfamiliar, you can refer to the previous articles on investment in China. I will not repeat the concept here, and add a few facts from the industry perspective:

First, Metaverse is still in a very early stage of development. Whether it is the $50 billion Roblox or Facebook (meta) whose name has changed, they are still exploring. Metaverse is their next story, not what it is now. Mature product.

Second, the industry has not yet determined what kind of product Metaverse will land in. It may be a game, it may be social, or it may be something else. The only consensus is that the meta-universe is a simulated digital world, a digital space that people can walk into , but not all digital spaces are meta-universes.

Then let’s take a look at “Master Brewer”. Some time ago, Zhongqingbao received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, requesting an explanation of the relationship between “Master Brewer” and Yuan Universe. Zhongqingbao’s reply is as follows:

“”Brewmaster” is a fully realistic social business product based on the concept of meta-universe, breaking through the barriers of virtual and reality , and with relatively high freedom and high social degree. The game is based on the century-old Shenchu ​​Shaofang as the background , The player simulates the operation of the ” Jinsha Ancient Wine ” winery, and manages the winery in the virtual world. It relies on cloud computing, computing power and social and other meta-universe technologies to integrate value interaction, content carrying and data network transmission and immersive display. Construct a meta-universe, open the dream linkage between reality and virtual.

The content level of the product follows the setting of the meta-universe, based on the realistic construction of the reality to restore the parallel space, and in accordance with the good customs of the real society and laws and regulations, it opens the virtual space with high degree of freedom and high creativity for users, and combines the reality and the virtual depth. In the virtual space, users can own their own land and industry, and operate in a fully realistic manner. From the purchase of raw materials, product manufacturing, wine adjustment, packaging design, and sales link laying, all are left to the user. To build and process. “

This language art is really amazing. Although the TMT industry and the venture capital industry are known for “black words”, most of them still have basic logic. The outsiders can see the excitement, but the insiders can still understand the doorway.

But this introduction by Zhongqingbao can only be said to be a series of concepts spliced ​​onto another series of concepts. It seems to have talked a lot, and after reading it, I found that I was lonely.

Market value skyrocketed by 250%? People who play "the first element of the universe" are neither stupid nor bad

Screenshots of the “Brewmaster” game

Briefly describe the “Master Brewer” in human terms : the player plays the role of the owner of an ancient winery in the game, responsible for purchasing raw materials, formulating formulas, designing packaging, and managing sales channels. There will be H5, 2D, and 3D versions of the game. Currently, there is no VR version, which means it is a mobile game that simulates business operations.

That’s why I think that if this is also a meta-universe, Happy Farm is simply the originator of the meta-universe.

After all, players need to manage farms in a “full-realistic” way. From buying seeds and young animals, fertilizing and watering, to harvesting crops, and selling products, players need to take care of them personally. The growth of crops is also synchronized with the real-world time. Even Happy Farm has more interactive functions between users. At that time, all Chinese netizens were setting alarm clocks to steal food. Can Zhongqingbao not let players go to other people’s wineries to steal bars?

Of course, “Brewmaster” is one more step. The wines designed by the players can be picked up at offline winery brand management stores, which means that you can also get physical spirits while playing games. If this step is the key to the meta-universe, then the ant forest should be the meta-universe. After all , if you steal energy-planted trees in Alipay , ants are really planted to the north and south of the motherland.

From a mobile game perspective, “Master Brewer” is also not very mainstream. The more mainstream types of simulated business mobile games are restaurants, small towns, convenience stores, and sports managers. The management of wineries is not the dish of most simulated business players, not to mention that the simulated business itself is not a popular category.

Of course, it can’t be said to be too deadly. Now the mobile game industry is too cumbersome, and cutting from some niche categories is also the way for third- and fourth-tier mobile game manufacturers to survive.

Moreover, according to Zhongqingbao’s reply to investors’ questions, the game “Master of Brewing” is basically a business strategy game that cooperates with Jinsha Ancient Wine. Many signs can also be seen in the game.

For example, this game returns to the ancient worldview of operating a winery, which is consistent with the brand concept of “Ancient Liquor” promoted by “Jinsha Ancient Liquor”; for another example, after designing the liquor, the player has to go to the Jinsha Ancient Liquor store to pick up the wine; In addition, H5 will be launched in March next year. Although H5 games have been popular in the past few years, the flow is average. Customizing H5 games for brands has become an important monetization channel for many game studios.

Zhongqingbao, the next storm?

This kind of hype by Zhongqingbao is hard not to remind people of a scene that happened a few years ago.

In 2014, Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus sparked a VR boom, and a lot of hot money poured into the VR industry. Feng Xin, who saw the opportunity, led Baofeng Technology to enter . Baofeng Magic Mirror became the largest VR leader in China at the time. Baofeng ushered in a wave after its listing 28 Lianban became the most sought-after company in the market that year.

But from today’s point of view, this wave of hype has completely side effects on the development of the VR industry. Although the VR phone cases made by Baofeng have sold millions of units, they have not only failed to accelerate the popularization of VR, but the bad experience has left users with a bad impression of VR. Hot money poured into eye boxes such as Baofeng and some so-called ToC VR platforms, which did not promote technological progress, leaving only piles of non-degradable plastic shells.

The real situation is that whether it is VR or meta-universe, trying to create a virtual world that people can walk into is faced with a series of technical challenges: it is necessary to use various electronic devices to simulate human vision, hearing, and touch, and to change people. In the past few decades, the interactive methods of mouse, keyboard, and touch screen require a processing chip that is several times or even dozens of times the current computing power to run a realistic world of calculations…no less than in the era without computers. Out of today’s Internet world.

This is why a giant like Facebook (meta) has spent 7 years and tens of billions of dollars to push the market size from one million to ten million, but this is actually far from enough, making “Avalanche” The meta-universe world described in sci-fi works such as “Top Player” and “The Matrix” cannot be solved by one or two giants burning money. It requires a lot of market investment to break through the technical bottlenecks.

Hot money poured into the “Storm”, making the technology immature and the capital has receded. Before the meta-universe became popular, the VR industry was struggling in the past two years. Like Facebook and the newly acquired Pico, it was burnt in the past few years. Money gritted its teeth for the consumer market. Other entrepreneurial teams without the support of large companies either closed down or switched to ToB.

For example, the only place where Zhongqingbao really has an intersection with the VR industry is the super captain invested a few years ago. This company was previously regarded as one of the largest VR experience store chain brands in China at that time, and it was also called “Northern Leke, Southern Super Team” in a small range of the industry. In the past two days, I have inquired with friends in the VR circle, and the super captain has not yet closed down, but in the past two years, the main energy has been transferred to the ToB project of VR party building, which is regarded as “wretched development”.

However, the Baofeng Ceng concept at least made a glasses case. When Zhongqingbao was in the Yuan universe, he did not even make a VR version.

What’s more problematic is that such a product, before it went on the market, was praised by investors and analysts in the domestic secondary market as a benchmark for the domestic meta-universe. A game with an investment of 5-15 million has driven 40%. Multi-billion market value. Who is advocating and hyping “the first element of the meta-universe”?

As a former VR practitioner, I can only pray that domestic players will not regard Storm Mirror as a real VR like 5 years ago, and the Master Brewer as a real meta-universe.

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