Market speculation may come to an end, looking forward to the return of value

The overall current pattern is unchanged and continues to oscillate in a narrow range of 60000-530000.

At the beginning of the week, the market was indulging in a “gambling” atmosphere, which led to the mainstream coins falling out of favor, but yesterday it was pointed out that it was mainly the retail investors who were falling out of favor with the mainstream coins, because for the past two months, the mainstream coins such as bitcoin and boca have been maintaining a sideways oscillation, lacking an obvious rising market, which is unattractive to the retail investors who have been impatient, on the contrary, the recent “animal coins”, come to a doubling market at any time, enough to attract attention, so a large number of retail investors’ funds flow into these coins, further away from bitcoin, the future will certainly regret.

Market speculation may come to an end, looking forward to the return of value

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the top regulator of the U.S. financial and securities industry, issued a warning to investors about investing in bitcoin just after the top leader took office. The SEC’s Investment Management Division issued a notice on Tuesday, “strongly encouraging” investors who are interested in investing in mutual funds that hold exposure to the bitcoin futures market to “carefully consider the fund’s risk disclosure, the investor’s own risk tolerance, and the possibility that any investment could be subject to loss.


The overall current pattern is unchanged, continue to maintain in the 60,000-530,000 narrow range oscillation, continue to digest the medium-term overbought risk, because the consolidation cycle has been up to two months, so the market will appear at any time breakthrough market, expected if there is a breakthrough, the probability of upward breakthrough is greater, so it is recommended to keep buying at low, hold the coin to rise, if when the market starts, is bound to hit a new record high.

Market speculation may come to an end, looking forward to the return of value

Yesterday’s bottoming out, showing that the short-term does not have a sustained adjustment, continue to wash the main, do not overly concerned about the short-term market performance, the main or the general direction of judgment, the current price level is still at an all-time high, representing the trend of this year is not over, the second half of this year is expected to continue to go higher. Pressure level: 60000, support level: 55500.


The current price is back above $4000, pay attention to the price can stabilize above $4000 during the day, if it can stabilize, I believe the second half of the week ushered in a new rising market, continue to look forward to touching the $5000 mark. Pressure level: 4200, support level: 3900.


The current overall rhythm is in line with expectations, the overall price down space is not much, continue to go shock upward mainly, pay attention to the short-term can return to the $ 40 mark, if it can stabilize above $ 40 is expected to again explore the highs. Pressure level: 40.00, support level: 33.00.


Since May, the price has shown resilience and strong resistance to falls, so it will trade time for space and maintain a high level of oscillation, suitable for holding the currency to rise, the market is expected to break through $700, the medium-term goal points to $1000. Pressure level: 700, support level: 600.


Yesterday ended the decline and rebounded, but the overall rebound is not strong. It is expected that the short-term shock market will dominate, and it is difficult to have good opportunities in the absence of new copying value in the short term. Pressure level: 0.550, support level: 0.420.


Short-term continue to repeatedly oscillate, the general direction has not yet appeared, mainly wait and see, but think that the current in the accumulation stage, the market will certainly appear to make up the market, you can advance latent waiting for the outbreak. Pressure level: 40.00, support level: 33.00.

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