Market dominance has been biased towards the United States, and the market fluctuates up and down, but the inventory has not yet arrived

As long as the U.S. is on vacation, the news of this market will be very cold, indicating that the dominant player in the crypto market has now turned to the U.S.

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Have you noticed a problem recently? As long as the U.S. is on vacation, the news of this market will be very cold, indicating that the dominant player in the crypto market has turned to the United States. With the gradual transfer of mining farms to the United States, the future pricing power of the entire crypto market It will be completely in the hands of the Americans. In this way, no matter how the crypto market subverts the hegemony of the US dollar, it does not matter. The boss and the second child are in my hands and can fully attack the economy that is catching up behind. This is one of the reasons why U.S. policymakers continue to support the development of cryptocurrencies. Although the Federal Reserve and the SEC do not fully recognize the status of cryptocurrencies, at least there is no opposition like other countries, but they are included in the regulatory basket. With its changes and development, the United States has nurtured cryptocurrency. When cryptocurrency succeeds in the future, the biggest beneficiary will still be the United States. Of course, we have our own legal digital currency. This is a matter of two dimensions. One is across national borders, and the other is still within the scope of national endorsement. The future uses and functions will not be exactly the same, or in other words, fundamentally. Are two parallel lines. If you believe that there will be a future for cryptocurrency, just keep going. If you don’t believe it, you can get out at any time. Remember not to be a pure speculator, because that end is often a life of nine deaths.

According to the “Fed Watch” report, the probability that the Fed will maintain interest rates at 0-0.25% in July, September and November is still 100%. It seems that the probability of the Fed raising interest rates in the second half of this year is very low, our loose environment still exists, and everything is fine.

The crypto fund ended its net outflow for 5 consecutive weeks, and started to flow back last week. Some funds began to participate in the market on the left, but the Bitcoin transaction volume is still at the lowest level since November 2020, indicating that the market is in a downturn.

Bitcoin whale addresses of 100-10,000. On July 3rd, 60,000 Bitcoins were accumulated in a single day, a single-day record this year. This is the reason for the increase that the madman told you a few days ago. There has been no continued increase in holdings in the near future. Maintaining the volatile market can be seen as a whale building a position on the left.

The Minister of Finance of India stated that the Ministry of Finance has done a lot of work on cryptocurrency supervision, and the cabinet documents are ready, waiting for the cabinet to accept cryptocurrency at any time. In the end, India chose to embrace the ups and downs of supervision, and another populous country is coming in, which is good for the long-term.

The founder of FTX said that people who bought Tesla and Facebook are also buying Bitcoin and Ethereum. Investors who are optimistic about the development of future technology are basically this group. They know enough to earn the dividend of the development of the times.

UBS stated that regulators may crack down on the cryptocurrency bubble and Bitcoin is not suitable for professional investors. Previously, most institutions said that Bitcoin was not suitable for amateur investors. Now UBS has said that it is not suitable for professional investors. Everyone should run away and stop speculating, so that institutions can pick up enough chips.

Just now we came here with a bad news, which brought a wave of decline, as follows:

The world of coins-the market dominance has been biased towards the United States, the market fluctuates up and down, but the inventory has not yet arrived

The main ones are: office premises of the exchange, paid promotion on the platform, promotion of some virtual currencies, and OTC deposits and withdrawals. The whole matter does not involve violations of the law, but there are many violations. We must strictly abide by the laws and regulations, do our own things, and listen to the words of “mother” so that we will not suffer more harm.

Panic 20, others panic, I don’t panic.

Market analysis


Bitcoin’s deviation from PlanB’s S2F model has become larger and larger. According to the model, the current price of Bitcoin should be 77900. This deviation is estimated to cause the model to fail. Madmen think this is normal, and there will not be any model that will always be effective. Since it is deemed an atypical bull market, there will be some atypical situations, so don’t panic too much. The market is still in a narrow period of turbulence and there is nothing to analyze. It has risen one day and fell one day, repeatedly tossing people’s confidence. The bottom support is 32,000 and the top pressure is 36,000. In this way, the inventory has not yet arrived.


The overall situation is relatively strong. Continue to wash the jailed plate above 2300. After washing, it is more likely to continue to rise strongly. Data on the chain shows that all exchanges in the Ethereum reserve have reached a low point in the past two and a half years, and the supply is dwindling.


The whole is still not strong, so don’t participate first.


Following a strong wave of Defi, with limited continuity, it is not the leader of this round of rising.


Relatively strong, high-level shocks are the main reason. The founder of the foundation said that in 2026 there will be 10 Fortune 500 companies holding ADA. Next year, ADA will improve interoperability and access 50 banks. The ass decides the head. Just listen. seeing is believing.


Can continue to hold.


If you can stay sideways, you still have a greater chance to continue to strengthen and you can hold.


The linkage will continue in the short term.


Recently, we have been doing things frequently, and will introduce the fingerprint recognition system of Windows. The team is doing things, which is a good thing. The position is not high and you can take it first.


When the rise occurs, SUSHI is basically higher than UNI, which is still good, continue to hold.


It is also one of the currencies that madmen often talk about. Today, the two leaders of Defi are AAVE and SUSHI, and the market outlook is still worth looking forward to.

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