Market capital is accelerating the flight, at this stage need to “control hands”

From the volume of BTC now, the change of hands is significantly higher than the previous balanced market.

Keep the capital!
The logic of getting rich comes from the reasonable control of the principal!

The market has come to the present stage, we have previously analyzed and decomposed the important events in detail, and since yesterday the whole market news began to slowly calm down, we can observe several phenomena.

(1) The price of USDT has fallen very low and fast (current price is around 6.35, the lowest time is 6.1), lower than the RMB exchange rate of 6.43 itself; what does it mean? That is, a lot of money fled the market, resulting in people to put the price of U low.

(2) The news of the market has become less, from the previous intense various KOL, various institutions of the news, to the current situation is that the exchange of various projects are a week or two no news. It shows that the market is gradually going cold, even the project side and the exchange have voted with their feet. It means that we have to face a new market situation, which is the structural bear market we talked about before.

(3) BTC and ETH are still oscillating repeatedly, and there is a change of hands in volume, what does it mean? The market has not completely lost hope, there is still a group of hope that the Fed will not raise interest rates, and the funds in foreign markets rebound. As for the possibility of a Fed rate hike in previous articles, we have carefully analyzed, you can read it again in detail. We believe that there are many voices above the market to interpret the possibility of Fed rate hike, many people believe that there will not be a rate hike, from the recent exchange rate fluctuations and control policy, it seems that the top level than we have more clearly predicted what. That’s why such a harsh policy was introduced. It’s not too late to enter the market again when such things are rather plausible, even if there is no hike.

To type a summary, it is that the funds in the cryptocurrency market are decreasing and fleeing (which is the most terrible thing), and the heat of the market is gradually becoming cold, but it is not yet the time to despair, because BTC and ETH are still changing hands in volume. As the saying goes, sickness comes like a mountain, sickness goes like a silk, the rebound is unlikely to come soon, this is something we must be clear and sober, do not look forward to the peripheral policy is not increased, there is the expectation of a turnaround. Because the rebound you all have to run, then who will give you a sedan chair? There is no savior in this market, only the bloodthirsty devil.

1, BTC market analysis

Market capital is accelerating the flight, at this stage need to "control hands"

From the volume of BTC now, the change of hands is obviously higher than the previous balanced market. It means that BTC is going to shake in this area to increase, and is expected to form a new pivot in this zone again, which is consistent with our previous prediction of 33000-35000-38000 zone to form the bottom prediction. Patience waiting for the volume shrinkage, the release of the market is difficult to return to calm, should not enter.

2、 ETH market analysis

Market capital is accelerating the flight, at this stage need to "control hands"

The trend of ETH and BTC is the same, but the rate of change of hands is much greater than BTC, the probability of forming a bottom range in this position is high, and the new platform of 2000 can wait for the volume to shrink before considering.

3, LTC/XRP/EOS/BCH/ADA/DOGE market analysis

At this stage are not considered, still wait and see.

4, DOT/KSM market analysis

Market capital is accelerating the flight, at this stage need to "control hands"

Boka’s bottom change comes from the news expectations and fantasy, so much so that many old investors are still in a state of shrinkage and their costs are very low. So this position to form a bottom range of more than 20 can be completed, along with the boka news constantly, there are repeated oscillation process.

But at this time, we must calmly remind the market that the capital is fleeing, bear market expectations are accumulating, the rebound will only have more chips choose to leave the field, so there is no independent market here at this stage, the longer the cooler, and the practical application of Polka still needs time to achieve. We still look forward to its future, but we must calmly see its relationship with the market environment at the moment.

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