Mark Zuckerberg: The Metaverse is not a place but an era

Zuckerberg’s remarks were ignored by the outside world. This may be the most comprehensive and profound exposition of the Metaverse to date.

“IntellegenThings” (ID: IntellegenThings) is most concerned with the impact of the ideas of the most radical promoter of the Metaverse industry on the fields of hardware, software and services.

When MIT professor and computer scientist Lex Fridman mentioned that in the process of real communication, people will have a sense of intimacy and chemical reaction because of face-to-face communication. When can you feel this way in the Metaverse?

Zuckerberg agrees with Lex that the problems mentioned are objective, the Metaverse is different from how all digital platforms feel today, on platforms like mobile phones, TV, no matter how immersive the content itself tries to make you feel, cold The screen always reminds you that everything you see is illusory.

“=””> In the Metaverse era, more behaviors will be digitized?

However, the situation in the Metaverse will be different. Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook has made great progress in the field of virtual presentation and spatial audio, and the significance of spatial audio is huge.

Zuckerberg used the term “Spatial Audio,” a term Apple used two years ago to promote headphone devices, and it still is.

Zuckerberg made a rule for Facebook executives to stand in a virtual conference room at Meta. We need to finish our dog-food. Now that this is the way of working in the future, we need to embrace and adapt now.

Dog food is a traditional Silicon Valley-style expression. Before letting users use their products, they need their own teams to try them out.

He believes that in many ways, this method is now better than traditional Zoom meetings, although sitting at a VR conference table now, Aavartar’s real feeling is worse.

With spatial audio technology, speech feels very real, and gestures and other movements can be felt more and more naturally.

In Meta’s conference room, you can do the kind of private chat that you can’t do on zoom.

While the rest of you are sitting around the table, you can lie down on the table and whisper to the person next to you. This is not possible in video communication.

He believes that even when the current virtual technology is not very good, the virtual reality system has made people feel more real than the current technology.

With the evolution of virtual technology, people can truly feel the sense of smell, temperature and various other forces. Zuckerberg revealed that Meta is developing a tactile glove that can clearly feel the pressure from the table when you put your hand down. The goal of these technologies is to allow people to experience all the feelings of the real world in the virtual world.

Meta’s goal is to complete the various foundations for building such a technological world in the next 10 years.

Fridman brought up an interesting point, in the war years, people can fall in love just by correspondence. In Metaverse, how do people express their feelings?

Zuckerberg, who boasts that he specializes in computer science and psychology, has made a point that humans are very dependent on the expression of facial expressions.

Zuckerberg revealed a very important piece of information from Meta. Meta’s next-generation VR device, the Quest, features face tracking and, most importantly, eye tracking, which allows users to make eye contact. This is again something ordinary video conferencing can’t do.

One scenario of this technique is, like in a meeting, when someone tries to look you in the eye and like what you’re talking about, you can feel it.

This is something Zuckerberg thinks is very important. Meta’s important contribution to the Metaverse process is not to make the lightest and thinnest glasses device, but to make the most user-friendly device, a device that allows people to communicate in a humane way.

Zuckerberg’s understanding of the Metaverse is somewhere, he thinks it’s wrong, and he thinks the Metaverse is one definition of time, when we spend most of our time in the digital world.

We’re not trying to build a digital world that doesn’t exist in reality. “What Zuckerberg wants is to give people more digital experiences, starting with gaming and social on Quest, and then productivity.

Games have always been an important part of PC and mobile Internet computing, and social is also an important part. Currently, on the Quest platform, the top rankings are social applications.

Interestingly, another IT giant, Microsoft, seems to be doing the same. About a month or two ago, Microsoft CEO Nadella also mentioned in an interview with FT that the reason why Microsoft has acquired so many game companies is because Microsoft regards games as the next-generation computing and Internet platform.

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