MakerDAO DAI Vault will invest in US Treasury bills

“Bring in, throw out.”

On July 1, 2022, the MakerDAO community voted on the allocation of the 500 million DAI treasury investment strategy, and 57.67% supported investing 80% of the 500 million DAI treasury in U.S. short-term Treasury bonds and 20% in IG Corp bonds.

According to MakerDAO, the allocation vote is the result of the adoption of MIP65: Monetalis Clydesdale Liquid Bond Strategy and Execution.


MIP65 introduces a new real-world asset pool with the aim of acquiring USDC through PSM and investing it in a strategy of high-quality liquid bonds held in trusts arranged by Monetalis . The MIP was previously approved by the Approval Governance vote, backed by 76k+ MKR.

In addition, MIP65 has the following considerations: 1. The third party or Monetalis cannot obtain funds or change the terms of the legal structure; 2. Maker Governance has the ability to trigger liquidation by executing a vote; 3. It should not be possible for a single third party to prevent Maker Governance from making a decision Or the ability to modify the structure; 4. All surpluses generated by the legal structure must be manually sent to the Maker surplus buffer quarterly.

At 0:00 am on June 28, 2022, MKR holders and representatives voted to start voting on how to allocate the 500 million DAI treasury, which ended at 0:00 am on July 1.

There are 4 options:


Option 1: US Treasury bills (100%). 100% in U.S. Treasury bills, 40% in 0-1 year U.S. Treasury ETFs and 60% in 1-3 year U.S. Treasury ETFs, both from BlackRock.

Option 2: Waiver

Option 2: US Treasury bonds (80%) + IG Corp bonds (20%). 80% is invested in US short-term Treasury bonds, the composition is the same as 40-60 in option 1. 20% IG Corporate Bonds (positive global mandate for US Treasuries Index and Baillie Gifford 0-5 year investment grade corporate bonds).

Option 4: Oppose

At present, MakerDAO’s community voting on the investment strategy allocation method for 500 million DAI vaults has ended, and option 2 won with a 57.67% support rate.

In March 2022, MakerDAO introduced traditional bank loans as DAI collateral, and now DAI is directly invested in traditional financial assets.

This means that MakerDAO has “brought in and cast out” and has two-way connections with real-world assets .

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