Major investment and financing events in the blockchain industry in the first quarter of 2022

In the last quarter, there were 3 investment and financing events with a scale of 1 billion in the blockchain industry, namely NYYDIG, which is engaged in the asset management field,, which focuses on the payment field, and the public chain LFC.

The first two belong to the financial industry, and from the perspective of scale, the blockchain financial industry is still a hot spot for investment and financing, such as digital banks, wallet payments, CeFi, DeFi and exchanges are still the largest number and amount of investment and financing. The largest, especially the digital bank, wallet, and asset management projects directly related to funds, and in the supervision of funds, and the supervision-related audit business and compliance support business, there are also new project layout financing.

This quarter, new financing for mining business is still underway, including Compute North, TeraWulf, Gem Mining, etc. However, compared with traditional mining, the mining business of new investment is more green and energy-saving.

In addition, the NFT market is still hot, the types are also diversifying, and there is also a lot of financing in games, sports, etc.

It should be noted that in the last quarter, NEAR and LFG Three Arrows Capital both led the investment in the two larger project financings of the public chain.

The following is the map compiled by the Hoo Hufu Research Institute:


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