Mainstream coins are raising their heads across the board, and cottage coins are expected to follow! What should I lay out now?

Sichuan’s miner conference is over, no short is good for the market

Mainstream coins are raising their heads across the board, and cottage coins are expected to follow! What should I lay out now?

Yesterday the Sichuan miners conference finished, no negative for the market is good, the market out of the negative expectations apparently appeared to pick up the market, before the mainstream coins many times prompted to play bottom position, currently there is no position can consider allocating a little LTC, ETC, BCH these have not yet how to start. Back to the general technical interpretation, bitcoin as a whole is still running in a large four-hour triangle area, and is currently heading up a rebound, strong pressure in the 39000 band, the support below further up to 36500 band. Overall, this position as long as the market does not have a big negative, the probability of further rebound upward, to test the upper rail of the triangle suppression, operationally it is recommended to continue to hold a mainstream position of thirty percent, and then take 0.5-1 percent to play with small coins, the general market rebound small coins have the opportunity to burst a wave, concern iost and neo.

Pressure level: 39000, support level: 36500.

ETH four-hour breakthrough of the original downtrend suppression line after a backpedal to confirm the effectiveness of the breakthrough, the current counterattack above the pressure in the last stage of the chip dense area 2850-2920 area, below the support in the rising trend line 2580, did not fall below the rising trend line continue to see the oscillating upward pattern, today the day to test the pressure area above. The operation temporarily hold the coin, the day short term back to 2650 can be secondary on board. The data shows that the institutions are now more willing to participate in eth, V God’s brainwashing is very successful, there is also a rumor that a central bank coin can be laid out on the smart contract of Ether, so the medium and long term Ether is firmly bullish, the more you fall, the more you buy long term bullish.

Pressure level: 2900, support level: 2580.

MATIC this coin is more personality, not with the flow, currently see 2.0 above the previous several times up did not stand still, indicating that the above still has a certain pressure, did not intervene in the temporary not recommended to participate, can reduce the chips of small coins too much. The already involved concern below 1.65 strong support, the need to avoid risk, position heavy can consider taking a part of the position to change the position of other small coins.

Pressure level: 1.95, support level: 1.7.

The Lite coin has come out of the 4-hour price channel suppression, the overall along an uptrend line oscillation upward, the recent stabilization of the general market ltc has a complementary rise is expected, the operation of the previous tips to intervene in the bottom position patiently hold, no position can now play the bottom position, the upper pressure 200 a line, break 200 target level will be further extended to 230 a band barrier. The lower support in 175 a band.

Pressure level: 200, support level: 175.

DOT four hours out of the surprise of a small step pull up, has now arrived at the upper edge of the rising wedge pressure 27 a band, June and July is the “wave card month”, there is a card slot auction of good expectations, the wave card system can focus on these two months, and the sports sector can also be concerned about. The further upward impact of 30 a greater chance, temporarily hold the coin-based, before the layout of the “small boca” KSM is also very hard, the subsequent split is expected, the long term dead take.

Pressure level: 27, support level: 25.

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