Luo Yonghao is here too? Is Metaverse a new version of the Internet or a capital bubble?

Even if the meta universe is a bubble, it must be a bubble worthy of careful analysis.

After the mobile Internet market has become saturated, social networking giants need a scheme, can package all of its resources, the formation of new markets, and continue to re-shuffle giants maintain their status.

Because of Facebook’s name change, the concept of “meta universe” has once again been pushed to the forefront. 

Since Roblox went public at the beginning of this year, the controversy about “Meta Universe” has not stopped. 

One side firmly believes that Metaverse will be the next important chapter of the Internet, and the other side believes that this is just another bubble created by capital.

But no matter how you say it, as a super giant with 2.9 billion monthly active users that was born for 17 years, Zuckerberg’s all-in meta universe, even changing the company’s name and logo, is definitely a gamble. 

Luo Yonghao is here too? Is Metaverse a new version of the Internet or a capital bubble?

Facebook changed its name to Meta 

Coupled with the follow-up of other giants, even if Meta Universe is a bubble, it must be a bubble worthy of careful analysis. 

It just so happened that I had in-depth contact with a VR company five years ago, when the concept of VR was most prosperous. So I will talk about my views on the meta-universe based on my own experience. 

In addition, the content of this issue does not constitute any investment advice. For emerging things, I always think that ordinary people take the sidelines as the best policy.


First, let’s talk about the hot VR at the time, and finally why it was cold. 

In short, there is a lack of application scenarios, especially for ordinary consumers.

In fact, the concept of virtual reality has been around for a long time. In 1935, in the science fiction novel “Pygmalion’s Glasses”, wearing holographic glasses, the protagonist could be immersed in a virtual world with sense of smell, taste and touch. 

Later, the core of VR hardware equipment was basically developed around “glasses”, which is the so-called “head-mounted display.” The reason is also very simple. The first element of immersion must be to solve visual problems. 

Luo Yonghao is here too? Is Metaverse a new version of the Internet or a capital bubble?

At that time, the wave of turmoil was actually caused by Facebook. 

In 2014, Zuckerberg spent US$2 billion to acquire Oculus, and HTC at that time was considered the first echelon in headsets. Then came the influx of capital hot money, and in 2016 it was called the first year of VR. 

However, in order for users to really achieve the immersive feeling, it is clear that visual experience is not enough. 

What is virtual reality? I think the core is actually deceiving the senses of the brain.

For example, if you see a particularly real durian in the virtual world, you smell durian, and it feels sharp to the touch. Even if you know it is fake, your brain will tell you that it is durian. 

So in addition to the visual devices worn on the head, wearable devices have become very important. For example, gloves can give you a force feedback. When you touch something that looks and smells like durian, it can give you a sharp tingling sensation. 

But deceiving the five senses is not the biggest problem. The most difficult thing to solve at the time was actually the problem of mobility and interaction.

Everyone imagine that you put on VR glasses and come to a fantasy world. Everything is very realistic, hearing, smell and even touch are very real. At this time, you received a mission to kill a dragon ten kilometers away . 

Here comes the question: how do you go? 

Obviously, in the real world, you need to move. But your room level is only 10 meters ah , so the virtual world is bigger, your physical space is limited. 

Most of the solutions are to send you directly, at least you can’t travel like in Zelda, and the open world will no longer exist. 

Even transmission cannot completely solve the problem. Everyone has heard of 3D vertigo. The principle of this is mainly because you feel the movement visually, but your body does not move. If your brain happens to be very sensitive, congratulations, you will be dizzy. 

And the more realistic the vision, the heavier the dizziness. You may not be dizzy when you play 3D games on the computer, and you may vomit when you wear VR glasses. 

In “Top Player”, the reason why the protagonist can move in a small carriage is relying on a VR treadmill, or universal treadmill. It means that you can move in any direction on this treadmill. This is indeed one of the current virtual reality solutions. 

Luo Yonghao is here too? Is Metaverse a new version of the Internet or a capital bubble?

The interaction is even more complicated, which includes the interaction between people and things, people and people, and people and the environment. 

For example, in the meeting scene that Zuckerberg demonstrated in his Horizon Home, you must have a chair, right? Even if the wearable device gives you the force feedback of a chair in your butt, you can’t sprint. In the real world, you still have to have something to sit on. 

Luo Yonghao is here too? Is Metaverse a new version of the Internet or a capital bubble?

To derive from this, you still have to have a table, right? Otherwise, in the virtual meeting, you see a table in front of you and stretch your hand over, but you can feel the air, which is very embarrassing. 

Then in this virtual social scene, when your meeting is over, what should you do to shake hands? What to do if you want to hug? In another scenario, you have to team up with your friends to fight monsters. The priest handed over a bottle of blood medicine. How would you pick it up? 

So if you’ve been to VR experience stores should find some line, you want to complete this game, you still have friends in advance to build a good scene with play. 

Luo Yonghao is here too? Is Metaverse a new version of the Internet or a capital bubble?

It is precisely because of these problems that you can only get a better immersive experience in some specific scenes. 

I personally won the best immersive racing experience is, as long as you sit inside the device, behind give you a Ge push back a sense, combined with the scene changes and the fan, does have the feeling of speeding. 

So if you want to get complete immersion, there are not so many technical problems to be solved. Even the current incomplete experience cannot be solved by VR glasses alone. You also need various wearable devices such as positioning systems, motion capture systems, and so on. This is far from what the consumer can afford. 

The result is that the market is not optimistic. In the second half of 2016, the VR industry ushered in a wave of bankruptcy. Many of the companies that have survived have also transformed to provide solutions for the B-side, such as exhibitions, playgrounds, and so on.

What I want to say is that virtual reality may indeed be the future, but it is still in the conceptual stage in the short term, and there are still many problems that need to be solved urgently. Including the simplest, the weight of the equipment, you wear such a heavy equipment to play games, sooner or later cervical spondylosis. 


The meta universe is just a repackaging of this concept. 

As we all know, the concept of ” metaverse ” originated from the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”. 

For this name, many people explain it this way: metaverse is a combination of the prefix meta (transcendence) and universe (universe) . 

This explanation is obviously too succinct. If translated in this way, it becomes “beyond the universe”, which is equally confusing. What exactly is beyond the universe? 

It is necessary to figure out what meta (元) means here. Facebook’s renamed meta may just indicate that in Zuckerberg’s view, the “meta” in the meta universe is the core. 

In fact, it is difficult to find a vocabulary that corresponds exactly to meta in Chinese, so I can only understand it. Meta is derived from the Greek language. Compared with Yuan or Transcendence, I think that the meaning of “xx about xx” is closer to the meaning of the word. For example, metadata is “data about data”. 

This concept is used in literary and artistic works, and the most common ones are “metadrama” and “metafiction.” The most representative work is Calvino’s “Winter Night Walker”. If you are interested, you can read it. The narrative structure is very different from the novels we often read, which helps to understand the meaning of meta. 

Or a joke between me and a friend can also help understand. When garbage classification was implemented in Shanghai, I asked a question. If I bought a sorted trash bin, and the sorted trash bin broke down and turned into garbage, then what kind of garbage does this belong to? My friend’s answer is meta-trash. 

After understanding the “yuan”, let’s look at the concept of “universe” again. 

In today’s proliferation of word-making studies, the universe spoken by the entertainment and Internet industries is actually completely different from the physical universe. 

For example, the most famous “Marvel Cinematic Universe” actually refers to the world composed of a series of Marvel movies. 

Including the same type of DC Extended Universe, Monster Universe and even the so-called Tang Tan Universe, they are all unified worldviews constructed by multiple IPs under the same company. 

I think what this universe refers to is actually “a collection of resources in multiple fields.”

So when we say that the meta universe is a parallel virtual universe based on the real world, we must first clarify a problem: 

Is the meta universe a digital real world or a real digital world? I prefer the latter.

Let’s take a look at the CEO of Roblox, the first stock of Metaverse, and summarize the 8 characteristics of Metaverse: 

1. Identity : The user participates in the meta universe in the form of an avatar, which is actually an ID.

2. Friends: You can make friends in the metaverse, or interact with friends in reality, which is actually socializing.

3. Immersion: through technical means, let people feel immersive, even indistinguishable from the real world, this is virtual reality technology.

4. Anywhere: No matter which physical space you are in, you can log in to the metaverse through the interface, which is a mobile device.

5. Low latency: to ensure the smoothness of actions in the meta universe, which is currently achieved through 5G technology.

6. Diverse content: There must be rich content for users to experience, as long as the technology is OK, this is not a problem.

7. Economy: With a stable economic system and currency system, anyone can make money and use virtual currency.

8. Security: To ensure a certain level of supervision, as long as it is in line with the current laws.

Did you find any problems? All the elements needed by the meta-universe are actually already available right now. 

Whether it is social networking, VR, 5G or cryptocurrency, NFT, etc., they are not new things. The only problem lies in whether the technology is mature. 

So from the perspective of capital, I don’t really believe that Metaverse is a virtual world. It is more like a solution that integrates existing digital resources and simulates the real world.

This can also explain why some giant companies, especially social giants, respect this concept so much. 

Because after the mobile Internet market gradually becomes saturated, they urgently need a solution that can package all their resources to form a new market, reshuffle the cards, and continue to maintain their giant status.


Unification is a very beautiful concept. When your company has multiple technologies in hand, you will definitely think, is there any way to unify them? 

Take Facebook as an example. It itself is a social giant, and it also has rich applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and VR devices such as Oculus, as well as its own cryptocurrency. Of course, I want to have such a scene to package, even if this is still Just a concept. 

As I mentioned in the past content, Facebook is very anxious, and its anxiety is mainly reflected in the gradual abandonment of young people, and the negative news.

The hype around the concept of meta-universe is also seen by many as an opportunity for Zuckerberg to shift his focus. 

On the one hand, this concept makes sense logically and can well include all the digital assets of the parent company and point to the future. 

On the other hand, changing the name and proposing a new vision can help alleviate public disgust. 

At least for now, the best application scenarios for Metaverse are social and gaming. As a social empire, Facebook must firmly hold the kingship in its hands before the day is gone. Metaverse is the key in Zuckerberg’s mind. 

When it comes to social networking and games, everyone must have thought of another company, yes, it is Tencent.

Coincidentally, it is Tencent that is currently the most enthusiastic about the concept of meta universe in China . It’s just another way of saying it, called Quanzhen Internet. 

Ma Huateng wrote this paragraph in his internal publication: An exciting opportunity is coming. The ten-year development of the mobile Internet is about to usher in the next wave of upgrades, which we call the True Internet.

Compare what Xiaozha said : I believe that Metaverse will be the next important chapter of the Internet. To reflect who we are and what we hope to build, we decided to reshape our brand.

Does it feel alike? 

I saw a saying on the Internet that Tencent is the most authentic meta-universe, because Tencent holds social, content, IP, games and cloud computing, which perfectly fits it. 

Under this logic may sound, really proper way science, but in fact is “holding a hammer looking for a nail.” The concept of Meta Universe was originally a plan for social giants such as Facebook and Tencent to pack their resources, and tailor them to suit the individual needs. Can that not be true?

In fact, the problems that Tencent has encountered today are very similar to those of Facebook. 

The aging of WeChat, the flagship product , comes from the dislike of giant Internet companies and the miss of short video outlets. If there is an obstacle on the road and it is really impossible to kick it away, the best way is of course to bypass it and promise everyone that this is not the end. You see that there will be better things in the future. 


So can this concept be made?

Contrary to what some current drafts boast that meta-universe or virtual reality is the ultimate human imagination, I think this concept happens to be a manifestation of the impoverished imagination of human beings. 

These concepts have been mentioned dozens or even hundreds of years ago, but today with a few immature technologies, they have been hurriedly pulled out of the dust of history and re-framed. 

The fact is that the advancement of consumer electronics technology often does not develop as expected. 

For example, before the birth of the iPhone, the concept of handheld computers has been blown for countless years, and no one foresaw that in the end, the mobile Internet opened the door to a new world. 

Am I not believing in technology? No, I have absolute confidence in technological progress. I don’t believe in people, companies, and business solutions that people and companies wear technology.

Perhaps one day, a digital world parallel to reality will really be born, but it will most likely not follow the route we expected. 

In other words, if it is really another expression of the current Internet environment, is the world really beautiful? 

Imagine that when you walk in the digital world, what you see is two towering buildings, one is Ali and the other is Tencent. 

Your friend frantically handed you a piece of merchandise and asked you to cut a knife for your help. 

All the trumpets on the street were the vibrato divine song. 

Numerous pop-up advertisements came: “Sexy croupier, online licensing”, “I am Gu Tianluo, I am slag slag Hui”. 

On Weibo Square, the fans here are fighting with fans over there again. 

In the Xiaohongshu community, mirrors that make everything look good are prepared. 

People gather in Zhihu Tavern and listen to the stories they just made up together. 

You asked Baidu xx’s official website how to get there, Baidu said to come with me , and then took you to a fake store. 

There are miners digging bitcoins with hoes everywhere. 

As soon as the swear word was uttered, it turned into “beep–“. 

Countless bald up masters come towards you, praying for one-click triple-connection. 

There is a dim and unfinished building in the distance. At first glance, the grass is TM LeTV. 

We wanted to escape from reality, but we finally discovered that reality is everywhere. 

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