Luo Yonghao “changed” a new friend

After leaving to make friends, Lao Luo is going to Yuan Universe?

“Meta Universe” will usher in another “quasi” player. On November 5, Luo Yonghao said on Weibo : “Our next entrepreneurial project is a so-called’Meta Universe Company'”.

The ridicule of “Industry Lights” was broken by the miracle of live-streaming goods, and the new action of catching the meta-universe sparked heated discussion again. Combined with the news that Lao Luo revealed that his debt is about to be cleared in the previous paragraph, his speed of making money is indeed amazing.

In two years, Lao Luo’s friend live broadcast may have reached the “harvest season”, but the image of the eternal black shirt rarely appeared on the phone screen.

For Luo Yonghao, whether he will bid farewell to the live broadcast and “change” a new friend, perhaps it is no longer a suspense.

Compared with other anchors, Luo Yonghao does not appear to be “dedicated”. The same is the king of goods, Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya appear in the live broadcast room on time every day. The business hours of the live broadcast room for making friends continue to increase, almost reaching a 24-hour carousel, but the time for Lao Luo himself is getting shorter and shorter.

It is not uncommon to rely on the head anchor to feed an MCN organization. The huge e-commerce kingdom behind Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya rely on their personal IP. Once the head anchor issues a problem, the entire company may be affected.

However, in the e-commerce soil of Hangzhou, the team of making friends seems to be moving towards “de-heading”. The “Roche’s play” that has been explored in the supply chain and user operations will really be a live broadcast of the rivers and lakes. Wulin Cheats?

One person’s live room

Making friends in the live broadcast room is undoubtedly the product of Luo Yonghao’s personal IP. The name comes from a seemingly joking agreement he made with Hammer mobile phone users-selling mobile phones for no money, just making friends.

At the beginning of 2020, Lao Luo, who has a huge debt from Hammer Technology, is on holiday. After bullet text messages, electronic cigarettes, and new bionic materials have failed to get on the right track, he needs to think carefully about how to go in the future.

At this time, friends around me frequently shared business reports on the live streaming industry. After careful research, this first-generation Internet celebrity expert in China decided to bring his former colleague with a hammer to enter the e-commerce live broadcast.

Lao Luo, who can describe his personal speech as a stand-up comedian, appeared in the live broadcast room for the first time, and seemed a little uncomfortable. From facing the audience to staring at the solitary camera, his first broadcast was even a little clumsy.

This pre-heated live broadcast attracted many viewers. The traffic came from Lao Luo fans and curious netizens. The story of “Live Broadcasting Debt Repayment” will naturally be talked about by passers-by.

As a rookie anchor, Luo Yonghao’s business capabilities really need to be improved, and problems such as misplaced links and unclear product selections have emerged one after another. But the act of shaving on the spot in order to sell razors once again impressed the audience with sincerity and non-pretense.

This April Fool’s debut gave Luo Yonghao 2.15 million fans and a good start with a sales of 168 million. However, the second live broadcast was not satisfactory. The number of viewers plummeted and sales were slashed.

Although IP can bring live broadcast traffic, it needs more polish in the supply chain to bring goods. Lao Luo devoted more and more time and energy to live delivery of goods, and quality control problems are beginning to emerge.

A month later, the 520 flowers sold in the live broadcast of making a friend received a large number of complaints from users that the bouquets were withered; at the end of the year, it was revealed that the sweaters sold were not “all wool”; even in the near future, one and a half years later, Qilu Yidian also received the news from professional counterfeit Wang Hai that Luo Yonghao sold “fake foreign goods” laundry detergent after selling “fake foreign goods” mouthwash in the live broadcast.

But still sincere apology and compensation, these problems did not affect Lao Luo’s popularity, and even more consumers trust the live broadcast room to make friends. Up to now, Luo Yonghao has nearly 19 million Douyin fans, but in the live broadcast room that starts 24 hours a day, the protagonist has already changed to someone else. According to the disclosure of making friends, Luo Yonghao now accounts for less than 7% of the total live broadcast time of making friends.

Sincerely Lao Luo made enough money in the live broadcast room, when to leave seems to be an inevitable choice.

On variety shows, contemporary spokespersons, and commercials, Luo Yonghao’s “debt repayment” plan is far more than live broadcast and delivery, from legendary games to SAIC Chase RV, Luo Yonghao does not seem to be picky about endorsement cooperation. At the same time, he has also established partnerships with brands such as Meituan and L’Oreal Men to shoot commercials.

In addition to his busy business, Lao Luo is also unwilling to be an anchor “with peace of mind”. As an idealist, Lao Luo’s goal is still technology. Recently, he revealed on Weibo that he will return to the technology industry on the day he pays off his debts.

So what should we do to make friends sincerely in the live broadcast room?

Make a friend “Go to Luo Yonghaohua”

The main logic of live streaming is that the host’s personal IP drives audience consumption, not the MCN company behind the host. This model allows the host to have a large fan base and rely on personal charm to attract viewers, such as Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya, etc. Although the model can create a head anchor, it is difficult to replicate.

The initial logic of making friends is the same. Relying on Lao Luo himself for the first wave of enthusiasm, and then Lao Luo’s performance in popular variety shows brought another wave of enthusiasm for making friends, but “going to Luo Yonghao” was also the purpose they had written on the schedule long ago.

Luo Yonghao "changed" a new friend

July 2021, make friends studio official microblogging welcome the coming anchor Li Shuang, the identity of the girl is not pretty simple, once the 2019 CCTV presenters Severn Arts class 12 strong, presided over the Hong Kong TVB Entertainment person, Himalaya head of group all-around sound, compared to the “wild ways” anchor, curriculum, she is undoubtedly more professional.

Coincidentally, there is also a female anchor named Yang Mingming in Lao Luo’s anchor group. Her profile is impressively written “former CCTV sports channel host”, and the background of other anchors is not simple, the former Hunan Film Channel Host Peng Siran , Travel Satellite TV host Hu Wenjun, former Beijing Satellite TV location host Sun Qiang, and musical theatre professional He Nais, etc. all appeared in the live broadcast room of making friends and started their career with goods.

The model of the anchor group did not reduce the delivery data of making friends. According to the sales list of Douyin live delivery released by Feigua Data, Luo Yonghao’s account ranked second with 526 million sales in September 2021.

In other live broadcast rooms, the anchor is the core. The audience supports the e-commerce business behind the individual based on the trust of the anchor. It is this trust that supports a leading anchor. When making friends, implementing the “Go to Luo Yonghao” model can weaken Lao Luo’s personal IP and make the core of the live broadcast room “make friends” instead of Luo Yonghao himself.

Compared with other MCN agencies, making friends is undoubtedly less dependent on the head anchor. Although it is impossible to hold a head anchor, it can easily make an account matrix. It is reported that making a friend has already opened a sub-account for beverages and food. Since it does not rely on personal IP, the account matrix will be easier to make. Maybe after this model is run through, making a friend will provide more small and medium-sized anchors with corresponding service.

In the era of hammer technology, Lao Luo liked to interact with the audience. In the e-commerce business, Lao Luo still values ​​private domain traffic very seriously.

Luo Yonghao "changed" a new friend

In the different types of WeChat groups customized for fans with different needs, you can earn points by interacting according to the requirements of the announcement. By accumulating points, you can get lower discounts at the official store. You can also “make a wish” in the fan group, register your wish in the micro file, and the staff will summarize it every week. In addition to “responsible”, the irregular 9.9 yuan spike and other methods also make fans more sticky. Among them, the WeChat fan group in the beverage and food section has launched the No. 25 group chat.

Whether it is public domain traffic or private domain traffic, product selection is the top priority. Luo Yonghao once revealed on Weibo that since the beginning of the announcement of e-commerce live broadcasts, there have been more than thousands of brands that have found door-to-door cooperation, but in the end only more than 20 have been delineated.

Huang He once revealed to the podcast “Effervescent VCer” that the future of making friends is not MCN, but supply chain. “Make friends” with goods is a long-term way to cooperate with external anchors.

From the various layouts, it can be seen that making friends may not have the intention to hit a higher level on the anchor IP, but instead choose to broaden and hope to win with operational services. But this kind of marketing talent is also Luo Yonghao’s unique trait. It is still unknown how far he can go without Lao Luo and make friends.

Become a new friend of Metaverse?

“I will return to the technology industry next spring.”

On the evening of October 19, Lao Luo responded on his personal Weibo that the Hammer Forum was about to go offline. He warned a user who had registered on the Hammer forum in 2013, he should take it lightly, “the flame in my heart is always there”. He also said, “On the second day after the debt was repaid, that’s not right, the same day.”

With the announcement of returning to the science and technology industry, it seems that the finale of the “True Fortune” is not far away. After paying off the debt, what will Luo Luo do next? 

In March 2021, a blogger speculated that Luo Yonghao would enter the game to build a car, but this speculation got his own response, “Ben Ming Deng has no plans yet.”

Luo Yonghao "changed" a new friend

In the Double Eleven War this year, among the many mobile phone brands, Luo once again chose Xiaomi as his “helping officer”. Before that, in March 2020, when Xiaomi’s mobile phone brand Black Shark 3 was just released, Luo also Related content has been forwarded many times, and this action has caused many netizens to speculate whether Lao Luo will return to the mobile phone industry with the help of Xiaomi.

On November 5, a Weibo about Metaverse made Luo Yonghao the center of the topic. Many media speculate that Luo will enter the meta universe after returning to the technology industry. However, in an interaction with netizens on October 30, Luo Yonghao said, “I don’t believe that Metaverse will become the future (games are just games)…but it’s not important. My judgments about the future are often wrong.”

On the afternoon of November 5th, Lao Luo again posted on Weibo, explaining: “What I want to express in the morning is that starting from his definition, most IT companies are actually leading us to the meta universe. We The same is true for new startups that are about to be launched.” Shaan Puri’s meta-universal view is reposted only because his ideas are different from the current general interpretation of meta-universe, not as interpreted by most media as “Luo Yonghao calls the next entrepreneurial project meta-universe.”

According to Shaan Puri’s meta-universe view, Luo Luo’s understanding of the meta-universe can be glimpsed, that is, as the digitalization process continues to deepen, people’s attention will be drawn from the real world to the digital world. And “meta universe” is not a concept of space, but a process of transition of an era.

Shaan Puri guessed, “It will take some time to take out the phone from my pocket and look at it. Soon, a certain company will make smart glasses that will hang in front of our eyes all day long.”

Lao Luo has stated in public on many occasions that the failure of the mobile phone was doomed long ago. It’s impossible to make mobile phones anymore. It’s already a sunset industry, and there may be something interesting to do in the future. When interacting with netizens, he also revealed, “The mobile phone era has passed. Now it is a quasi-sunset industry. If I make money and pay off my debt, I will go back to build the next generation of smart hardware.”

In fact, as early as 2018 in the era of hammer technology, Lao Luo once revealed at the Geek Park Innovation Conference IF2018 that a 10,000-person conference will be held at the Bird’s Nest on May 15th , during which a revolutionary product will be released.

Combined with a 9-hour conversation between Luo Yonghao and Luo Zhenyu on April 7, 2017, they mentioned: “What is the next computing platform? If nothing else, it must be glasses, which are VR and AR glasses. “. And he swore: ” My dream is to be the largest computing platform, and to participate or lead once in the platform revolution.”

This has led many media to speculate that the revolutionary product Lao Luo said is smart glasses. However, in the end, the press conference did not make the media as they wished. What Lao Luo called “redefining the next decade of personal computers” was the Nutella TNT workstation, not the smart glasses.

Perhaps this time the meta-universe east wind is only an opportunity for Lao Luo to see a marketing promotion. After all, the current anchor group, matrix number, and live broadcast operator service provider model of making friends happen to be the same as the independent, closed, reproducible, and createable system concept in the meta universe.

As for the technology industry, which has higher and higher investment thresholds, the day of return may also be the beginning of the sequel to “True Return”.

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