Luo Yonghao and Zhou Hongyi both come to join in the excitement. The three major lineups of the domestic “crushing” metauniverse have emerged, or it really started.

A week ago, Facebook announced that it was renamed Mata. On the same day, Baidu applied for the registration of a trademark called “metaapp”, an international classification involving website services and scientific instruments. This move quickly attracted attention from the outside world.

Baidu’s move kicked off the hot spot.

On November 3, when 360 Chairman Zhou Hongyi talked about the name change of Facebook at the Nezha press conference, he took advantage of the closeness of the English name of Nata to Mata and said, “N is replaced by M, probably to pay tribute to Nezha.” “.

Luo Yonghao and Zhou Hongyi both come to join in the excitement. The three major lineups of the domestic "crushing" metauniverse have emerged, or it really started.

In addition, NetEase also applied for the registration of trademarks such as “NetEase Yuan Universe”, “Leihuo Yuan Universe”, “Fuxi Yuan Universe”, and “moved frequently” in the layout of Yuan Universe.

Manufacturers such as ByteDance and Tencent are also actively participating in it, even directly shifting from the hot spot to participating and leading the hot spot.

In the secondary market, stocks related to the concept of Meta universe have also repeatedly set new highs. In the past two trading days, among the 30 concept stocks under the theme of Oriental Fortune Meta universe, 27 stocks showed an upward trend, and only 3 stocks fell. Among them, Jiachuang Video, Zhongqingbao, Tianxiaxiu, etc. led the rise all the way, and Zhongqingbao also set a record of over 80% in the past five trading days.

However, what is interesting is that due to the overly eye-catching performance of the stock market, Zhongqingbao has repeatedly received regulatory concerns and inquiries, and has been asked to explain whether it is “a hot spot in the universe”-the reason is that Zhongqingbao declared on September 6 After the launch of the meta-universe game “Brewmaster”, the company’s stock price continued to rise, with a cumulative increase of over 167% from September 7 to October 25.

On October 29, Zhongqingbao issued an announcement in response to the letter of concern, denying that it was hyping the meta-universe related concepts, and at the same time caught up with the time point for Facebook to change its name. Zhongqingbao’s stock price has soared again, and it has risen by more than 80% in the past five trading days. .

According to the Tianyan Check, the number of entries of Meta Universe Concept Company has reached 665. It can be seen that with the popularity of the meta-universe concept, more and more domestic manufacturers are unambiguous about the hot spot, and are scrambling to join the army.

Luo Yonghao and Zhou Hongyi both come to join in the excitement. The three major lineups of the domestic "crushing" metauniverse have emerged, or it really started.

“Three lineups”, each takes what they need

On the whole, the companies currently participating can be roughly divided into three lineups, which are summarized as follows:

No. 1 lineup: the main force of the big factory.

Internet giants represented by Tencent, ByteDance, and Baidu are among the main representatives of “smooth fever”. Since the realization of the meta-universe requires multiple and complex technologies, the resources in these big factory platforms may be able to meet the elements needed to realize the meta-universe, so the body is in the heat, and every action attracts attention.

No. 2 lineup: stock market-related faction.

It is represented by non-platform companies such as Jiachuang Video, Zhongqingbao, and Tianxia Show. Such companies lack the scale and influence of Internet giants, but because of their own business, they are more or less connected to Metaverse and have feedback in the secondary market, which then arouses attention.

No. 3 lineup: The big guys follow suit.

From Zhou Hongyi to Luo Yonghao, their own products are not strongly related to Metaverse, or they are organically viable, they are marketed on the basis of momentum, or they have a vision. Let’s talk about it first.

In short, as Metaverse became popular, more and more companies flocked to it. Everyone is trying to get a share in the new field, but the quality of participating companies is also uneven due to the noisy voices and muddy sands.

Luo Yonghao and Zhou Hongyi both come to join in the excitement. The three major lineups of the domestic "crushing" metauniverse have emerged, or it really started.

Is the east wind really coming?

After Facebook changed its name, has the future of Metaverse come? Obviously, the situation is not so optimistic.

In fact, in addition to Zuckerberg really want to “build Facebook as a meta-universe company”, there may be another deeper reason-he tried to reverse the disadvantages brought about by negative news through this time change of name. Influence.

As far as Facebook is concerned, the answer to the meta-universe is still unpredictable. After all, before this, Facebook has chanted many slogans for chasing the block chain, image search, etc., but in the end very few have been made.

Internet industry observer Luo Chao once directly commented, “Zuckerberg is a bit like the American version of Luo Min, wherever the excitement is, you can go wherever it is. In the past few years, VR craze called All In VR, but the result was empty. This year the industry is popular. In the universe, the company directly changed its name to Meta, which is exactly the same as the name change of the A-share company that year.”

Luo Yonghao and Zhou Hongyi both come to join in the excitement. The three major lineups of the domestic "crushing" metauniverse have emerged, or it really started.

In his view, Facebook changed its name to catch up with the hype. In addition, it also means “getting out of the shell”, hoping to use the new name and new track to disperse the pressure of public opinion and reverse Facebook’s negative brand image that has fallen to the bottom. “If you really want to do anything, you don’t need to change the name. It doesn’t need to be changed to show the determination of the meta-universe. The concept of name change and hype still needs more.” Luo Chao said.

Of course, there are also a group of supporters of Facebook’s name change. They bet on the meta-universe track and rushed to the front to develop the layout. Among them, Baidu, Tencent, ByteDance, etc. belong to this category of enterprises.

In previous exchanges, Xiong Fei, CEO of iQiyi Smart, who has been in the field of AR/VR helmets for a long time, introduced that today’s AR/VR has basically matured in content and hardware and software equipment, and can satisfy the need to gradually enter the market. The stage of consumer life, “but the meta-universe will in fact be a relatively farther thing.”

In a recent research report on the development of Metaverse released by the New Media Research Center of Tsinghua University, the researchers also pointed out that “The conceptual layout of Metaverse is still concentrated in the XR and game social fields. The technology ecology and content ecology are not yet mature. It also needs to be broadened. There is still a long process of’de-bubbling’ between ideal vision and actual development.”

At the recent Baidu AI Open Day event, Baidu Vice President Ma Jie also said, “The concept of Meta universe wants to come true, not only the picture, but also the demand for multi-person interaction.”

Perhaps for more and more people participating in person, although the door to the meta-universe world has been opened and some of the interior scene can be seen, its further development requires more calmness and pragmatism.

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