Love, marriage, and AI

A marriage with AI is better

The “Black Mirror” series mostly uses black humor to express pessimistic attitudes towards AI, but it also brings us a lot of thinking and imagination about the impact of AI.

There is a story in the fourth season of “Black Mirror”: In the future when AI technology is very mature, people can only rely on AI when they fall in love and get married. The date and time are all determined by machine matching. The system will analyze personal data to find the matching rate through algorithms. 99.8% of perfect objects. Your true destiny can be solved by a machine. It sounds wonderful, but this kind of AI technology is a kind of probability calculation, and it is difficult to control the subtle emotions of unspeakable people attracting each other.

Love, marriage, and AI

The pace of life in modern society and the way of getting along between people are completely different from those in the era without the Internet. For marriage and love relationships, ways that can be used for reference or can be imitated need to be discussed and explored again. There are too many things that attract people’s energy, such as movies, books, games, etc., time and efficiency are more and more valued. Starting a relationship and exploring love have all become extravagant. More and more people choose to marry late and stay empty for a long time. In the final analysis, it is difficult to meet the right person to establish a relationship. Is there a smarter system like Black Mirror to help us screen out some potential partners? Can artificial intelligence play a role in promoting relationships in love and marriage?

AI month old has become a reality

At the time when big data was the hottest, there were also some dating matching applications that emerged at the historic moment. For example, Jiayuan ,, etc. have launched their own intelligent matching systems, based on the age, address, annual salary, interests, consumption habits and other data entered by users. Make a speed dating. This kind of speed dating method is very crude. For most of them, the ultimate appeal of emotion is love after ideological level matching, not from the attraction of material. The result of big data recommendation matching is a lot of complaints.

Japan has developed an AI matching system in the past two years, and the results currently shown are worth a try. This AI matchmaking system is a project led by the government to solve the problem of declining birthrate in Japan. Currently, 15 counties and cities across Japan have introduced AI matching systems. One of the pilot sites in Saitama Prefecture has facilitated a total of 69 marriages since the introduction of the “Encounter Support Center” in 2018, and 33 of them have found their partners through the AI ​​matchmaking system. Because the project is progressing well, the Japanese government intends to promote this marriage system to the whole country in 2021.

The AI ​​matching system is not as dark as in the black mirror. It only needs to collect personal information, courtship condition information, value test, etc., and AI can make recommendations based on your personal situation. The biggest difference from other marriage and love recommendation systems is the value test part. There are hundreds of carefully designed questions. It is reported that it takes half an hour to test the values ​​part.

Love, marriage, and AI

The advantage of this AI matchmaking algorithm is that it uses the value test report as the basis to select people who have the same three views. It does not fully pay attention to the external conditions of the pair (such as income, education, height), but combines the two people in the long-term Interests and values ​​that can only be reflected in communication are incorporated into the algorithm model, and prioritized for consideration. However, this AI system is also buggy, because the system only matches marriage and love objects based on the user’s values ​​and answers. If you encounter some carefully disguised scammers or create chicken thieves similar to Wu’s signature, you will not be able to Argued goodbye. Putting it in this mixed environment in China, the “routine” algorithm may be played badly.

The fit of the AI ​​matchmaking system will be evaluated by star ratings, so that you can find people who feel more comfortable and have a more suitable personality, save the communication cost of running into values ​​and interests, and accelerate the process of value selection. Therefore, it is a good thing to have such a system. It is much better to match suitable candidates, and then to actually get along with them, than to blindly go on a blind date.

Breaking away is the most basic and labor-intensive stage in a relationship, requiring observation, running-in, etc. The blessing of AI technology is still a god-assisting existence for breaking away. Algorithm matching can help users screen out people with more favorable feelings. Technology can create opportunities to meet love more efficiently, and continue to increase this probability in the process of continuous learning. It is only after having a potential marriage partner that the in-depth development of the relationship will have a chance to happen.

Emotions are on the rocks, AI helps

Human sorrows and joys are still relatively similar in love. Whether it is a soul that fits well, there will be friction between partners at the stage of deepening the relationship because of some things. Whose emotions and marriages have not had conflicts? If handled well, conflict is the glue that makes a relationship, but for most people, conflict is a rift in a relationship. If AI algorithms are used to reduce or deal with the problem of quarrels between partners, is it possible?

Love, marriage, and AI

AI is also broken for the trivialities of human beings. A team of four engineers and psychologists has joined forces to create an AI system that can predict the upcoming conflict between husband and wife with a prediction accuracy of 79.6%. Not only that, it will also persuade it in time.

The AI ​​system developed by these researchers can detect conflicts between husband and wife using voice patterns and physiological, acoustic and language data from wearable devices and smartphones. Testers need to wear detectors that track variables such as heart rate, perspiration, body temperature, voice, and language intensity. Researchers collect and analyze acoustic features such as pitch and frequency, as well as linguistic features such as the number of verbs and pronouns, to predict whether the relationship status between partners has changed or deteriorated.

With the assistance of AI technology, it can identify and track changes in heart rate, tone, and language, and predict and provide intervention in time. For example, because the body of the dispute has changed significantly, the characteristics will be captured by AI and may be received on mobile phones. At the reminder text message, tell him/her that the conflict is imminent and should pause the conversation and spend 10 minutes meditating. 

Because of the neutral nature of AI technology, persuasion will be more useful than the tips of your partner. Think about it. When there is a conflict, your partner tells you to calm down. Isn’t this a panic? It is very easy to cause disgust and defensive reaction of the other party, but if it is a neutral third party to prompt and persuade, the effect will be much better.

Love, marriage, and AI

Although the system has not yet been widely used, it also provides a good direction for exploration. For the more advanced field of emotion detection such as relationship, AI is used to detect conflicts between partners, provide feedback and intervention, and AI can generally stop there. As for whether the conflict should happen or not, the decision is still in the hands of the husband and wife.

Technology measures the existing modes of getting along. As for problematic modes, such as habit of expressing negative and contemptuous remarks, habit of criticizing, etc., if this communication method is not changed, the temperature of the relationship will drop to the freezing point in the long run. What to use No such AI technology can save the relationship. The position of AI technology in the relationship is the auxiliary party, and the two parties in the relationship are the key. Technology shines a red light in the relationship. What is needed is to recognize the problem and make changes. This is also the meaning of AI technology in the relationship.

Conflict handling is also a very important part of a good relationship, but there are also endings that can’t be handled well. In the relationship, why are some people guarding love? Are some people stumbled and scarred? What other secrets are there for managing a good relationship and marriage?

AI as a marriage analyst

Whether it’s love or marriage, the beginning of getting along is filled with passion and joy. The souls that fit together finally meet. Every day is sweet and we have known each other for a long time. Some people’s relationships are flat. Although there are stumblings, it is also Able to get along with each other in harmony; some people run out of love in the friction, and they disappear when they walk, and all the people of each other are hell. A good relationship, a good marriage appearance, emotional experts have given us many answers.

First, a good partner is the key. It is very important to have a person with good character, kindness and integrity, responsible for family care, and emotional stability; secondly, if the values ​​are in harmony and the values ​​are similar, the decision-making and judgments in life are more consistent, and there is less friction; The other is the harmony in the model of getting along, will actively create a beautiful experience, resolve frictions and problems, rather than create conflicts, will respect and support each other. In addition, the base material security was there, not to do your rich, poor and lowly misery old experience is not no proper way reasonable, poor thing can limit too much, people will limit their horizons, narrow-minded thinking, conflict Continuously.

Love, marriage, and AI

Although we know the standards of a good marriage and a good relationship, in life, emotional deterioration is inevitable. I understand all the truths, but I still have a bad feeling of powerlessness. The seemingly simple but confusing relationship makes people love and hate.

There is an AI study that provides a new way of thinking. AI analyzes the data of more than 10,000 couples and finds the key to a good marriage. What does it mean to maintain a relationship because of the value of the relationship? The quality of a relationship is related to the vitality created by the husband and wife for the relationship itself.

Research shows that people’s satisfaction with a relationship is 45%, which is determined by the characteristics of the relationship itself, and their own personality accounts for 21% of the determining factors, and the personality of the partner only accounts for about 5%. The characteristics of the relationship itself More important than the role played by personal characteristics.

This conclusion is not the same as our notion of emphasizing the role of partners. The role of ideal partners in a good relationship is not as big as imagined. The most important thing is the relationship itself. In the reservoir of the relationship, the more value two people create, such as common unforgettable experiences, jokes that only understand each other, are more important than the personalities in the relationship.

AI’s key argument about good marriage is very interesting, and it seems to be corroborated in life. Some of the marital life is very tiring, but the parties involved, outside of the conflict, they are like a okay person. The two people are reluctant to disperse. It seems that the value of the relationship itself is more important than the conflict between the frizzy personality of the two parties.

Love, marriage, and AI

Love and marriage that can’t be lost are, in the final analysis, love still exists. Either you love me more today, or tomorrow I will tolerate you more, the positive cycle of your coming and going, the connection between you and me is deeper.

The poet Oden has a poem that can express this feeling very well, called “The Man Who Loved More”:

When the stars burn with a passion that we can’t return,

How can we be at ease?

If love cannot be equal,

May I be the one who loves more.

In a good relationship, both parties are the one who loves more.

AI matches and bridges in emotional relationships, handles conflicts, improves relationships, and even analyzes emotions to propose new arguments. Whether it is a reliable matchmaker, marriage therapist, or emotional expert, AI can do it in a decent way, but AI In these roles, they only exist as tools, and they cannot solve all problems once and for all. The key control is still at the human level, so if you want to be a shopkeeper, please be sober. A good partner must rely on human initiative. Please work hard and work harder.

Love is the eternal pursuit of mankind, and beautiful feelings are still very nourishing. The big guys should not lie down and give up.

Single people don’t have to put too much pressure on themselves. After all, the world has overflowed. Precious people need to treat each other with equal preciousness. Slowly, sometimes it is a kind of sincerity.

Love, marriage, and AI

For those with a partner, I wish you all people who are gorgeous as rainbows. In the long time to come, someone will fall in love with you, stand in the evening with you, and be affectionately white-headed.

Married friends, I wish you a long-lasting love in the day and night, and the white head will stay with you forever.

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