Looking forward to what trends will the metaverse present in 2022?

“Metaverse” was successfully selected into the “Top Ten Internet Terms in 2021” released by the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, which is enough to show the popularity of the Metaverse in 2021. Looking forward to 2022, what trends will the Metaverse show?

1. More Internet giants launch their own metaverse

By the end of 2021, we have seen Baidu, known as the BAT veteran, launch the first domestic metaverse product “Xi Rong” . Baidu Vice President Ma Jie said that relying on Baidu Brain’s leading capabilities in the fields of vision, speech, and natural language understanding, and Baidu With the computing power of the intelligent cloud, “Xiyang” is the first in China to realize the interaction of 100,000 people on the same screen and the restoration of “10,000 people’s concert-level” real sound effects.

It is foreseeable that Baidu, as the pioneer of the domestic Internet, has taken the lead in launching metaverse products. This trend will not weaken in 2022. It is expected that more technology brands will intervene and create their own metaverse, especially those with strong social genes. Tencent, may bring unexpected surprises. Of course, station B, which is the gathering place of the second dimension, has already made efforts on its own metaverse brand “High Energy Chain”, which will also be an interesting story.

So, who will become the second metaverse product that can accommodate 100,000 users, we have more reverie.

2. The volume of the VR market is on the rise, and domestic hardware companies are emerging

At present, in the VR field, the Oculus VR products under Meta have the largest market share, which almost monopolizes most of the products in the personal market.

According to the analysis of research firm Omdia, the sales volume of consumer-grade VR headsets will reach 12.5 million in 2021. In China, from January to September this year, the shipments of VR headsets increased by 28.9% year-on-year, and the VR industry market scale exceeded 30 billion yuan.

It is foreseeable that in 2022, the volume of the VR market will reach a new level, and it is very likely that it will continue to maintain a double-digit growth rate. At the same time, as domestic hardware companies complete a large amount of financing this year, it is expected that they will be launched in 2022. Own hardware products, which will change the current market situation, or will boost domestic hardware companies to emerge in the industry.

3. AR consumer-grade products may become popular in 2022

Unlike the booming VR headsets, AR devices have yet to gain widespread adoption. At present, the products with relatively high maturity of AR equipment are the Hololens launched by Microsoft in 2015 and the later Hololens2, but the price of about 20,000 yuan has basically discouraged most people.

Therefore, there has always been a gap in the field of AR hardware devices, that is, consumer-grade AR hardware ,but this year, this gap has been targeted by many companies, and they have successively launched a device called AR glasses, intending to occupy This new track.

Consumer-grade AR products will also be the next smart wearable devices after smart watches. At present, many well-known companies have announced the launch of AR glasses, including Meta, Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, etc. It is foreseeable that in 2022, AR The field of glasses will usher in a battle for market share, so there is reason to believe that AR glasses will also become a hot new product in 2022.

4. The Metaverse has derived a new marketing direction and entered the mainstream

This year, many well-known companies have entered the Metaverse, which has triggered a heated discussion in the Metaverse. After people’s understanding of the Metaverse has gradually deepened, more and more brave people dare to try the early adopters around the Metaverse and explore how the Metaverse can interact with the Metaverse. Combining its own businesses, a series of marketing methods are born that bring new traffic to brands or products in the metaverse.

For example, Nike has built a virtual world Nikeland in the metaverse game platform Roblox, attracting many players to build and play in it. Well-known brands such as LV, Gucci, Nike, Adidas, and Pepsi have tried to issue digital assets such as NFT, and have received rich returns.

Virtual idols such as Liu Yexi, a virtual beauty expert who can catch demons, the virtual idol girl group launched by A-soul, and the first domestic hyper-realistic virtual idol AYAYI designed by Burnmai Technology are popular all over the Internet, and they have enough fan bases Afterwards, you can participate in marketing methods such as product endorsements and commercial performances like real idols. Virtual idols have developed a proven and preliminarily mature business path.

In 2022, more metaverse marketing methods will be born, and more companies will be willing to try to use the metaverse to empower themselves, and metaverse marketing will gradually become one of the mainstream publicity methods.

5. Demand for Metaverse-related jobs has surged

2021, as the first year of the Metaverse, can also be said to be a year for everyone to awaken. Enterprises have realized the huge potential of the Metaverse, and have increased their investment in the direction of the Metaverse. For new directions, pioneering exploration is also required. Supported by numerous talents and technologies, this will greatly increase the demand for Metaverse-related jobs.

On the one hand, the development of hardware and software around the Metaverse requires a lot of talent investment, and the network infrastructure that supports the Metaverse also needs to be expanded and constructed. Content requirements such as virtual scene construction, virtual item design, and virtual character modeling in the Metaverse are required. will also surge.

On the other hand, just as smartphones have created new jobs such as live e-commerce that have never existed before, the Metaverse will also generate some new marketing methods and business models, and a number of new jobs related to the Metaverse will also emerge as the times require. pregnancy. It is expected that 2022 will be the year when the demand for talents in the Metaverse will explode.

6. Metaverse applications based on blockchain will be sought after

As an emerging network technology in the past ten years, blockchain can provide a decentralized and trusted Internet network in which data cannot be tampered with and no subject can manipulate at will. Therefore, the metaverse based on blockchain technology also has corresponding attributes.

In this way, the Metaverse does not have to worry about a centralized subject controlling and tampering at will, and the ownership of the digital assets in it is also owned by the person who holds the assets. Dispose of your assets at will.

In this way, the virtual assets in the metaverse are extremely valuable, so the application of the metaverse based on blockchain is gradually being accepted by traditional enterprises.

For example, Adidas has reached cooperation with the US-listed Crypto exchange Coinbase and the blockchain metaverse application The Sandbox to build the metaverse brand. PwC has also announced its foray into the Metaverse, acquiring virtual plots on TheSandbox, intending to build a Web3 Consulting Center to facilitate a new generation of professional services.

Another example is Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest auction houses, which built its iconic London New Bond Street gallery in the blockchain metaverse application Decentraland; the government of Barbados hopes to establish its metaverse embassy in multiple virtual worlds , has signed an agreement with Decentraland, and the Metaverse Embassy will be a hub of activity to drive stronger bilateral relations with governments.

Nowadays, more and more well-known brands and organizations are aware of the unique advantages of the blockchain metaverse. In 2022, it is likely that there will be a lively scene of many well-known brands competing to enter the blockchain metaverse application.

7. The Metaverse will usher in relevant legislation and regulation

After experiencing the barbaric growth of the Metaverse in the past year, the industry has begun to have a certain foundation. It is expected that the Metaverse will likely usher in certain regulatory legislation in 2022 , especially in response to the abuse of Metaverse hype by some listed companies. Perhaps It will bring some changes due to the specific regulations on the metaverse. After all, most people are still “at a loss” about the metaverse.

At the same time, we will also see that some regulators begin to pay attention to the longer-term value of the Metaverse and provide some regulatory industry support, although we have seen this year in a very small number of regions that have more or less mentioned policies related to the Metaverse In particular, it was clearly stated in the Economic Work Conference of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee some time ago that enterprises should be guided to intensify their research on an important platform for the interaction between the virtual world and the real society in the future, and the layout should be cut in time. Maybe 2022 will be more like this.

8. Capital continues to accelerate the layout of the metaverse

As a newly opened track, the Metaverse will attract capital to actively deploy in this blue ocean. But many capitals are basically aware of the huge potential of the metaverse in 2021, so although the metaverse is a blue ocean, the time for everyone to wake up is relatively close, which also means that capital will compete fiercely for the layout of the metaverse. This blue ocean will will be quickly divided.

At this moment, the competition is about strength and courage, and the slower capital will regretfully miss this staking.

Many companies that are directly related to the Metaverse , such as AR/VR hardware manufacturers, or start-up companies doing AR/VR applications , or content platforms/traffic portals that focus on the Metaverse will be the targets of many capital competitions.

However, the Metaverse is a relatively new direction after all, and this direction is also evolving and iterating. It is likely that a new subdivision track will be born, and such a subdivision track is also a new opportunity for capital, but It is also necessary to test the sense of smell and reaction of capital, and it is necessary to continuously observe the development of the metaverse ecology.

9. Online office evolves into Metaverse office

Affected by the epidemic, many companies have now adapted to the way of online office, and can use tools such as online meetings and online collaboration software to carry out work. However, the existing online office cannot solve all problems, and some problems that can be better solved in person require solutions from the metaverse.

AR/VR virtual meetings and virtual collaboration software can achieve effects similar to face-to-face communication, and with the blessing of some tools, in some specific scenarios such as discussing model design, even more efficient results than face-to-face communication can be obtained.

The former Facebook company, newly rebranded as Meta, is pushing for virtual meetings in VR. At present, Microsoft, as a cutting-edge company in the AR field, has the largest office users, and is also promoting the virtual office level.

In fact, some companies are already trying to use VR equipment to help office work. For example, in October this year, Accenture purchased 60,000 Oculus Quest 2 headsets for training new employees. It is believed that in 2022, when AR/VR devices become more popular, it will become a new fashion for companies to encourage the use of headsets for AR/VR office work.

10. Preliminary Industrialization of Metaverse Content Production

With the gradual popularization of consumer-grade AR/VR devices , AR/VR devices, as important next-generation terminals, already have tens of millions of users, enough to carry more business scenarios.

The high growth rate of AR/VR equipment also indicates that this is a fast-growing market. However, the content of the current metaverse is seriously insufficient, such as AR/VR videos, AR/VR games, virtual space construction, virtual character design, etc., and New business models built around these elements, such as AR/VR video marketing, AR/VR e-sports, virtual idol operations, virtual exhibitions, etc.

Although the content of the current metaverse is extremely scarce, and most of the content-related startups are in the early stage of exploration, this is mainly because before the popularity of the metaverse, the industries related to the metaverse such as AR/VR were not paid much attention, and the market space was not considered. It is large, and the relevant content is relatively small.

After the explosion of the Metaverse in 2021, more and more companies and capital are aware of the potential of the Metaverse. At the moment when AR/VR equipment is gradually exerting its power, this will inspire a large number of professional content practitioners and professionals. Companies poured into the Metaverse to produce rich content for the Metaverse, and initially formed the industrialization of the Metaverse content production.

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