Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

​The development of the economy is inseparable from the adjustment system of the currency. The same is true as a game. Appropriate adjustment helps to control inflation and ensure stable income for players.

1. Traditional Game Type

1. Role-playing (RPG)

There is a full storyline.

Turn (half-turn) game (Onmyoji, Westward Journey)

Action (Dark, World of Warcraft)

2. Action class (ACT)

Control the characters and destroy the monsters to pass the level

Devil May Cry, Three Kingdoms Warriors

3. Shooting class (FPS)

first-person shooter

call of duty, overwatch, cs

4. Multiplayer Online Tactical Game (MOBA)

subclasses of strategy games

League of Legends, King of Glory, Dota3

5. Real-time strategy game (RTS)

multiplayer game

Starcraft, Warcraft

6. Sports Games (SPG)

NBA, FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer

It also includes strategy games, business simulation games, fighting games and more.

2. The origin of GameFi

The full name of Gamefi is Game Finance – financial activities or financial services generated by playing games. In the second half of 2021, it will quickly become popular all over the world. In fact, the concept of gamefi is not unfamiliar to hardcore online game players.

One of the most important concepts in the Gamefi project is play-to-earn. This method or form has appeared in the earliest online games in China. Such as Stone Age, Legend, Marvel, World of Warcraft. Even in order to ensure the security of player transactions (the transaction between virtual items and legal currency), the largest virtual item trading platform in China – 5173 was born.

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

Due to this kind of financial activity, on the one hand, it stepped on the red line of policy supervision, and on the other hand, it also harmed the interests of game manufacturers. Most of the subsequent online games banned in-game player transactions, or bound virtual items, and established their own exclusive game trading platforms, such as NetEase’s Treasure Pavilion.

With the rise of the cryptocurrency industry and the spread of the blockchain concept, Gamefi can perfectly solve the problems of exchange of interests and conflicts between players and players and between players and developers.

On the one hand, the ownership of data and game items is confirmed by means of non-fungbile tokens in a decentralized way, which ensures the legitimate rights and interests of players.

On the other hand, through the token method, not only the conflict of interests between players and developers is resolved, but also the interests of developers, communities and players are shared.

In addition, Gamefi’s financial performance methods are becoming more and more diversified, including staking, lending, leasing and other methods, thus strengthening the overall economic model of the game.

3. Current Status of GameFi

GameFi is expected to explode in 2022. In addition, hundreds of new games are expected to join the player pool. With the entry of traditional game developers, game quality is also expected to improve. As a result, experts believe that visual components will be enhanced and game scenarios will become more complex.

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

In addition to the massive publicity in the market, more and more people see the opportunities of play2earn.

The second half of 2021 saw the GameFi industry experience unprecedented institutional-grade investments: Gala Games and C2 Ventures, for example, created a $100 million venture fund, and Solana Ventures, Forte, and Griffin Gaming Partners created a $150 million fund.

4. GameFi project case

1、Axie Infinity

The purpose of AXIE:

Fun must be the ultimate goal; only with an immersive gaming experience can the ecosystem attract enough participants to accumulate value for the network.

Game content:

– Breed axie

– Battle(pvp)

– Arena

– Tournament

– Sports 

– Land 

-Gathering and upgrade homeland

-Pve battle

Positioning of AXIE:

A new type of game that rewards players and builds ecology through tokens.

Game resources and items can be traded through tokens.

Player-led, real-money economy. Game developers are more focused on growing players and player economies. The treasury of the game can be at the disposal of AXS holders. Developers earn corresponding income by holding AXS tokens.Players can buy or sell (SLP & AXS) to other players in the game. You can think of Axie as a country with a real economy.The holder of AXS is the government, which receives the tax.

Axie Infinity Shards Model (AXS)

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

axie, through $AXS, makes game developers and players a community of interests. On the one hand, players can earn $AXS through the game, while encouraging them to hold tokens and earn additional income through staking. On the other hand, $AXS will serve as the governance token of the community, and players, developers, and the community will jointly govern the game.

In 2021, axie will launch the treasury function, and the income mainly comes from transaction fees and breeding fees, and there will be more market fee income in the future. The future use of treasury is also decided by the community.

Currently, $AXS, Play2Earn release 20% (54billion), staking method releases 29% (78.3billion), and team Sky Mavis21% (56.7billon) releases a total of 270billion.


1. Elfin kingdom

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

Elfin Kingdom is a GameFi project that combines decentralized financial yield farming and non-fungible tokens with gamification elements in a play to earn platform that allows users to collect, fight and farm through their cryptocurrencies to earn more multiple benefits.

In Elfin Kingdom, players choose their character and decide how to take advantage of all the opportunities on offer. With a built-in banking system, each character can maximize their benefits through clever strategies.

2. Farm Me

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

Farm Me is a GameFi Metaverse based on the AURORA platform that dictates the first immersive farming game with combat survival elements, a delightful storyline, eye-catching 3D graphics and a range of completely different gameplay including Farming, farming, crafting, hunting, fighting and social networking.

3. Duelist King

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

Powered by the official in-house Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Oracle and dRNG, Duelist King aims to change the way the community buys, trades, collects and builds towers, enabling users to personalize gameplay and more importantly , users can profit from the game as a key stakeholder.

4. Sand

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

Arenum is the next step in the evolution of the business and technical infrastructure for web3 games, leveraging its powerful SDK, Arenum aims to be the Epic Store for the Solanaverse, bringing game developers, gamers and influencers together.

5. GuildFi

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

GuildFi is a gaming platform that empowers all gamer communities and creates interoperability between the Metaverse.Player engagement and achievements are no longer discarded and limited to a specific guild or game, but instead contribute to their team and advance their interests.

6. Cosmic Guild

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

Cosmic is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) focused on maximizing revenue and building communities.Cosmic is creating a platform where participants and investors can come together, combining expertise and funding to achieve the best possible return for stakeholders.


Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

AFKDAO is a portal that allows anyone to easily participate in play to earn, projects can guide their economic development, professional players can profit and express themselves, and give a wider audience access to DeFi and gaming experiences.

6. Games are the epitome of society

The communication, collaboration, and leveling up of monsters in the game are very similar to the interaction between people in the real world, but the expression is more exaggerated and dreamy. So can we use the model in the real society to measure the good or bad of a game? We can explore this question step by step.

 1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory and Game Content Model

Looking at the future of the Metaverse from the origin of GameFi

Physiological needs: People need to meet the needs of survival. Water and food are all necessities for people to survive. No matter how difficult it is, they must survive first.

Security needs: to ensure the stability of life, the stability of income, the steady growth of property, the safety of the environment, etc.

Love and belonging: After life is stable, pursue more social activities, make friends, pursue love, etc.

Respect Demand: For one’s ability and the value created, it needs the recognition and respect of the society.

Self-actualization: People seek to realize and perfect their abilities or potentials.

For games, it is necessary to meet the needs of players at different levels in order to attract more players and make gamefi break the circle, not just the low-end needs of play-to-earn. Then the demand hierarchy model for the game should be:

Physiological Needs – Explore the production, survival mechanics of the game.

Only when you are familiar with the system, rules, production and survival methods of the game can you survive in the game.

Security Requirements – Mechanisms for stable play2earn

Find a stable play-to-earn mechanism, a fixed gold route, and a stable income. At the same time, constantly improve yourself to upgrade your level and avoid wealth plundering.

Love and Belonging – There is a perfect social mechanism, emotional belonging

The core of online games is social. In the face of various virtual scenarios, players need to communicate with each other, make friends, team up to upgrade, and find their partners. For example, various social expressions, voices, team formation, guild activities, etc. need to be provided.

Respect Needs – Form your own team and realize group values.

For elite players, it is necessary to provide corresponding scenes and content to meet the realization of personal value and find a sense of achievement. For example, the commander of the team battle, the president of the guild, the boss of the virtual business, and so on.

Self-fulfillment – play2create, create your own dreams.

Players who pursue the ultimate can jump out of the game platform and, as the builder of the game, provide better and better suggestions, or create their own content.

2. Socioeconomic Models and the Sustainability of the Game Economy

Production: raw material production, raw material processing, commodity retailing

In the real society, various productions such as agriculture, industry, and animal husbandry produce different products through processing. There are also various resources and productions in the game, such as mining, logging, forging, etc.

exchange (transaction): exchange between items

Buying and selling in the real world, the trading function in the game, the stall setting function, and the nft marketplace, etc., all provide a place for players to exchange on demand

Consumption: consumption of necessities, consumption of social, consumption of identity

Consumption of necessities for food, clothing, housing, and equipment upgrades; social consumption such as gifts, parties, fireworks; luxury consumption, limited equipment or accessories consumption are all consumption of identity.

Governance: Inflation regulation, currency regulation, content regulation, self regulation

In the real world, central banks in various countries use regulatory means to control the inflation rate, so that the economy can grow sustainably and healthily. For games, the inflation rate of the game economy is controlled by means of staking, explosion rate, and product iteration.

6. What characteristics should a high-quality GameFi project have?

Strong gaming experience and gaming immersion:

Last year’s gamefi project was far worse than the traditional game in terms of picture quality and experience. In order for the gamefi project to be out of the circle and attract more traditional players, it needs to have the same game experience and immersion as traditional games.

The game content meets Maslow’s demand model:

The current gamefi content is relatively simple and cannot satisfy players of all levels. The life cycle of pure play-to-earn will be relatively short, and rich game content and social scenes are needed to improve the stickiness and retention rate of players.

Multi-level and multi-dimensional consumption scenarios:

We know that the richer the consumption scene, the more stable the economic model itself, and the cycle of the economy and the precipitation of funds will stabilize inflation at the same time.

Perfect economic regulation norms and systems:

The development of the economy is inseparable from the adjustment system of the currency. As a game, the same is true. Appropriate adjustment helps to control inflation and ensure the stable income of players. In addition, the version iteration of the game also needs to consider the impact on the economy.

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