Looking at the future evolutionary logic of “NFT+” from the back of the Poniu fire

From the popularity of Bo Niu: Look at the “first principles” of the NFT track

Art has always grown in steps with technology . From ancient humans painting in stone caves, to chemical paints, to photography, to computers, to the Internet, to artificial intelligence, technology has brought the art of going into a dead end every time. New world. Now that the digital age is coming, blockchain and encryption technology have made it possible for digital art, which already uses data as a carrier, to generate worship value again.

The recent event that has attracted attention is the Bo Niu Blind Box event co-operated by Apenft and Tron. What industry trends can we see from the NFT perspective?

The sense of value behind encrypted avatars

The full name of NFT is Non-fungible token, which is a kind of “non-fungible token” issued based on the blockchain. It can also be understood as a non-homogeneous token, which refers to a unique digital asset.

The reason why Boniu has attracted widespread attention in the industry and even outside the circle is mainly the sense of value identity behind its uniqueness.

1. The ID of the meta universe era

Although some people did not participate in the NFT track, but many people did not participate does not mean that they are not a potential group. Think about the QQ show we bought back then, the glory of the king skin we bought now, even though we are still in the real world, why are so many people willing to buy virtual world props? Essence behind the value of identity, personal trial the United States a symbolic expression.

If there is something that can subvert the way of life of mankind in the next five to ten years, it is the combination of “meta universe + NFT”.

The meta universe is a world with numbers as its basic form, where people can further break the shackles of the real world, play the role they want, and use this identity to collaborate and socialize with other people to create value. This is not just an opportunity that can be compared with the mobile Internet, the meta-universe may be broader than the mobile Internet.

Because the mobile Internet essentially connects the various nodes of the world, what the meta universe essentially does is to recreate a world or recreate a universe. In this era of meta-universe, NFT will become an important ID among them, allowing meta-universe and real world to achieve parallel intersection. In the future, we may enter the world presented by the Hollywood blockbuster “Number One Player” and “Out of Control Player”, and they will further blend with reality.

Looking at the future evolutionary logic of "NFT+" from the back of the Poniu fire

The role that Boniu plays is the ID of the digital age. Under the first-mover advantage, after Boniu becomes NFT, it becomes a digital work that cannot be tampered with and is stored independently in the user’s wallet. As people’s activities in the digital world become more frequent in the future, Boniu will become an increasingly valuable asset.

With the official launch of “Poniu Tronbull”, the APENFT Foundation also launched Twitter “Tronbull Collection 3 Cows” and Weibo “Niuren Chosen Niu” activities. This will also further enhance the influence of TRON and its appreciation space. The original intention is to highlight the special value of TRON in the entire ecosystem. The avatar of TRON will further consolidate the consensus of TRON on the blockchain.

Second, the scene carrier of personal IP

Internet practitioner and independent analyst Eugene Wei elaborated on the two basic principles of social networks in his article “Status-as-a-Service”: People are the monkeys who seek status; people will seek the best An effective way to obtain social capital.

The reason why Bo Niu has attracted attention is also closely related to these two basic laws:

First of all, human beings are instinct to like scarce items, which can show their own uniqueness in the vast sea of ​​people, show their social status, and gain more people’s respect. At the same time, scarce things also have the function of storing value, bringing a sense of security in identity and status. Thousands of years of history of mankind, from art collections to gold, to Bitcoin, has never changed, and Bo Niu will become one of them.

Secondly, the development of NFT is very fast, but the value of NFT does not lie in the process of generating NFT, nor does it lie in whether it is NFT, but in the social and cultural value of NFT, and the core value is the identity value of the inner society. This is also the reason why the highest selling price of NFT is constantly being broken. The internal social identity value will also make NFT become social capital and provide support for people’s social life behind it. Boniu can also exist as a kind of social capital.

In the end, NFTs that meet the basic social laws will become the scene carriers of personal IP and will play an infrastructure-like role in the future.

Reputation system: the hub of TRON’s ecological power

The “reputation system” is precisely the biggest difference between Boniu and other NFT works. The reputation system is mainly to grant governance tokens to actual users participating in a decentralized network or protocol. When the network or protocol is widely used, token holders can add economic rights and transferability to the tokens.

Behind this is the ecological consensus at play, which is reflected in the identification of the future meta-universe, which is expected to support APENFT’s vision of sufficient size.

Reputation also means liquidity, borrowing from the form of social tokens. These tokens can be issued by various entities (individuals, communities, games, and applications) to obtain social capital, obtain services, or convert them into rewards. The reputation system is the hub of TRON’s ecological power, which can transmit the ecological value of TRON.

Looking at the future evolutionary logic of "NFT+" from the back of the Poniu fire

TRON’s TRON protocol is one of the world’s largest blockchain-based decentralized application operating system protocols. It provides high-throughput, high-scalability, and high-reliability underlying public chain support for the operation of decentralized applications on the protocol. TRON also provides better compatibility for Ethereum smart contracts through an innovative pluggable smart contract platform.

Today’s TRON is already one of the top public chains in the world, and its market value once surpassed EOS, so it can well support the value of TRON. In the process of value transmission, the value of TRON also reflects the value of the platform brand TRON. The skyrocketing of TRON is essentially another form of manifestation of the value of TRON.

APENFT and TRON, the “fulcrum” and “leverage” behind the event

Of course, the success of the event is also inseparable from the strong combination of APENFT and TRON, which formed a combination of “fulcrum” and “leverage” to leverage efficiency in this event.

Among them, APENFT is supported by the world-renowned public chain Ethereum and TRON’s underlying technology, combined with the world’s largest distributed data storage system BitTorrent File System (BTFS), and is committed to NFT and blockchain the world’s top artworks Foundation. It owns Picasso’s masterpiece “Lying Nude Wearing a Necklace”, “Ocean’s Front” and “ABUNBANCE” (5 pictures) created by encryption artist Beeple, a complete set of NFT works “Cube” by encryption artist Pak, and “ROCK ID 87” which has just been given away recently. “, “Tpunk#3442”, etc., with a total value of more than 300 million yuan.

Looking at the future evolutionary logic of "NFT+" from the back of the Poniu fire

APENFT’s growing influence in the field of NFT also provides a “fulcrum” for the Poniu Blind Box activity. With the help of APENFT’s platform influence, Poniu Blind Box can better reach NFT participants.

TRON takes it as its mission to promote the decentralization of the Internet and is committed to building infrastructure for the decentralized Internet. And NFT products can just be fruitful on the decentralized Internet infrastructure, and TRON is equivalent to playing a “leverage” role.

As a blockchain-based open source decentralized content entertainment protocol, TRON is committed to using blockchain and distributed storage technology to build a global free content entertainment system. This protocol allows every user Freely publish, store, and own data, and through the form of decentralized autonomy, the distribution, subscription, and push of content are determined by digital asset issuance, circulation, and transaction methods, empowering content creators, and forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem.

In the field of vision wave founder of Sun Yuchen, we are entering a Wan chain moment interconnected, the gap between the block chain and the chain will be broken, homogeneous heterogeneous block chain needs data through hearing. BTTC will be officially released on October 30, 2021. As the industry’s first heterogeneous chain cross-chain interoperability expansion protocol, BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) will be compatible with TRON at the time of its launch.

At that time, TRON will form a first-tier network, a second-tier network, and a complete ecological closed loop of cross-chain communication. It will have both a solid underlying network of the human global clearing layer and a heterogeneous expanded cross-chain network BitTorrent Chain with high-speed throughput and fully compatible with EVM. The field network can also communicate with the global mainstream first-tier networks such as Ethereum and BSC network.

It means that the information barriers and asset barriers on each public chain will be broken, and data and value will flow unimpeded, highly fragmented and decentralized resources will be effectively integrated, and each public chain that can be expanded will be Interoperability on this basis .

In a unified blockchain environment, the value of Boniu will also be released. Just like giants such as Ali and Tencent , once the data is completely opened up and the ecosystem is developed, a more imaginative blue ocean space will be formed. The future NFT may show another pattern, which will further release the potential commercial dividends of Boniu.

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