Long attack is not up, what exactly is the market still lacking in upside factors?

Seeing the entry of giants again, nowadays the coin ring is no longer the closed ring it used to be.

Long attack is not up, what exactly is the market still lacking in upside factors?

1 Market news interpretation
June 4 overnight keywords:: Musk, Russia, 1confirmation

  1. Tesla CEO Musk tweeted in response to a comment from a netizen, “I want laser eyes too.” It is reported that laser eyes is a fanin movement started overseas, where vloggers change their avatars to greedy laser eyes to show their support for bitcoin with the intention of pulling up the price of bitcoin, similar in nature to the dogcoin fanin movement.

Interpretation: Musk has to be said to be a successful marketing geek, one hand in the bitcoin market harvest, the other hand and again hype bitcoin, a positive and negative harvest market at the same time, but also want to stay a good reputation, Tesla’s own bad debt are not solved, can only say that Musk heart is really big! Also the more this time you can not blindly follow the shouting orders, need to be sensible face.

Interros Group is one of the largest private investment companies in Russia, founded in 1990 by Vladimir Potanin. Atomyze is a global digital marketplace that tokenizes physical assets, products and services, from large industrial players to professional and individual investors.

Interpretation: Seeing the entry of giants again, nowadays the cryptocurrency world is no longer the closed loop of the past, more and more institutions are entering, which also makes the composition of bitcoin increasingly complex. Such a market will also lead to the typical long and short pro-za phenomenon in the field at this stage, and new and old institutions will also make the market further extend the oscillation cycle for the sake of chips.

  1. Nick Tomaino, founder of cryptocurrency venture capital firm 1confirmation, said that without ethereum, bitcoin would not have its current market cap because all the innovations like DeFi and NFT, all the innovations that brought newcomers to the field, were ethereum.

Interpretation: hold a step on an old means, steal logic, without bitcoin there would be no ethereum, anyway bitcoin is the core of cryptocurrency, from consensus to perception, the root of ethereum innovation is also based on the concept of bitcoin derived optimization, no need to be so extreme.

2 Coins Analysis

  1. BTC

Bitcoin in the day after repeatedly failed to attack 40,000 a line, now there is a more substantial back pedal, intraday back pedal nearly 2,000 points, K line in the small level time chart appear double top pattern, year-on-year in the absence of too much bearish influence, the field independent choice of pressure, enough to prove that the current market still need time to digest too much profit taking chips, here the idea of divergence, spot continue to use time for profit, the contract is adjusted to focus on.

Top pressure level 38000 a line, support level 32000 a line.

  1. ETH

Ether year-on-year dive, more than a single in touch with the tracking after leaving the field, when the overall replica of the market, and there is not much to say, the intraday back to the year-on-year technical form among the double top, depending on the bottom of the position can effectively stabilize in the next round of long and short choices can be made. Intraday concern.

The pressure level: 3000. support level: 2450. no need to adjust the large range, add a small range top 2745 position can.

  1. EOS

Yuzi yesterday choose appropriate in the short term among the choice of new support 6.2 a line, choose short term more short entry, the rest of the concern remains unchanged, then this day Yuzi is also affected by off-site, first of all, the fall below 6.2 short single follow up?

Pressure level: 7.5. support level: 5.8. of the same time short term concern 6 stabilization in the short term more or less choice.

  1. ETC

Ether Classic is also the same market, here to not much good arrangement, pay attention to the bottom of this round of decline can be reversed, year-on-year field leader rally power Ether Classic will also follow up year-on-year, here do not worry too much.

Field attention to the pressure level: 80-83. support: 50-55 a line.

3 Summary
Yesterday then the market soaring stage indicates that everything can be said to be ready, the only variable lies in the regulation outside the market, the sovereign for the defective nature of cryptocurrencies against out of hand and no problem, but will not form the Indian commercial banks over-interpretation of the situation which is the follow-up need to pay close attention to, but also is now the biggest negative point!

Then this day’s market is really the same short once again, but from the news itself interpretation of the change of soup, but just can not stand the majority of people appeared panic selling, whether it is South Korea required to report taxes, or the U.S. SEC again against the Ripple, or shrinkage of regulation, enhance the strength, are already the same old thing, here also do not say too much, now is the stage of high panic.

Any wind blowing will affect the whole disk, and at this stage the lack of is not bearish and or capital, enough large institutions outside the field to enter, providing a large amount of money, the problem at this stage is the market confidence, in the high point back on the premise of many rounds of failure to come out of the effective rise, the market is in a state of dissipation, but relative to the past, the bottom and there is enough money to intervene. So this time, patiently hold the spot chips, do not have to scare themselves, pay attention to the round of the market bottoming out after the formation of a large level of counterattack on the good.

4 small coin layout inventory
UNI: fill the position with reference to 10-15 a line The current average price is at 25 a line

FIL: Covering reference 30 a line The current average price in 80 a line

DOT: fill the position reference 10 a line The current average price of 27.5 a line

OMG: Covering reference 2.3 a line The current average price of the average price of 5.5 a line

HT: Covering reference 6-8 a line. The current average price of 20 a line

LINK: cover reference 10-13 a line current average price of 28 a line

SHIB: cover reference 0.000003 a line current average price 0.0000125 a line

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