LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

Whoever masters the game will master the future

LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

I have never played LOL, but I have the foundation of the national game “pesticide”, so I can basically understand the S11 game a few days ago.

In fact, I haven’t watched a game for a long time, even this year’s Olympics I only took a few glances, but on the day of EDG winning the championship, I was really screened, so I got curious and clicked in, just in time for the last game. . The fierce competition, the passion of interpretation, the final victory and the atmosphere of the whole network carnival can indeed arouse the adrenal hormones in the body.

When all young people unscrupulously release their happiness, some discussions and arguments follow. Some people say that the happiness of e-sports is not real happiness, but shallow entertainment; some people say that there is nothing wrong with cheering for the things they love. .

As a post-90s who came from the age when they had to wear shoe covers in the computer room, they had heard about playing games while growing up, and they have been changing all the time. From indulging in games to get shocked, to playing games is to win glory for the country, in the past two days, there are rumors that LOL will become an Olympic event…So what is the value of games in the current society? When the meta-universe era arrives, what changes will happen to the value of the game? Let’s go back to LOL and talk about it.

1. From hell to the world

After this collective cheering, the anime “War of Two Cities” with the theme of “League of Legends” (LOL for short) was also launched . It blasted the entire network within a day and scored the first place. At first I thought it was after winning the player’s blood surging as the result of work plus buff, did not think the comments area, a lot of the film was never played LOL attract a lot of people.

I went through three episodes with curiosity again, and I got a good score.

Technology and power, humanity and magic, affection and rupture…In a divided world, two unequal cities are like the world and hell. There are extrajudicial fanatics on one side, and progressive youth on the other, a bit like the game industry before and after professionalization.

LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

I don’t know if you have ever heard of Uzi, a famous LOL player, nicknamed Puppy. As a child, he was often educated by his parents and teachers because he played games online. However, after entering the professional team and becoming famous, he was interviewed by CCTV. He accidentally became the idol of tens of millions of players, and even the popularity of Weibo surpassed the top-ranked Wang Yibo the year before .

LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

The game has gradually demonized from the scourge of a scourge after several twists and turns. This is because thanks to the “unbinding” at the policy level, domestic e-sports events have a chance to grow like mushrooms. Some professional e-sports clubs have emerged, and everyone’s attitude towards games has also changed. There is a warm knowledge, all combat characters in the LOL game are called “heroes”. But fighting will inevitably bring harm. The game industry is like the protagonist Jinx in the “War of Two Cities” drama. He has grown from a “person” to a “hero” and has experienced countless setbacks. The “2021 China E-sports Industry Research Report” shows that the e-sports ecological market is developing rapidly, and it is expected that the e-sports market will exceed 180 billion yuan in 2021.

LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

In addition to commercial value, if you use a multi-dimensional perspective to understand the game from the cultural commanding heights, you will find that the value of the game is far underestimated. In the 1930s, the Dutch scholar John Heizinha explained the cultural significance of games in his book “The Man of the Game”. This kind of visible order is carried out in accordance with freely accepted rules and is outside the scope of necessities or material practicality.

In the vernacular, although the game has rules, the difference is that people will actively and enthusiastically obey the rules and regulations. In other fields, we may not necessarily have such enthusiasm. Professor Yan Feng of Fudan University believes that games have surpassed material utility and social utility, and this kind of activity beyond utility is human spiritual activity. If it continues, law, politics, and business will all have the characteristics of games. It has different influences on society, on aesthetics, and even on ideology.

2. From game to screen

Whether it is traditional games in the real world or electronic games in the digital world, the same core is fun. But it is undeniable that games do incorporate many cultural products, including art, technology and even education. Take the well-known “Legend of Sword and Fairy” as an example. The TV series that made Tianxian famous was actually adapted from a stand-alone simulation business game in the 1990s. The game story is completely self-created. The entangled and touching plots and beautiful music have swept the entire China, allowing players to get more touched while completing tasks. In fact, it also represents a milestone in Chinese game culture. It not only reproduces traditional Chinese architectural design and clothing design, but also creates a series of beautiful and appropriate poems, allowing players to use the game as a carrier to have a real understanding of Chinese culture.

LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

Appreciation and Analysis of Poems in “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”

Therefore, the game story that contains rich humanities and emotions has also attracted the attention of the content field. While the series of “The Last of Us” was being filmed, “Fortress Night” was also organizing an editorial department and adapted it into a film and television work. Even Netflix, the world’s largest streaming media company, cannot refuse the temptation of game content. Recently, it plans to enter the field of video games, which has sparked discussions in the industry for a period of time. Although the linkage between games and film and television is not a new thing, how to adapt content to games and give new vitality to the game IP is a difficult point in the industry.

LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

In addition to the fairy sword, there are other successful precedents like “Pokémon” that has brought the movie and game linkage to the extreme, whether it is for related Nintendo games, or the well-known animation “Pokémon” and the later hit “Detective Pikachu” , Have brought huge traffic to IP, even many people think that there are cartoons first, and then some games. Judging from the current reputation of “Two Cities” , this adaptation has been recognized by many players and non-players, and it is also expected to further expand the content thickness and influence of the “League of Legends” IP.

Success will naturally lead to failure. The previous phenomenon-level game “World of Warcraft” created by Blizzard, when the adaptation of the movie “Warcraft” was released in 2016, suffered from Waterloo due to the poor plot of the film; and “Street Fighter” in addition to the title It has nothing to do with names and games, and the content has long been beyond recognition. Whether it is fans of the original work that has placed emotions, or the brand, it is a complete disaster.

LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

The reason is that the certainty of failure lies in ignoring the difference in narrative techniques between games and movies, while the reason for success is full of uncertainty. Some naive filmmakers think that based on the fans and fame that the game has accumulated over the past years, they only need to give the movie the same name, add some familiar characters and iconic scenes, and make fans cry. In the bridge section, you can lie down and earn money easily.

But they ignore the different users in an interview with two different media mentality, we play the game when the pursuit of freedom, will act according to their intentions; but in the viewing process, it is thought by screenwriter -dimensional plastic -made characters, It is possible that the image generated in the viewer’s mind is completely different from the image in the player’s mind, which will cause an identity bias. So the producer of “Two Cities” also said: “We want to maximize the player’s gaming experience and also want to tell a good story. Whether you know something about “League of Legends”, you can feel it. “

Assuming that the heroic image in the game cringes in the film and television drama, anyone has to frown. Therefore, it is obviously a long-term game to not only live up to the expectations of game IP users, but also live up to the tastes of film and television audiences.

LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

As for the next plot of “Two Cities”, whether it can live up to the popularity of “League of Legends” IP, it will take time to test.

Third, there is a universe beyond the universe

The cross-industry cooperation between the film and television industry and the game industry is becoming more frequent, and these two media are also absorbing their respective strengths, which seems to have become an unstoppable future trend. On the one hand, many people now comment on 3A games, saying that their picture quality has become the same as that of movies; on the other hand, content platforms such as Netflix have begun to absorb interactive elements in games so that film and television works have many interactive experiences. , This is a fact that cannot be ignored.

LOL’s next carnival, in the Metaverse

The domestic 3A game “Black Myth: Wukong” screen

However, whether it is the cinematization of games or the gamification of movies, the penetration of the two has become inevitable. In the future, with the advancement of technology, a new form of media will emerge over games and movies. In this new virtual world created, through VR, games, culture, art and other elements, our audio-visual experience of playing games or watching movies will be changed, and our social interaction will also have new connections, at this level and the present. The popular concept of “meta universe” has also begun to communicate. This is a higher stage of the game, and the value of the game is being subverted at any time.

In other words, the concept of “meta universe” became popular, but it was actually a performance out of the game industry, which was the concert in the game “Fortress Night”. Immediately after his company boss threw out the concept of meta universe, this concept was borrowed by Roblox when it went public, and the speculation became more lively. Not long after, Xiao Zha also solemnly announced all in Meta Universe, and BAT followed up, and the currency circle fueled the flames, and for a while, “Meta Universe” was pushed to the forefront. In the third quarter of this year, Roblox’s revenue, which is known as the first share of Metaverse Games, increased by 102% year-on-year.

Standing perspective of the game industry, many people feel in the whole process and did not see what new things meaningful, but standing on the perspective yuan universe, it shows the number of virtual technology digitized how seamlessly the real world. And in this process, it can help the real world to achieve some experience beyond reality. It can be said that it represents another milestone in the game and satisfies the desire of mankind to create a new world. Like nuclear, it can not only be used to generate electricity and build spacecraft to move toward a more far-reaching and cutting-edge technology field, but also can be used to build atomic bombs. Although all exploration starts from the game, it has long gone beyond the game.

At this time, how players fight against fate and how the game industry is reborn is not a matter of the audience watching the story. The game has surpassed material utility and social utility, and represents a farther future. In the meta universe, our favorite works will be presented to ourselves in a brand new form. And IP such as “League of Legends” with a complete world view, complex characters, and a huge audience may be another Marvel universe in the meta universe.

In short, whoever masters the game will control the future.

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