Liu Genghong burst the Metaverse bubble?

Speaking of the rising new top players during the epidemic, Liu Genghong said that the second fear is that no one dares to be the first.

This 50-year-old Taiwanese singer has become popular all over the Internet with a song “Compendium of Materia Medica”, and his Douyin has gained 50 million followers in just one month. Up to now, the number of Douyin fans has reached the 70 million mark, and more than 100 million viewers have set a record for Douyin live broadcast in 2022. With the growing number of members of “Liu Genghong Girls” who sweated with Liu Genghong in front of the screen, the big cake of home fitness has surfaced. The speed of Liu Genghong’s rocket-level circle of fans has also made other players in this field unmatched.

Liu Genghong burst the Metaverse bubble?

The dual blessings of the epidemic and technology have made the field of home fitness a favorite of capital. However, whether it is fitness apps, fitness rings, fitness mirrors, and even the redemption of VR: VR fitness, even if it is immersive, entertaining, and interactive It blew into the sky and was vulnerable in the face of “Liu Genghong Storm”.

01 The first year of the VR industry, this year and the first year?

Perhaps there is no other industry that has been in an awkward and peculiar state like the VR industry: as the entrance to the Metaverse, the VR industry with unlimited potential seems to be the first year of VR every year, but the real first year of VR always seems to be coming. One year, when people have high hopes for VR, the industry is always short of breath.

As early as 2012, a company called Oculus led the entire VR industry into a new stage, and the concept of “the first year of VR” was proposed. After that, HTC, Oculus and Sony were called the “Virtual Reality Big Three”, and they scored three points on the VR headset track.

By 2016, the VR industry is in full bloom. Hundreds of companies and more than 3,000 VR-related entrepreneurial teams are competing against each other. Baofeng Group has used the Storm Magic Mirror as a killer, and it has risen by 37 daily limit. “VR Yuan Year” was raised again. However, when capital and entrepreneurs poured in with great enthusiasm, they encountered Waterloo when they faced the C-side. A large number of startups closed down and changed their careers. The market was full of sorrows, and only a few companies with capital support continued to dormant.

In the following years, the VR market has been frozen, and even leading companies including Samsung and Google have stopped iterating. The cold market eliminated a large number of entrepreneurs, and also screened out the vast majority of speculators with impure motives.

The reason why VR is cold on the C side is first of all a hardware technical problem. The device is too heavy and bulky, and the user’s dizziness after wearing the headset has not been well resolved. In Ready Player One, the experience of the protagonist roaming freely in the virtual world with a headset only exists in movies. Secondly, the high price of VR equipment makes it destined to be only a toy for a few geeks and cannot enter the homes of ordinary people. Furthermore, because the number of users cannot keep up, the market size cannot be opened, nor can it attract high-quality content production forces.

Until 2021, the VR market, which has been quiet for several years, has ushered in an inflection point. The global VR headset shipments reached 10.95 million units, and it is expected to reach 15.73 million units in 2022. In addition to the blessing of the “Metaverse” concept, the more important reason is that the capabilities of VR equipment have been upgraded: not only is the VR all-in-one machine lighter, but the positioning angle has also been upgraded from 3DOF to 6DOF, players can only wear heavy heads from the earliest Xian moves back and forth, left and right in a standing position, and now he can not only pan, but also tilt his head, lean forward, walk, jump, and even lie down. The near-real experience has been greatly improved.

Liu Genghong burst the Metaverse bubble?

The improvement of technology has brought about a qualitative leap in user experience. Whether in terms of clarity, wearing comfort or interactivity, VR headsets have refreshed the public’s previous perception of VR devices. Call amazing. Hardware breakthroughs have greatly increased VR shipments. In October 2020, Facebook (Meta), which acquired Oculus, released the “strongest VR all-in-one machine” Oculus Quest 2, which has shipped more than 10 million units a year; during the Spring Festival in 2022, Pico, which was acquired by ByteDance, In 2021, sales of about 500,000 units have been carried out, and it is expected to reach 1.8 million units in 2022; iQiyi’s Qiyu VR is also fast. Iteratively, Qiyu 1, Qiyu 2, Qiyu 2S, Qiyu Dream and other VR all-in-one machines have been launched successively, and they have also handed in good transcripts.

According to IDC data, in the fourth quarter of 2021, Qiyu’s omni-channel sales increased by 475.9% year-on-year, with a market share of 22.5%. In addition, HTC VIVE, NOLO Sonic, arpara, Huawei VR, Thousand Magic Mirror, etc. are also VR hardware brands with high sales. However, while the VR hardware, the entrance to the Metaverse, is in full swing, the content level of VR is not able to meet the expectations of players.

02 Metaverse Fitness was intercepted by Liu Genghong

Although the hardware has been improved, the content production capacity is still insufficient.

Take Pico as an example. At present, there are only 139 games in the Pico app store, and only 178 applications in total. Most of the games tend to be casual games, and large-scale games are more dependent on importing from abroad.

From the capital level, the coldness of the VR content field can also be seen: from 2021 to now, there have been only 40 financings in the VR content field, and only three of them are focusing on VR content. The main reason is that the return on investment is not proportional and it is difficult to make money. , the shortage of funds in the content field has in turn dragged down the positive development of the VR ecosystem, forming a vicious circle. Fortunately, up to now, Pico, Xigua Video, iQiyi, and Huawei have all started to help content producers in terms of funds, tools, channels, etc., but it will obviously take time to incubate more high-quality content.

To increase the high-quality content in the VR field, we must not only focus on the field of game entertainment. People expect the Metaverse to penetrate into all aspects of life. The construction of scenes such as Metaverse concerts, Metaverse office, and Metaverse medical treatment are all continuing to make efforts. Among them , VR fitness was once expected to become a new tipping point.

It is undeniable that it is much more interesting to walk in the sea of ​​stars while wearing a VR headset, compared to the breathless counting steps on the treadmill, immersed in the beauty of the virtual world, the muscle soreness can be ignored, and the interaction of VR Sex, allowing players to exercise arms, legs, back and other parts.

Liu Genghong burst the Metaverse bubble?

In the post-epidemic era, VR fitness is undoubtedly a more convenient, economical and interesting choice than the round-trip and high cost of offline gyms. In 2021, Meta will acquire With in, the developer of the VR fitness game “Supernatural” at a high price of over US$400 million ; Nike has opened the Metaverse game Nikeland; domestic platforms such as Qiyu VR have also successively launched “Music Future Sound Plan”, “Duohe” One Sports VR”, “Boxing Legend Manny VR” and many other fitness sports games. It seems that VR fitness is ushering in an explosion, and it is expected to become a new growth point, but who knows that it was cut off by Liu Genghong, who was born out of nowhere.

In less than a month, “Liu Genghong Girl” swept the entire network, achieving the effect dreamed by the VR industry and bursting the bubble of the Metaverse. You know, in order to promote Pico, ByteDance conducted a near-crazy marketing on its own Douyin: making “2022 Treasure New Year’s Goods” a hot search, inviting many stars and Internet celebrities to participate in the topic “Play VR to choose Pico “, and has also carried out a large number of implants in the popular variety show “Ace vs. Ace”, becoming the only VR client for the Central Video of the Winter Olympics, and spending a lot of money on the marketing budget… But these efforts were not able to withstand the song “Liu Genghong and his wife” Compendium of Materia Medica came immediately.

In addition to the low threshold for live fitness, everyone can participate. One of the more important factors for Liu Genghong’s popularity is the aggregation effect of the live short video content platform, which attracts content suppliers and content demanders to each other, and both content and users are popular. A snowball explosion, and the emergence of high-quality content is a matter of course. As mentioned above, the high-quality content and the number of users in the VR ecosystem have not yet been able to stimulate each other’s rapid growth, forming a positive cycle.

The second is human interaction. VR emphasizes the sense of interaction and immersion, but this kind of interaction is more about the interaction between humans and machines. In live fitness, the anchor and the user can interact on the screen of the mobile phone. Although the form is simple and the user can only type, the anchor and the user can interact with each other. The emotions of the host are echoing from afar. The anchor and the user chat while exercising. The anchor plays tricks and replies to netizens in a timely manner, which also makes the user feel accompanied. This kind of immersion in real-time companionship, although kan seems “simple”, it is rich in warmth. It’s not the same as VR immersion. The former is that users are immersed in a carnival and enthusiastic atmosphere, while the latter is immersed in a seemingly real scene, and the atmosphere can mobilize people’s emotional ups and downs more than a simple scene, and it goes without saying who has stronger user stickiness. metaphor.

For now, VR equipment is still a gimmick, VR headsets are still limited to a small number of geek players to experience new games and big toys for movies, and many cross-scenario developments are obviously more gimmick than practical. In order to encourage research and development, some pioneers represented by Meta are even more aggressive, taking a 47.5% cut from the selling price to developers.

After many years of silence, VR does urgently need a detonator that can fly the entire industry, but the key link of this detonator may more likely come from high-quality content production. In fact, no matter how the capital touts its market size, the Metaverse is still far from developing into a profitable business. On the road of seizing the minds of consumers and establishing a perfect ecology, the Metaverse still has a long way to go.

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