Liu Cixin is angry at Zuckerberg’s Metaverse whether it is a new round of wealth creation or cutting leeks

Everything can be meta-universe.

On October 28, Mark Zuckerberg announced at the Facebook connect conference that Facebook was renamed “Meta”. According to foreign media reports, Facebook responded on the same day: The name was changed to reshape the brand to match the company’s transition from a “social media company” to a “Meta Universe Company.”

This turn. Later, Chicago’s “Meta Company” and Arizona’s “Meta Pc” both protested against Facebook’s new “Meta” name. The person in charge of Meta Company stated that Facebook had negotiated prices to purchase their trademarks and domain names.

But they rejected the proposal because of the lower price. The company firmly believes that Facebook’s move is a trademark infringement. These disputes confirm how hot the name of the meta universe is.

However, Metaverse has also caused considerable controversy. Liu Cixin, the author of classic science fiction works such as “Three-Body” and “Wandering Earth”, has recently publicly accused Metaverse of being a “spiritual poison”, which will cause mankind to indulge in it, unable to extricate itself, and then to the end.

Liu Cixin is angry at Zuckerberg's Metaverse whether it is a new round of wealth creation or cutting leeks

What is the situation that the real meta-universe wants to build?

Perhaps the movie “Ready Player One” (Ready Player One), released in 2018, can give the audience a glimpse. The young hero Wade Woz in the movie puts on a pair of VR glasses, puts on the equipment, and steps on the conveyor belt to enter the virtual world called “OASIS”. In this dazzling virtual reality fantasy, the teenager wins the treasure left by the founder of “Oasis” through the game. The movie shows the equipment support players need to enter the meta-universe.

Liu Cixin is angry at Zuckerberg's Metaverse whether it is a new round of wealth creation or cutting leeks

“Ready Player One” stills

They are all rushing to be the “Meta Universe” manufacturer

Many technology companies claim that the virtual reality world “meta universe” will be the next future of the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal previously stated that in order to realize the vision of the meta universe, Silicon Valley’s leading technology companies are engaged in a “manufacturing competition.” Facebook has now confirmed its identity as “Meta Universe Company” by “rectifying its name.” Mark Zuckerberg also stated on the earnings call in July this year that his goal is to use Facebook’s self-produced headset Oculus. Attract new users.

Liu Cixin is angry at Zuckerberg's Metaverse whether it is a new round of wealth creation or cutting leeks

Zuckerberg said that ultimately this huge meta-universe user base will bring benefits to the company’s advertising business. Because of Apple’s new privacy policy, Facebook suffered heavy losses in its advertising business. There is a view that Facebook’s meta-universe plan may have a way to bypass related privacy policies in the future and enable Facebook to gain more economic benefits. Zuckerberg also believes that the “hundreds of millions of users” in the meta universe can “constitute the scale of the digital economy.” In fact, Zuckerberg has been obsessed with this field for many years and built his portfolio through strategic acquisitions, including Oculus (VR goggles), Within (VR fitness app) and various VR game manufacturers .

In fact, Facebook is not the only company that has invested heavily in Metaverse. In May of this year, Microsoft said that its own company has a series of artificial intelligence and MR tools that can assist in the development of “meta universe app”; in addition, Microsoft has been developing the “Mesh” business (an extension of its own Teams business), Supported by two tools, AR and VR, it provides an enhanced communication medium. The goal is to create a lifelike work environment for social interaction, while using AR technology to realize the possibility of virtual world to physical world.

In addition to Facebook and Microsoft, what other manufacturers does Metaverse have? Among them, NVIDIA’s Omniverse is an extensible real-time development platform that can help users build 3D simulations and collaborative development. In essence, Omniverse is the closest thing to being the hardware that can drive the metaverse. At present, it allows users to collaborate globally in real time through cloud technology, without the need to prepare data, to update, iterate and change in real time. Omnivores also has an interactive character called “Avatar”. Avatar can capture voice and facial cues and respond to it, thereby achieving in-depth dialogue with the user.

Liu Cixin is angry at Zuckerberg's Metaverse whether it is a new round of wealth creation or cutting leeks

Epic Games, the developer of the game “Fortnite” (Fortnite), also released its own “meta universe” simulation software and related virtual reality VR services. In the first iteration, foreign users have realized their desire to participate in virtual concerts in person on Roblox and Fortnite.

Roblox, as the “first stock of the meta-universe” in various senses, has promoted the concept of meta-universe from abroad to domestic. As a user-generated content gaming platform, Roblox has become one of the fastest growing entertainment platforms in history. In the past quarter, Roblox said that its platform has 47.3 million daily users.

Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny

The term meta universe was coined by writer Neal Stephenson in the 1992 novel “Avalanche.” Among them, the meta universe refers to an immersive digital environment where people become digital avatars to interact. The prefix “Meta” means transcendence, and “Verse” refers to the universe, which technology companies use to describe the generations after the Internet. Romantically naming new technologies is a common practice for Internet companies. For a long time, Metaverse has been called “Extended Reality XR” in the industry.

Many technology CEOs inspired by sci-fi movies said that one day we will be immersed in an interactive virtual reality world, just like characters in sci-fi movies, where there are games, adventures, shopping and otherworldly products, CEO We call it the meta universe. Some analysts believe that Meta Universe may bring trillions of dollars in capital flows. To achieve this scale of capital allocation, it is necessary to increase the user’s screen usage time and platform business opportunities on the existing basis. The universe needs more superior hardware and software support.

Liu Cixin is angry at Zuckerberg's Metaverse whether it is a new round of wealth creation or cutting leeks

Metaverse is also a revolution in the Internet ecology. With today’s virtual reality technology, headsets provide players with an isolated gaming experience, and players rarely have the opportunity to interact with other players. The “Meta Universe” will be a huge public cyberspace. In the future, our visit to Meta Universe will be through the three paths of Augmented Reality AR, Virtual Reality VR, and Mixed Reality MR. Among these three paths (especially MR), the current technical models for capturing facial, eye, body, and hand movements require deeper and wider data transmission to ensure a smooth user experience.

The landing of Meta Universe requires full cooperation between technology giants. The reality is that technology giants are not inclined to cooperate. There is a view that Metaverse is a “game” between large companies, and small and medium-sized companies do not have the ability to participate in the Metaverse competition. It is generally believed that the meta-universe does not currently exist, it is more like a concept worthy of understanding, a value that transcends reality. Foreign media believe that if the meta-universe concept can be realized, it is expected to bring about changes and reshape the society and industry.

“Meta Universe” has successfully harvested leeks

Think of the meta-universe as a “physical Internet” in which you are in it instead of just looking at it with your eyes. This digital field is not limited to electronic devices. The digital avatar you use can move freely in cyberspace. A powerful virtual world

Users need an affordable VR device. This device needs to be both beautiful and stylish, but also powerful, but today’s technology still hasn’t achieved both.

Analysts believe that it may take decades to make the metaverse a reality, and the following aspects need to be strengthened: First, hardware and computing capabilities must be improved, and the equipment and hardware used to create VR and AR environments must become More efficient; second

Considering the unprecedented scale of interaction between users, Internet connectivity must be improved; third, technology companies need to develop and operate complex virtual platforms that allow users to participate in various experiences online-such as driving, walking on the beach or Listen to live music; fourth, it is necessary to establish convenient digital payment channels to facilitate users to purchase goods and improve the purchasing experience; finally, it is necessary to change user behaviors so that users can accept and participate in the operation training of Metaverse.

In the investment field, the concept stocks of Meta Universe are already on fire. In the article “Don’t Tell Mark Zuckerberg: Investors Have Discovered the Metaverse”, CNN tried to emphasize that Facebook has a huge group of competitors. Outside of Meta, investors already have many options. Although Facebook is not the first meta-universe company, analysts believe that it is precisely because of Facebook’s “meta-universe” turn that this concept has been pushed to the forefront.

According to CNN, Roblox’s stock price has soared by nearly 160% since it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange earlier this year. With a market value of nearly $65 billion, it far surpasses the veteran gaming giant Electronic Arts and the scandal-ridden Blizzard. Another game company, Unity Software, has not only soared its share price and earnings recently, but also announced that it will acquire Weta digital (a visual effects studio founded by the director of the Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson) for US$1.6 billion in order to enhance the visual effects of its Metaverse products. .

Reports show that from the record company Warner to the media giant Disney, several companies discussed Metaverse at the earnings conference. CNN also mentioned that Nvidia, Qualcomm, Microsoft and other giants’ 5G chips and image processors will push more audiences into the virtual world. IG’s chief market analyst said in a report, “With the approval of other companies, it is obvious that this new world concept based on service and experience will increase revenue.”

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