Little Spoon has received frequent financing, and the fast-food version of children’s meals will become a new trend?

Frozen food is not bad in nutrition

Little Spoon has received frequent financing, and the fast-food version of children's meals will become a new trend?

Core Aspects

·Financing for fast food brands directly facing children

·Why don’t people in China love quick-frozen food?

According to US media reports, DTC’s baby food brand Little Spoon recently announced that it has received US$44 million (280 million) in Series B financing. This round of financing was led by Valor Equity Partners, followed by Kairos HQ. Up to now, Little Spoon’s total financing has reached 73 million US dollars.

According to the official introduction, Little Spoon was established in New York in 2017. At first, it cut into the track from baby food, built more than 30 products including fruit puree, vegetable puree, etc., and carried out product development and production around the concept of “organic”.

The sales model adopts DTC and subscription model. The price of the product is also relatively common. The baby’s meal is controlled within 3 US dollars, and the child’s meal is controlled within 5 US dollars.

With the expansion of sales, Little Spoon expanded its products to vegetable balls, pot stickers, chicken nuggets and other products. In addition to meals, Little Spoon also introduced nutritional supplements containing vitamins, minerals, probiotics and non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables.

Little Spoon has received frequent financing, and the fast-food version of children's meals will become a new trend?

The main customers of Little Spoon are millennials. On the one hand, they have strong financial strength, on the other hand, they are curious about new things and love to experiment.

I understand that Little Spoon is expected to achieve a three-fold growth this year. What is behind its rapid growth? Will the country soon usher in the trend of fast-food baby meals?

01   Fast food has been popular in Europe and America for a long time

Different from the domestic eating habits of Chinese delicacies such as freshly prepared, freshly killed chicken and live fish, foreign countries have already regarded fast food and even quick-frozen food as a commonplace meal.

According to statistics, the annual per capita consumption of frozen food in the United States is as high as 90 kg, in Europe it is as high as 40 kg, and in Japan it is 20 kg. However, China, where per capita GDP has just entered a high-income country, has an annual per capita consumption of only 8 kilograms.

Compared with freshly prepared meals, quick-frozen food has the advantages of fast, convenient, and low price. However, the shortcomings are also obvious. Many Chinese believe that quick-frozen food lacks nutrition and tastes bad.

But these shortcomings are also changed little by little with the current freezing technology.

1) Is it true that quick-frozen food is undernourished?

In fact, quick-frozen food does not mean that it is unhealthy, nor does it mean that it has no nutritional value after quick-frozen. On the contrary, quick-frozen food has its own advantages.

Quick-frozen food, as its name suggests, quickly freezes food at a low temperature, and generally freezes and crystallizes quickly within 30 minutes, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term storage of food.

In an ultra-low environment, it can ensure that the tissue and cell structure of these foods will not change due to changes in weather and temperature, and the activities of microorganisms and enzymes in the food will be temporarily suppressed due to the low temperature. By using low-temperature quick freezing, the shelf life of these foods is extended, and the general time can be stored for 300 to 600 days.

However, many people believe that quick-frozen food can be kept fresh because it contains preservatives, so it is unhealthy. In fact, quick-frozen products have achieved the effect of reducing cell activity through low temperature and do not require preservatives.

2) Vegetables are still decomposing at room temperature

In addition, many people misunderstand that the vegetables in the supermarket are the freshest. In fact, even after picking, the cells and tissues of fresh vegetables are still undergoing decomposition and corruption during the process from transportation to sale. However, if the picked vegetables are frozen immediately, the cells can basically be in a dormant state, but they will be fresher.

However, the taste of quick-frozen products will indeed change after being thawed. This is also a problem that needs to be solved urgently by the current quick-freezing technology.

For example, the pre-made dishes that are currently relatively popular in China were actually all the rage in Japan as early as the 1980s. Semi-finished cooked food is already an indispensable part of the Japanese catering industry, with a penetration rate of 60% in the entire market, of which Kobe Bussan alone has revenue of more than 250 billion yen in 2018.

In China, pre-made dishes have gone through the process of gradually breaking the circle from 2B to 2C. It is more fun to operate than takeaway, and at the same time standardized processes, food is safer, and pre-made dishes are slowly infiltrating in the country.

02Children   ‘s fast food track has just risen

The fire of domestic pre-prepared dishes actually coincides with the current way of life.

China has the highest share of dual-employee households in the world, and the labor force participation rate of Chinese women also ranks first in the world: 76%, compared with 65% in the United States and 58% in Japan.

It is necessary to earn money to support the family, but also housework to bring the baby. If you can have healthy, safe and convenient fast food, you can greatly reduce the time consumed by the “cooking women” in the kitchen.

With the popularization of prepared dishes and various fast foods in China, the fast-eating of children’s food is bound to become the general trend.

The Children’s Research Institute Club found that there are already many fast food products in various children’s food offline exhibitions:

1) Fast food staple food

It mainly includes colorful steamed buns, dumplings, wontons, glutinous rice balls, etc.

Little Spoon has received frequent financing, and the fast-food version of children's meals will become a new trend?

Different colors are prepared through fruit and vegetable juice, and finally made into children’s products with different shapes and colorful colors.

According to statistics, for example, the more active brands of steamed buns for infants and young children generally focus on 0 additions: no coloring, preservatives, flavors, and edible salt are added. And use pure natural yeast instead of chemical baking powder for fermentation.

There are also high-end brands that use pure milk instead of drinking water and noodles. Add white sugar to ensure a softer and sweeter taste.

In addition, one of the more innovative main food categories is Baby Fish Noodles. Pure fish fleshy minced meat processed into noodles: + requires only a simple boiled vegetables, baby nutrition to meet the needs of a meal.

The cost of this category is relatively high, and the requirements for production technology and packaging and storage are also high. This kind of product on Taobao is about 40 yuan/330g (fresh noodles), free shipping over 199, and need to be shipped by air or cold chain.

2) Quick-frozen fresh meat for children

We used to unlock a new gameplay in “Dingdong Shopping at Dingdong IPO: Is Fresh Food for Children a Good Business?” ” This article has been summarized, Dingdong Maicai has launched more than 60 SKUs in its “Children’s Food Zone”, targeting children aged 3-12. According to the special area page, according to a recipe per day, the vegetables and accessories in the recipe will be sold on the platform to increase user interest and reduce the difficulty of operation.

This road actually started to go before Hema Xiansheng .

Through children’s ingredients + recipes, we can meet the needs of parents who don’t know what to cook for their children.

Corresponding children’s fresh brands such as Maverick Casey mainly make steak, and kiddyfresh deer fresh mainly cod, salmon, black tiger prawns and so on.

But this is still a long way from fast food, after all, you still need to cook.

The gap implies an opportunity. The current competition for pre-made dishes is fierce, which is not only reflected in the competition of various brands such as Zihai Pot , Mo Xiaoxian, Zhenwei Xiaomeiyuan, Jia Guolong Kung Fu cuisine and other track brands.

Many people think that pre-made dishes are also competitive with the take-out market. There is also a refrigerator volume theory. Pre-made dishes are also competing with major fresh brands and even ice cream.

There is so much competition on the children’s pre-made course, but few entrepreneurs currently enter the game to hunt. With Little Spoon’s popularity in the capital market, it is foreseeable that a safe and nutritious fast food course for children will soon usher in the wind.

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