Listed companies collectively embrace “Metaverse” after blockchain

As Metaverse went out of the circle, this fire gradually burned to the A-share market. On September 8, a number of meta-universe concept stocks had their daily limit on the full screen, and there was a strong momentum for listed companies to embrace the “blockchain” collectively that year. However, after the market on September 8, Tom Cat received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and China Qingbao also hinted at the risk in the announcement of the change. On September 9, the meta universe concept stock temporarily stalled.

Since the beginning of this year, popular technology and entrepreneurial terms such as VR, AR, blockchain, NFT, social media, and 5G have all been connected to Metaverse. Many people do not understand what the relationship is.

The term metaverse was first proposed by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in his book “Avalanche” in 1992. In the description of the novel, Metaverse is a virtual reality that is born out of the real world, parallels and interacts with the real world, and is always online. world. The movie “Number One Player” can be regarded as a typical representative of the meta universe. The meta universe has its own economic and social system. In this virtual world, people can change their identity and do more things that they cannot achieve in the real world.

According to William Huobi Research Institute, the connotation and key technologies of Metaverse mainly include the following three categories:

Further break the restrictions of time and space: The construction of the meta-universe requires people to access the Internet more conveniently at any place and at any time. Therefore, the way people interact with the Internet in the future will not be limited to mobile phones and computers. All kinds of wearable devices, cars, homes, etc. will be connected to the network with low latency and stronger transmission capabilities. 5G and the Internet of Things will be the key to achieving this part.

Real immersion: At present, the Internet mainly uses two-dimensional graphics technology to deliver information to users. However, in the meta-universe, the boundary between the real physical world and the digital virtual world will be gradually broken. The computer will simulate the virtual environment to give people environmental immersion. To realize the combination of virtual and reality, a meta-universe world similar to the one in the movie “Number One Player” will gradually take shape, which depends on the advancement of VR technology.

Transmission of value: The essence of Web 3.0 is “connection of value.” The current Internet can only realize the transmission of information, but cannot yet realize the circulation of value. According to the property rights theory of New Institutional Economics, the key to the realization of an efficient value network lies in the “certainty and exclusiveness of information data property rights” (definition of property rights) and “transferability and operability of information data property rights” on the network. “(Free trade). The definition of property rights requires identity authentication and value data confirmation, and free transactions require the realization of identity privacy protection and the authorized transmission of value data. Therefore, blockchain technology will be one of the core technologies of Meta Universe. However, from the perspective of the general development direction, Metaverse will not be realized by relying solely on blockchain technology.

In summary, it can be seen that the current major technology development of Metaverse is still immature, and the marketing cost is high, and it has not yet reached the stage of large-scale civilian use. For example, the VR glasses are bulky, the Internet of Things infrastructure is less, and the blockchain performance is low. Therefore, there is a long way to go for the Metaverse to truly land.

Looking at business development, most of the popular meta-universe concept stocks are still in the exploratory stage.

For example, Tom Cat (300459) stated on the interactive platform on September 8 that the company is firmly optimistic about the development direction of Metaverse, and has established a special working group for the direction of Metaverse to coordinate R&D teams at home and abroad to carry out conceptual development of products of specific categories. Work with the project. This shows that business development is still in the project approval stage.

Subsequently. Tom Cat received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, requesting the company to supplement its current main business, main products, and the relevance of the meta universe concept, and whether there is any use of interaction to easily respond to hot spots and speculation concepts to cooperate with shareholders to reduce their holdings.

Zhongqingbao, which is also among the top gainers, also issued an announcement of abnormal stock price fluctuations. The announcement pointed out that the game mentioned in the official account recently involved the concept of “meta universe” and was forwarded by the media, causing abnormal fluctuations in the company’s stock price. Meta universe is a huge concept and model. The company is still in the preliminary exploration stage, the concept is relatively shallow, and the corresponding products are still under development. At present, the launch time and region of new games are affected by many factors, and there are uncertainties.

However, there are traces of the explosion of the meta-universe. In March of this year, Roblox went public with a market value of close to US$30 billion, directly leveraging the capital market and stimulating the influx of major capital, manufacturers and entrepreneurial teams. Subsequently, Facebook, Nvidia, ByteDance, Google, Tencent , South Korean mobile game giant Netmarble , etc. have entered the meta universe. In this regard, Vincent, a senior researcher at OKEx Research Institute of Ouyi, analyzed that in terms of internal factors, from PC Internet to mobile Internet, the giants have basically eaten the industry dividends. Under the original business form, it is difficult to find new breakthroughs. In this context, the meta universe has become one of the important tracks for their exploration. In terms of external factors, the outstanding performance of Roblox, the first stock of Metaverse, prompted the giants to understand and lay out this track.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the popularity of the meta-universe concept stocks. Many individual stocks also expressed their concern and enthusiasm for Metaverse on the interactive platform. Century Huatong (002602) stated on the interactive platform that Meta Universe is a very large concept, and the company will actively seek cooperation in many aspects from the direction that is conducive to the company’s development. Xinghui Entertainment stated on the interactive platform that meta-universe games that integrate VR, AR, cloud computing and other new technologies can achieve deep connection between the physical world and the virtual world, and bring players an immersive game experience, which is a new stage of game development. . Perfect World (002624.SZ) stated on the investor interaction platform that games are the product form closest to Metaverse, and the company’s MMORPG is in the same line with the characteristics of Metaverse. The company is optimistic about the future prospects of Metaverse, and is actively exploring the multiple possibilities of combining existing advantages and future technologies in the field of Metaverse, and has integrated metaverse related elements into the current game research and development, looking forward to bringing more enrichment to players Feelings and experiences.

On the whole, Metaverse is regarded as a new form of the next generation Internet, a concrete manifestation of the digital future, and a subversive innovation. The giants are the first to lay out this track, which means that they will have more voice in the future and become a connection. An important entrance to the real world and the virtual world.

However, the current meta-universe boom is mainly the result of capital boosting. In this process, it is not ruled out that there will be elements of follow-up and speculation, and the participating users need to be rational. The explosion of the meta-universe also requires the maturity of technology and the improvement of related laws. Regulate the rights and obligations of different participants in the meta universe to avoid additional market risks.


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