List of 36 Funded Projects in the 14th Round of the Web3 Foundation

On July 11, 2022, the Web3 Foundation released the 14th round of funding projects, a total of 36 projects, including innovative wallet solutions, ink! Smart contracts, interesting developments in cryptography and a lot of user interface related projects.

Here are all 36 funded projects:

User Interface

TDSoftware :SubIdentity, a web application that can be used to search for identities on all substrate chains that implement an identity pallet.

ChainSafe Systems: ChainSafe, a privacy enhancement for the Polkadot-js extension.

Simply VC: PANIC, monitoring and alerting on the blockchain.

Kami Ekbatanifard: Polkadot js plus/Nomination pools, a user-friendly wallet to interact with Polkadot/Substrate based blockchains via a browser.

Rusty Crewmates: Substrate tutorials for developers willing to learn the basics of Substrate development and broaden their skillsets with real-world use cases,

Web3 Labs Ltd: Epirus Substrate Ink! Browser,

Chains and Pallets

Perun Network : The Perun App channel, the Perun channel on Polkadot, provides go-perun state channels for all Substrate-compatible blockchains.

Artree LLC: The Zero Network, a privacy-focused parachain capable of confidential transfers and confidential smart contracts.

Afloat Inc: Tax Infrastructure Polkadot Integration

Sequester: Carbon sink public goods on Polkadot, Pallets created by the Sequester development team for Substrate chains across the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. Track transaction fees on the substrate chain over time and send a portion of them to the Sequester Common Good Chain, where the funds are exchanged for carbon credits for permanent retirement.

Fennel Labs: Fennel Protocol, is a decentralized communications distribution focused on providing secure and resilient communications for chain-parallel organizations and applications.

Relationlabs :Relation graph, a multi-chain decentralized Web3 social graph.

Decentration: Supersig, supersig palle extends the function of multi-signature, so it can be applied to the governance of large funds. It is a superset of the multi-signature pallet, adding a variety of features and options to the original multi-signature scheduling, allowing multiple signature sources (accounts) to coordinate and schedule calls from super-signature accounts.

FS: Fair Squares, Fair Squares connects the supply and demand of homeowners and renters, as well as homes and investors, and wants to create an affordable market. Home investors get social returns, while renters get cheaper housing.

Ideal Labs: Iris: Phase 2, a collection of smart contracts used on the Iris blockchain.

Universaldot Foundation: Phase 2

Societal Labs Ltd.: Societal – MVP – Phase 1, Societal Mission is Building Society 3.0,

Codelight: MassbitRoute is a Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) that utilizes a global network of servers optimized for network performance.

INK smart contract

Dante Network: Dante Network, a web3 infrastructure for multi-chain interoperability, enabling users to interact with any chain without trust.

Keysafe Network: Keysafe Protocol, Decentralized Protocol for Key Custody/Crypto Asset Management,

SuperColony: Sol2Ink, is an easy migration from Solidity to Ink! and tools for Rust,

SuperColony : OpenBrush Phase 3, OpenBrush is a library for developing smart contracts on ink!,

Tribal Protocol Labs: Smart contract development for Tribal Protocol, a layer 1 blockchain designed for people to “tribe” online. The main mission is to make anyone a co-founder of their own social network, and together they can change the way people organize and socialize online.

MangoBOX Labs: MangoBOX protocol, a fork upgrade of the fundraising protocol Juicebox.

Tools, APIs and Languages

ChainSafe Systems: SubstrateSnap maintenance proposal, Metamask snap (plugin) to enable Metamask users to interact with Polkadot dapps.

HugoByte : Project Aurras — MVP — Phase 2, Aurras is a middleware that acts as an event handler and a low-code workflow orchestration platform. Aurras is positioned as the next generation system to support decentralized push notifications. This middleware solution listens for events from blockchain applications and propagates them to a pool of registered MQTT brokers. The broader architecture consists of parachains where middleware listens to events.

SuperColony : Typechain, when writing a smart contract, front-end developers receive its file representation in a format called an Application Binary Interface (ABI). One ABI per contract, and each update of the contract has a new ABI. Given that front-end developers need to do this every time a contract is updated, a tool like Typechain will save a lot of time and prevent misuse of smart contracts.


gmajor : SCALE Codec Comparator


t3rn : XBI — An xcm-based smart contract ABI, t3rn is a smart contract hosting platform that enables trustless, multi-chain execution, and composable collaboration.

Cryptography and Layer 2 Protocols

BQP: QBITCOIN’s quantum lock

Faceless Protocol: Faceless Protocol

Verida: Single Sign-On for Applications, a Multichain Protocol for Interoperable Database Storage and Messaging Based on Decentralized Identity,


NeoPower: RoloiMoney, Real-time finance protocol

Yaohuang Wu: Dual-Key Stealth Address Protocol,

Hypha Hashed Partners: Social Recovery Wallet,

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