List Apple as enemy number one on the Metaverse track? Listen to what Xiao Zha has to say

In a recent conversation with employees, Meta (Facebook) founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said frankly: “Meta and Apple are in a very deep philosophy of building the Metaverse. Competition.” And earlier this month, Zuckerberg told employees at an all-hands meeting that they were competing with Apple to determine which direction the internet should go. He said Meta will position itself as a more open, cheaper alternative to Apple, which is expected to release its first AR headset as early as later this year. 

While CEO Tim Cook has been candid about the company’s interest in the AR category, Apple has been mum on its unannounced hardware plans. Even so, all signs point to the imminent release of high-end headsets that blur the full immersion of VR, with AR experiences overlaying the real world. Meta plans to release a similar headset later this year, codenamed Cambria, and is also preparing the first real AR glasses. 

Since changing Facebook’s corporate name to Meta, Zuckerberg has been pushing the concept of interoperability in the Metaverse. He believes that the Metaverse will be the next big chapter in computing after the mobile phone. Most recently, Meta partnered with Microsoft, Epic Games, and others to form the Metaverse Open Standards Organization, which aims to promote the formation of open protocols that allow people to easily carry their virtual goods in the immersive 3D world of the future. 

List Apple as enemy number one on the Metaverse track? Listen to what Xiao Zha has to say

Notably, Apple isn’t part of the group, which Zuckerberg called no surprise in his comments to employees. He explained how Apple’s approach to building its tightly controlled hardware and software works well with the iPhone, but for the Metaverse, it’s unclear whether an open or closed ecosystem would be better, and the Meta vs. Apple battle is practical The above represents the struggle between the development of the Metaverse and the closed ecological path. 

In fact, Meta is positioned more like Android as Apple’s iOS competitor, and it already has some similarities: Meta’s Quest headset already allows loading third-party applications that are not approved by Meta’s VR app store, similar to Google’s Android allowing Third-party loading, but it only raises the price of the Quest by $100, and most of the Meta’s hardware still doesn’t support third-party apps. 

“Apple is not in the Metaverse Standard and is launching its own AR glasses, how does that affect Oculus and our ecosystem?” During a recent staff meeting, one employee asked Zuckerberg his own question. 

Zuckerberg then gave his answer during the meeting. Zuckerberg thinks Apple will be a competitor to the Meta, not just as a product, but philosophically. He said Meta is doing this in an open way and trying to build a more open ecosystem that is trying to make more things interoperate with Android. At the same time, Meta is also trying to develop the Metaverse in a way that can bring virtual goods from one world to another. An important part of this is the creation of the Metaverse open standards group with everyone, but Apple did not join, which is actually not the case. Not surprising, since Apple has always been a closed computing provider. 

Zuckerberg thinks it’s unclear whether an open or closed ecosystem would be better. If you look back at PCs, Windows is clearly a much larger system and has become the default and norm for people to use, but even then Mac is the premier ecosystem of PC systems. 

But on mobile devices, Zuckerberg believes that in developed countries and high-end regions such as the United States or Western Europe, as well as many cultural setters and developers, it is indeed more inclined to the closed iPhone and iOS. So what I would say is that on the mobile side, Apple has really created a great position for themselves, which is why they are the most valuable company in the world, or maybe one of the most valuable companies in the world. 

List Apple as enemy number one on the Metaverse track? Listen to what Xiao Zha has to say

But at the moment it is clear that Meta does not want history to repeat itself. Currently Meta is doing both VR and AR, and is basically delivering devices at cost or slightly subsidized, or in some cases slightly above cost. Zuckerberg said Meta’s business isn’t primarily about charging a premium on devices, they want as many people as possible to interact there, and making it an interoperable, open ecosystem is a priority. 

Zuckerberg believes that by the end of this century, there will be a billion people on Earth in the Metaverse, and if Meta generates hundreds of dollars in value for everything in digital commerce, it will build a business as big as Meta’s current advertising business within this decade Business. He thinks it’s a very exciting thing to do, but only if the open Metaverse is pushed forward, so it’s a priority for Meta. 

In the end, Zuckerberg said he would list Apple as a competitor, because not only does Apple have a device with more features than the Meta, but it’s a very deep philosophical race about which direction the internet should go, what exactly is developing Ecology dominates again, or the “small but beautiful” experience dominates the development of the Metaverse. 

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