Lin Junjie announced that he holds the Metaverse Virtual Land, what other NFTs does he have?

On November 23, 2021, the famous Chinese singer Lin Junjie announced on Twitter that he holds three Decentraland virtual plots: Prime Gallery 1, Prime Gallery 2, NEAREST to GENESIS PLAZA.


According to the Opensea account ( corresponding to the Ethereum address (0x225558706370bef1760c52e76a07be9c104c98aa) holding this plot, the Prime Gallery 1 and Prime Gallery 2 plots were transferred from Dan309 to JJ Lin three days ago Address, Dan309 spent 6000 MANA to buy these two pieces of land separately. The NEAREST to GENESIS PLAZA plot was bought by Junjie Lin five days ago at a cost of 6000 MANA.

In the 2021 NFT and Metaverse Hurricane Journey, Lin Junjie is an early and fully participated famous Chinese artist.

As JJ Lin said in his tweet, he now has the main series of NFTs from Bored Ape to CryptoPunks to Decentraland meta-universe plots.

On November 8, 2021, JJ Lin spent 125  ETH to buy No. 8601 CryptoPunks.



On October 18, 2021, JJ Lin announced on Twitter that he had received Bored Ape Yacht Club work from Huang Licheng (Big Brother Ma Ji), and said, “This is so cool!”


According to Lin Junjie’s Opensea account, he is also the owner of many other NFTs, such as Fat Ape, Snadbox plot, Space Kubz, Dark Horizon, AK Cyber ​​Dolphin Star, Graycraft, Shark: Out of Control, etc.


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