Liang Zikang, CEO of Chuangyi Technology: To create Liu Yexi, our core lies in “content power”

Create Disney in the meta-universe world. Break the constraints of physical space and meet people’s self-realization needs. Building an interactive meta-universe allows IP, users, and brands to quickly enter the meta-universe view we have built, realizing IP virtualization, user virtualization, and brand virtualization. Liu Yexi, it is our first run in the meta universe. When the meta universe system is formed, our meta universe IP matrix will become the front wave among them.

In 2021, with the listing of Roblox, the first stock of the meta universe, and this concept of the future derived from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” gradually became known. Metaverse has become the hottest track in the investment circle, but building such a grand, high-degree-of-freedom, and highly fantasy virtual world requires AI, content creation engine, content ecology, network communication technology, Solutions in different fields such as AR/VR ecology and blockchain are jointly completed. Domestically, due to the rise of the meta-universe concept, and the entry of Internet companies and investment institutions such as Bytedance, NetEase, and Wuyuan Capital, a number of start-ups in the meta-universe ecosystem have risen. In the fields of content creation engines, AR/VR and AI, due to the scarcity and complexity of related technologies in China, some companies have obtained extremely high valuations when the products are not completed.

So is the meta universe a bubble or a real future? 36Kr held the Advanced Experience·Meta Universe Summit in Shenzhen on November 24. The summit invited many investors, scholars and industry changers, including Cai Weide, professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and expert of international inter-chain network, Xu Lin, vice president of Haima Cloud strategy, Guo Cheng, president of STEPVR, and special assistant to the CEO of “Soul” Huang Ziyang, He Wei, vice president of Chizicheng Technology, Song Lei, co-founder and CTO of EM3, Li Renjie, co-head of NetEase Fuxi Lab, Du Zhenglin, head of Tencent’s magic core market, and many other guests discussed the new development trend of the metaverse industry. Under the promising trend of Metaverse and Robotics, 36Kr will continue to pay attention to this field through the most cutting-edge vision, and provide comprehensive support for the industry. It is believed that under the layout of the meta universe, 36 krypton will also explore new growth space.

At this conference, Chuangyi Technology, which created Liu Yexi, was the invited company, and its CEO Liang Zikang shared his understanding of Metaverse as the content party. He believes that the characteristics of the current meta-universe are in three parts. One is dynamic. The future world of the meta-universe is not bound by original stories and rules, but changes in real time according to the interaction of each person, NPC, AIGC, and artificial intelligence. ; The second is content, and the meta-universe begins with content; the third is the whole. You need to regard game content, VR content, offline entertainment, and NFT related to the whole content as a whole.

The following is the speech record shared by Liang Zikang on the topic of “Building a super IP matrix, propping up the meta-universe galaxy, and creating an interactive meta-universe worldview”:

Liang Zikang, CEO of Chuangyi Technology: To create Liu Yexi, our core lies in "content power"

Liu Yexi, is our network-wide phenomenon-level IP in 2021.

When we first started thinking about this a year ago, we just wanted to create a metacosmic view.

In fact, we all know that there is Marvel in the United States, and there has never been a Chinese-style Marvel in China, so before our video was released, we also spent about 6 months thinking about the story view and the universe view behind it. What is it.

Then this video will have different people asking me every day, how long and how much did this video cost, and I am also very embarrassed to answer this question again and again.

It can be said that this video took less than two months, mainly because there are still some technical difficulties in the whole production process, so it took a little longer.

Liu Yexi is a beauty makeup demon hunter from Yuan Universe. What is the core she passed on?

I want to spread Chinese traditional aesthetics through beauty makeup. Since its release on October 31st, it has surpassed 5 billion related broadcasts and topics on the entire network.

Liang Zikang, CEO of Chuangyi Technology: To create Liu Yexi, our core lies in "content power"

What do we want to create? Although this matter is a bit big, we want to build Disney in the meta-universe. Because from last year to now, the entire network has defined a lot of companies for us, whether it is a capital side, a platform side or a brand side. Some people say that Chuangyi Technology may want to be a Disney in the short video field, and some people say We want to do the meta-universe in the short video, but we ourselves think that what we want to do is the future Disney in the meta-universe.

What is our core competence? First of all, collectively refer to the three words ” content force “.

In fact, through the middle stage of the content team of more than 100 people in the entire company that we built in the first three and a half years, what can it do? Achieve our certainty in the output of all content . In fact, before Liu Yexi, we have seen a lot of network-wide phenomenon-level explosions. Let me cite two examples.

Last year, we calculated that there were about a dozen pieces of content played in Kuaishou with more than 110 million. This year we have produced more than 6 pieces of explosives with more than 110 million broadcasts, and this does not include Liu Yexi.

The second example is an example of our cooperation with CCTV. After the video was officially released on CCTV’s Douyin, it received 15 million likes within two days, and the number of views on the entire network exceeded 1 billion.

Why it can produce such high-frequency verified explosions? The core lies in the entire content center, which is the creation of content power. This includes our pre-shooting team, production team, and post-CG, rendering, tracking, etc. Wait for a series of assembly lines to be built.

So what do we want to do? We want to create an interactive meta-cosmic view . It can quickly enter IP, users, and brands into the meta-universe we have built, and at the same time realize IP virtualization, brand virtualization, and user virtualization.

At the same time, we also know that Metaverse is a crowd-creation process. Our current relationship with various platform brands is not a competitive relationship, but a complementary relationship, which can help the community platform complete the virtualization process faster.

Briefly introduce our company. We were one of the top ten new media companies in the country last year, and also one of the top ten MCN companies. We also completed Pre-A’s ten-million-level financing early last year. At the same time, we also created the first meta-universe virtual IP in the entire network.

Back to today’s topic, as a creative company, when we were thinking about virtual humans and metaverse a year ago, we asked ourselves three questions:

First, what is the meta universe?

Second, do humans really need the meta-universe?

Third, as a creative company, from what perspective should we think about this matter?

Because we all know that, maybe we talk about a simple concept, the meta-universe may be a digital world that each of us can participate in and enter in our lives. But as far as a content company is concerned, we also know that many companies are doing a lot of low-level construction, some low-level technologies, and various applications. But what we think we should think about is the essential question inside, that is , do human beings really need the meta-universe ? We should think more about human nature and the philosophy behind it? So we spent a long time.

In the eyes of a creative company, we feel that Metaverse had three characteristics a year ago:

1. Dynamic ; the future world of the meta universe is not bound by original stories and rules, but changes in real time according to the interaction of each person, NPC, AIGC, and artificial intelligence. Because a lot of people have asked me a question recently, what is the difference between Metaverse and games? We have been thinking about it for a long time, and this sentence confirms this matter. There are many things that we superficially believe that the biggest difference is the rules. After all, the game still has rules and it is centralized. And in the interactive meta-universe view that we want to build, it must not be bound by rules, it must be decentralized , it is dynamic, and our story view must be constantly changing according to users, channels, and technology. Our view of the story has become. This is the first point.

2. Content : We have always believed that the meta-universe should begin with content a year ago, so we feel that in the future, the boundary between content and experience in the meta-universe world will become very blurred.

3. Overall : We thought a lot at the time. We should regard the content and the overall related game content, VR content, offline entertainment, and NFT as a whole, that is, just now everyone saw that Liu Yexi used makeup pens to deconstruct that When the child’s eyes are turned, he will be taken into another world. What is the core of this story? Can it be combined with AR and VR related content in the future?

So what should we do in the process of meta-universe infrastructure? We all know that Disney is actually a very great company. After Disney has built so many IPs, it has evolved from the concept of stories built from text or comics to making movies, or animations, through rounds of income. The round income of IP includes things like consumption, derivatives, and IP realization. This is what a great company like them does.

For us, what do we do? We hope to make the IP reality in the future meta-universe . In our opinion, Metaverse may be in a stage of connecting water and electricity. When it connects the entire infrastructure, water and electricity are also connected, we will migrate our IP and story views into it, which is what I think will be after. What we have to do is that we cannot achieve IP revenue in real life. We can’t compete with such a great company, but in Metaverse we can do such a thing. Round income in the universe.

Looking back, our entry point is virtual humans. Virtual humans generally have four categories: supernatural powers , celebrities, companionships, and emotions .

What is our position? We chose the fourth one called emotion, why? Because in the process of investigating tens of thousands of virtual people at home and abroad, we found that everyone actually has different forms, such as stellar categories, but what we want to create is such a virtual person, which means that he is not superior. A virtual idol, but an image that can enter the public. So we choose the fourth category, the emotional category.

Everyone is saying that virtual people can connect the real world with the virtual world. It is a connection port. In our opinion, there is still one element missing, that is, the power of content. Why? We believe that only by combining virtual humans with content power can it become a link between the real world and the virtual world.

Do we humans really need the meta-universe? So what we think is that what we want to bring to the metaverse is not only digital assets and virtual assets, but more importantly, emotion itself . It’s because of emotions that it’s easier to bring it into another world. What’s the point of bringing it to another world if it’s just an image without emotional connection?

So what we do is the entry point of virtual human + content power, so we think we need to create a good human set first, because after building a good human set, after having IP, follow the development of technology, and then the NPCization of it, and AIGC Only then has the premise. If we don’t have content and soul to give it itself, it is just a virtual person, then after it becomes NPC and AIGC, you don’t know if it is the same as you think, so you have to create a persona in advance to give it a soul .

And everyone’s aesthetics must be different, and the virtual people in our hearts must be different, but as long as there is an emotional connection, it is possible to be accepted in the meta-universe.

Virtual people are a very small group at present, what about the future? Each person may not have only one digital identity, there may be multiple digital identities, and use multiple digital identities to participate in each section of a different meta-universe, so in the future, will the number of virtual people exceed that in reality People? We have to think about this. But as the original inhabitants of the meta universe, what do they do? We feel that since the meta-universe begins with content, we have to use virtual humans + content power to define this matter.

In the future, we believe that the opportunities for UGC and PGC may be greater than in the current short video era, because in the future meta-universe, content is far from enough. A lot of AI-related content must be needed, but looking back, creativity The whole process of talking with art is the hardest substitute for AI, so it gives us unlimited opportunities for UGC and PGC.

Now that we are at the 1.0 stage, we hope to create virtual humans + content power to visualize the future meta-universe through video at present. If the meta-universe is a set of rules, then we hope that the meta-universe + content power is The first to be able to implement this rule.

What will we do next?

We hope to create the first IP matrix of the meta universe, because we all know that IP wants to do a lot in the meta universe, and it must have a larger volume and quality, so a single IP is not enough to support this In terms of volume and quality, we hope to build the entire IP matrix. Only the IP matrix can support the entire IP galaxy in the meta-universe, and it is enough to support this volume. Then we already have Liu Yexi on a beauty track. In the next six months to a year, we will launch possibly 5-10 different virtual humans and digital humans on different tracks and in different fields. They are a mother universe and The relationship of the sub-universe.

Finally, we hope to build a new Chinese interactive Marvel Metaverse. By starting from interactive videos, short dramas, movies and other media content, we will build an interactive metacosmic view across media and interact with real time and space dynamic IP. , With the help of the flexible platform of short videos, establish a Chinese-style Marvel meta-cosmic view that is closer to the audience.

The whole IP and brand virtualization, we think now is the best moment.

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