Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

The day before yesterday, a few pictures suddenly appeared on Li Ning’s official Weibo, which attracted huge attention from the marketing and IP industry at the same time——

Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

The center of this picture is the obvious outline of the edge of the boring ape, coupled with the statement “China Li Ning – boring pop-up shop”, naturally let everyone guess, Li Ning and the boring ape IP cooperation?

Yesterday, someone took pictures at Taikoo Li, Sanlitun, Beijing. Li Ning erected a fence in the atrium of the shopping mall, and the construction and construction of the pop-up venue further confirmed everyone’s judgment——

Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

The strong and powerful Chinese calligraphy characters of “boring is not boring”, coupled with Chinese Li Ning, a strong and strong cultural fusion style strikes, which is in line with Li Ning’s consistent prelude to cooperation with big IP.

Last night, Li Ning’s official Weibo released a series of product pictures, and the real body finally officially appeared——

Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

Boring Ape, this popular new super IP Boring Ape, has officially appeared on Li Ning’s physical products, fully confirming that China’s Lining is not only Chinese, but also uses Chinese elements to link global openness and tolerance

A series of product pictures combining Chinese style and Western style…

Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

According to further information obtained by IP Egg Fried Rice –

Li Ning’s pop-up store in China has opened, and it is a Sandbox-like Metaverse style. It is said that from the 28th, Li Ning will also turn the boring ape into a sculpture of art for exhibition… Li Ning is planning to build a Metaverse in Sanlitun, Beijing. Venue – restore a Metaverse venue in the real world, and use the boring ape as the manager of China’s Li Ning.

Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

This time, Li Ning’s action with the help of Boring Ape NFT will inevitably make people imagine continuous, and it has also opened a door for the branding and commercial operation of NFT in China. Regardless of whether China’s Li Ning’s journey into NFT and the Metaverse is smooth or not, the impact of this incident inside and outside the community will have surpassed the event itself.

Moreover, this IP cooperation has a fundamentally different milestone significance from the past, which will be discussed one by one.

The IP joint name of Li Ning and Boring Ape,

compared to the past,

What is the fundamental difference?

Property rights are all different!

Be sure to pay attention to a number that is particularly emphasized on the pictures of various Li Ning official announcements:


Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

This is not an ordinary number, which means: Li Ning actually purchased the avatar #4102 of the Boring Ape BAYC series, and obtained all the derivative opening rights accordingly…

That is to say, Li Ning did not go to the official company of the boring ape for tedious cooperation negotiations like the traditional IP authorization, and none of these need to be done.

All Li Ning did was to go to the market to buy avatar #4102, and then he could arrange various product designs, promotional activities and Metaverse development by himself. It’s that simple.

This is a brand-new way of IP development. It directly owns the IP property rights of #4102, which is owned by Li Ning.

Li Ning is actually developing an IP image that will always belong to him, which is one-third of his own land.

This is likely to completely subvert the traditional IP licensing model established by Disney and others.

As I said in my previous article “NFT is the center of the Metaverse, bringing about two new changes in the cultural industry…”: “The Boring Ape IP, through the issuance of NFTs and open copyright sharing, allows everyone who owns the boring ape Everyone in NFT can help with the derivation and value realization of IP, which has greatly increased the value of IP.”

Long ago, Adidas let the boring ape wear Adidas clothes in the Metaverse…

Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

And Universal Music buys Boring Ape NFT to create a virtual band

Li Ning and the Boring Ape IP co-name is different in essence from the past?

These are all directly purchased by a certain avatar of the boring ape BAYC and can be applied directly. For example, Universal Music purchased the boring ape’s Ape NFT#5537.

This is a brand new IP development model——

It is completely different from the traditional complex IP authorization, and it does not need to spend a lot of time talking with the company behind the boring ape about the tedious IP authorization details.

Universal Music Group only needs to create the image of the boring ape that it just bought NFT.

This will completely change the development efficiency of IP and the cultural industry, and also greatly change the traditional perception of IP copyright…

It turns out that IP copyright does not need to be monolithic as a whole. You can use NFT to split an IP copyright into countless fragments, and each fragment can have its own independent IP development method.

This new IP operation model not only enables IP to realize value through NFT, but also realizes fragmentation, standardization and decentralization through NFT.

This is to turn the empowering value of IP into NFTs . From now on, IP authorization can do the following: IP issues NFTs and sells them to licensors, that is, to B; it can also be issued directly to IP fans, that is, to B C, and then the authorizer B buys NFT from the individual to obtain the authorization of the IP, either.

NFT will become the center of IP value,

It greatly simplifies and improves the efficiency of IP.

Therefore, let’s look back to China’s Li-Ning. The brand side can completely combine the boring ape with Li-Ning’s own Metaverse, and carry out real long-term planning under the IP intellectual property rights.

To put it more bluntly: Li Ning can even use this #4102 to release its own series of digital collections in China, and comply with domestic regulations and laws.

Going a step further, this is not just a short-term marketing activity, but can also be deposited in the community and private domain. As long as Li Ning can establish a “private place” for digital collections, IP can be completely connected with the fan community and product derivatives. Together.

This is the strongest value of NFT, not only for marketing activities, but also for truly integrating brand and IP, realizing brand + IP value through NFT, and infinite extension in community and products.

Chinese NFTs move forward to the future!

This time, China Li Ning + Boring Ape has made a good start.

But this is far from enough. There are still a lot of innovations and breakthroughs that can be done in the follow-up on how to make NFT, a new Metaverse technology, to empower China’s real economy.

Next, it depends on the efforts of China’s local original IP.

I hope that domestic IP will take this advantage,

Make new value through digital collection NFT,

And create a truly powerful NFT-IP.

In fact, it is precisely because there is no practical application of domestic NFTs that leads to various market chaos. The underlying reason is that digital collections have no practical value other than collections, so users can only participate in hype.

At present, in China, the connection between NFT and the real economy, brands, and products is too weak. Whether it is the “digital collection” of real artworks or “online native artworks”, they cannot really be combined with reality, but abstract The right to use is just a very shallow digital mapping.

So, go beyond. Only by truly applying the “non-homogenous” characteristics of NFTs to practical business economies and real-world scenarios is the destination for healthy and sustainable development.

in short–

NFTs will bring three major advancements to businesses

(Brand Equity, Product Marketing, User Management)

Therefore, how to realize and develop the value and concept of digital collections (NFTs) without violating national laws and regulations and truly empowering the real economy is a matter for every brand, IP creator, and industry operator. things to do.

12 of these keywords are—

open intellectual property

Virtual and real economy coexist

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