Left-handed science evangelism right-hand talent training Ouyi OKX joins hands with universities to help expand industry boundaries

On February 15, 2022, Mastercard plans to recruit 500 encryption experts, aiming to provide banks with consulting services such as strategy formulation and risk management related to the encryption field. It is reported that the department currently has more than 2,000 professionals in data science and other fields, and the expansion ratio is about 20%.Mastercard’s high-profile recruitment move not only shows its strategic layout to follow the development trend of the digital age and actively enter the encryption field, but also shows that with the continuous improvement of the underlying facilities of the blockchain industry and the continuous development of the network ecology, encryption The industry is accelerating its approach to the mainstream, and has become an important track for many traditional companies and institutions that have been hindered in development and need to open up bottlenecks. In addition to MasterCard, Microsoft, Google, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Disney, Amazon and other leading companies in various fields have also started talent construction work in related fields, and are driven by talent to quickly build their own encryption business. . On the basis of the continuous improvement of the existing talent training system, the original head enterprises in the encryption field such as Ouyi have focused on the famous schools known as the cradle of talents, and helped the encryption industry in the form of popular science and sponsorship. It has gained more exposure and attention, and attracted more talented and imaginative young people to enter the encryption industry, promoting the sustainable development of the industry.

In 2021, the encryption industry is booming, and the market is moving to the left and right

2021 is a year when the crypto industry will blossom and grow by leaps and bounds:

In terms of infrastructure: Ethereum, the leader of the public chain that has been accumulated for many years and has a more innovative atmosphere, has started its 2.0 journey. Its POS mechanism (proof of equity) and shard chain (Shard Chains) technology will greatly improve the overall performance of the network. Sustained development provides stronger guarantees. At that time, project parties and users will experience a better development environment and transaction experience. Moreover, benefiting from the resource overflow caused by performance limitations of Ethereum, a large number of public chains began to gain development opportunities in the process of capital and project migration. Public chains such as Solana, Avalanche, BSC, and OEC have risen one after another, and application chains in subdivided fields such as Flow have also received a lot of attention. It can be said that the pattern of multi-chain parallel development has emerged. The diversified development of infrastructure also provides more possibilities for the innovation of on-chain applications.

In terms of mainstream acceptance: There have been many landmark events in crypto assets over the past year. For example, Coinbase was successfully listed, the world’s first bitcoin ETF was officially launched in Canada, and the SEC approved the bitcoin futures ETF provided by ProShares… 42 listed companies and institutions such as MicroStrategy, Grayscale, Tesla, and Meitu have also continued to Increased exposure to Bitcoin and pushed total open interest above $30 billion. Traditional large companies such as Microsoft and Google have also started some related businesses.

In terms of head projects: Last year, NFT and GameFi successfully took over the popularity of “DeFi Summer”, and achieved breakthrough development in terms of number of users, transaction volume, market value, and financing amount. The OKX Venturs report pointed out that the cumulative transaction volume of NFT in 2021 is 21.5 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of more than 20,000%, the total transaction volume of GameFi has exceeded 44.7 billion US dollars, and the number of independent active wallets has surpassed DeFi to become the most active Dapp application sector. The significant breaking circle and wealth effect of upper-level use cases have caused giant companies, traditional funds, celebrities, and well-known IPs to scramble to chase. Disney, Porsche, Coca-Cola, Burberry, Facebook, Microsoft and other companies have announced their forays into NFTs and the Metaverse. A number of traditional game companies have also begun to deploy GameFi, seeking the composability of IP and new economic models.

Market: According to the Ouyi market, driven by the above-mentioned positive effects, Bitcoin has been strong and hit a record high of $69,000, and outperformed gold (-3.6%) and crude oil (56%) with an annual increase of 60%. ), and the Nasdaq (26%). Under the leadership of the leader, a large number of encrypted assets have reached new highs, and the total market value of encrypted assets has also exceeded the 3 trillion mark.

Looking back on 2021, the encrypted world is expanding at an unprecedented speed, and the blockchain has also spread to all corners of the Internet world as a solution with its unique advantages. Major technology companies have deployed in line with the development trend of the digital age, in order to ensure that they can seize the opportunity in the critical period of transformation. And industry talents are the key for them to quickly conduct internal iterations and promote the implementation of related businesses.

The demand for encrypted talents is rising, and the battle for people is imminent

In early 2022, in addition to the aforementioned MasterCard, many companies announced large-scale recruitment of crypto talents to enter the crypto craze. E.g:

Spotify, the world’s largest music subscription service, has announced the hiring of senior back-end engineers to explore new technologies such as Web 3.0 to uncover the next growth opportunity, while building and running experiments on new and existing products. In addition, a senior manager of market intelligence will be recruited, requiring a strong understanding of emerging trends such as Web 3.0.

Video platform YouTube recently announced a job opening for “Director of Web3 Product Management”, which includes: defining, communicating and executing the Web3 vision, strategy and roadmap for YouTube; exploring partnerships, open standards and interoperability opportunities to drive broader It is reported that the YouTube platform requires candidates to experience buying, owning and trading cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and to understand the creator economy and cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT and other Web3.0 technologies.

Microsoft is also planning to hire a director of crypto business development. This drives the AI ​​and emerging technology business development teams to build their future Web3 strategies. In addition, the role’s responsibilities include providing guidance to the executive team on key technology and product roadmap decisions, as well as planning and implementing Microsoft’s Web 3.0 partnership model.

As the crypto industry continues to grow and the major native companies continue to expand, the demand gap for crypto talents is also expanding. Today, more and more traditional enterprises are beginning to enter the game, and encryption talents are increasingly in short supply. As of July 2021, digital asset job postings are up 118% from the previous year, according to a Really report, and Linked In reports that from 2020 to 2021, titles include “Bitcoin,” “Blockchain,” and Jobs for “digital assets” surged 395%. Microsoft, Google, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and other companies usually attract mature encryption talents with high salaries, while native encryption companies such as Ouyi pay more attention to the establishment of talent training systems to ensure business expansion needs. According to Ouyi’s recruiters, putting the recruitment plan after the business adjustment action is a way of putting the cart before the horse. It is undeniable that it is very important to introduce excellent talents from the outside, but establishing a sound talent training system is the key to keeping enterprises competitive. In order to adapt to the rapidly changing characteristics of the encryption industry and ensure the integrity of the talent echelon, Ouyi has formulated a series of talent training and humanistic care plans, as well as a promotion mechanism. In addition, the person also said: In order to cultivate and attract more talents, so as to promote the healthy development of the industry, Ouyi is also committed to various industry-related popular science activities.

For example, OKX and Imperial College jointly launched the UK’s first campus encryption open course. Ouyi OKX and Imperial College will launch the first “Cryptocurrency Open Course” on November 24, 2021 and February 9 this year. Through “offline lectures and online live broadcasts”, to Imperial College and University College London The students explained the knowledge of cryptocurrency, popularized DeFi theory, etc., and introduced to the students how to join the encryption industry and related matters needing attention. The content of the course was officially launched on Ouyi Chinese Youtube on March 18, and users can learn all courses online. This move will not only enhance the popularity of the encryption industry, let more creative and imaginative young people understand and accept the encryption industry, but also create a high-quality “talent reserve army” for OKX. According to Lennix, the business director of OUYI, who participated in the event at Imperial College, “Simple popular science and evangelistic activities that are not linked to business growth often have longer-term significance. Young people are attracted by the charm of the encryption industry and join us with dreams. , and realizing self-worth in the process of making history is something we are happy to see and always insist on.”


From the small-scale discussion of geek players, to the advent of Ethereum carrying smart contracts, to the rise of concepts such as NFT, DAO, Web3.0 that are changing traditional industries, organizational forms, and even production relations, the encryption industry is booming. It is inseparable from the genius ideas of V God and others, as well as developers and participants with common ideas. Consistent with traditional industries, talents are also the first resource and fundamental guarantee for promoting innovation and development. The influx of talents has promoted the continued prosperity of the encryption ecosystem. The vigorous development of the encryption industry is also attracting more talents to join in one after another, and a virtuous circle that complements each other is forming.


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