• It is said that Web3 is coming, but what exactly is Web3?

    The Internet has changed the world and reshaped the lives of billions of people over the past 20 years. Social media, online shopping and online gaming have become part of our lives. The current Internet is like the early days of the third industrial revolution, and it is quietly evolving. A term that is very popular these days is Web 3.0. What does it mean? How is it different from Web 2.0? What is Web 2.0? The type of internet we have today is Web 2.0, which is often referred to generically…

  • A Simple Guide to the Web3 Stack

    There are many definitions, but we generally think of Web3 as a trustless, permissionless and decentralized internet utilizing blockchain technology. The defining characteristic of Web3 is ownership . The first iteration of the commercial internet (Web1) was read-only for most users, while Web2 allowed users to read and write on centralized platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), while Web3 empowered users with their content, data and full ownership of assets through the blockchain, which enables users to read-write-own. Where a third party like Facebook owns your identity and data in Web2, your identity…

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  • Web 3 Study Guide: Taking Inventory of Content Creation Tools

    Although our picture of Web3.0 is not clear, in the wave of embracing Web3.0, “XX-to-earn” has become a promotion method for major decentralized platforms to “train” the first batch of seed users. As the “workers” in the circle, we have no reason to refuse the “invitation” of “making money while experiencing experience”. Of course, today’s Web3.0 world is still a new world with no foundations developed yet. We expect a richer professional ecology in this world, so we will also keep track of the growth of this Web3.0 “worker” and change….

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  • Web3.0 Era: Openness, Privacy, Co-construction

    Summary   With the help of distributed technology (blockchain), Web3.0 will subvert the Web2.0 Internet from the perspectives of openness, privacy and co-construction, create a decentralized world dominated by the user community, and reconstruct Internet traffic value paradigm. In the era of Web 2.0, with Internet giants as the core, multiple ecosystems have been formed. Core Internet companies have monopoly on data, value and network effects, and there are strong barriers between ecosystems.The most important resource in the Internet world is the traffic entrance (user attention and capital flow). All…

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  • In-depth analysis: 7 common voting mechanisms of DAO

    In most DAOs, Tokens carry a role similar to that of stocks for joint-stock companies, including carrying ownership, governance decision-making rights, income rights, and so on. For a long time, the main form of voting rights of DAO is the simplest form of one token, one vote (1T1V). However, this arrangement has many drawbacks. Users with a small proportion of currency holdings take a “rational indifference” attitude towards participating in governance, just like a saying: “If you say it, you don’t say it”; this further leads to the centralization of voting rights…

  • Cross-chain final battle

    prologue: Before discussing the topic of this article, we need to state that this article represents only the opinions and thoughts of the author. And the starting point of the analysis is product and technology design without capital operation, marketing and other considerations. Therefore, this article is not an investment proposal, nor a short-selling report. The main issues discussed in this issue are more infrastructure-oriented. These types of tracks are often atomic, and either meet the needs and take off very quickly, or go in the wrong direction and no one cares. Therefore,…

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  • web3.0 world-class technological innovation was born

    web3 and blockchain web3 and blockchain Why do people love web3? First of all what is web3? Someone in the community gave the most concise definition of web3: Web1:read (readable) Web2: read+write (readable + writable) Web3: read+write+own (readable + writable + available) Although this is a simplified statement, it gets to the point. The important theme of web3 is about the data ownership of users, and the ownership of data ownership requires the help of blockchain, which can realize trustless, permissionless, and user-controlled. That’s why people can’t get around the blockchain when they…

  • NEAR’s sharding principle

    Sharding is one of the main ideas for the expansion of the layer1 blockchain project. Ethereum 2.0, Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, and NEAR are networks based on the sharding system. In this article, we organize the sharding principles of the NEAR network as follows, hope You can use the simplest information to understand NEAR’s shards. Key elements: Sharding: NEAR scales horizontally and almost infinitely by distributing calculations across multiple parallelized shards. Consensus: NEAR uses the Nightshade algorithm to reach a consensus on the network operation nodes that constitute the shards. Cross-shard…

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  • Understand these and become a Web3.0 developer

    Want to build on web3? Nader Dabit points out the building blocks of the web3 technology stack in an introductory guide In the next chapter of “Building on web3,” Edge & Node developer relations engineer Nader Dabit explains the web3 stack and how developers conceptualize all aspects of building on web3. I transitioned to web3 in April 2021. Before that, I had been a traditional full-stack developer for about 10 years. While studying all these new technologies and ideas with great concentration, the first thing I want to know is “What is…

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  • A quick understanding of DAO and its eight categories

    What is DAO? DAO is usually considered to be a decentralized form of a company or entity organization. Although it is more business and practical to understand DAO from the level of company or entity organization, we need to make it clear that DAO is not a specific organizational entity, but a general organizational form. DAO’s management and operating rules are encoded on the blockchain in the form of smart contracts, so that it can operate autonomously without centralized control or third-party intervention. Through intelligent management methods and token economic…

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  • Truora: The oracle of the alliance chain

    Blockchain is a deterministic and closed system environment. Smart contracts must have consistent results no matter when and where they run. Therefore, the virtual machine (VM) cannot allow smart contracts to have network calls, otherwise the result is uncertain. Smart contracts cannot directly obtain real-world data outside the chain, resulting in the separation of the blockchain from the real world, and greatly restricting the application scenarios of the blockchain. The mechanism by which information outside the blockchain is written into the blockchain is generally called an oracle. How to connect…

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  • In addition to protocols, social media, media, and services, what other areas can DAO develop?

    What the Internet does for communication, DAO can also do for capital. The Internet and social networks have made it easier for like-minded people to communicate than ever before, regardless of geographic location. The emergence of digital native currency and finance has given birth to a new type of social network where like-minded individuals can not only communicate, but also coordinate around capital. Like their predecessors, these new networks are not restricted by geographic boundaries and can be formed on a large scale or span a few selected participants. The most optimistic…

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  • A general scheme for heterogeneous chain cross-chain

    Nowadays, public chains have their own magical powers, established an ecology, and have become islands. In order to realize the smooth use and circulation of assets, cross-chain has become a necessary business. We can see that in order to allow the transfer of assets between chains, there have been many cross-chain bridges, as well as cross-chain schemes, agreements, and so on. These projects generally come with a bridge and a swap function. Very interesting, this is the simplest function, but because of the huge and rapid development of business needs. Today…

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  • Take six popular chain games as examples to understand the common mechanisms of GameFi

    Axie Infinity Axie Infinity is a built on an Ethernet Square to the center of turn-based strategy on the block chain, initially as an Ethernet backbone Square, then migrate due to the high gas costs and delays to the self-built Ronin side chain. The main carrier is the web. The developer is Sky Mavis, Vietnam. It has experienced two rounds of seed financing, totaling 1.5 million US dollars. It will be selected as Ubisoft Venture Lab in June 2020. The gameplay is a traditional card battle. You can battle by collecting pets. There…

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  • Use these tools to build a DAO in 5 steps

    BanklessDAO core contributor Lucas Campbell published a paper on December 22, 2021, introducing how to use some tools to build a DAO in 5 steps. The public chain allows people to democratically coordinate values ​​through the Internet. All they need is a common mission. With such a broad definition, you can build DAOs for almost anything. We have seen DAO bid more than US$40 million for the US Constitution, collect Doge MEME for US$4 million, deal with climate change, purchase golf courses, fund public goods, and so on. The infinite design space of…

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  • What is the narrative value of DAO?

    If taken literally, DAO is “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. Although its description is concrete, its meaning is abstract. A rising market pays more attention to narrative value, and actual value is often gradually tapped in one or more cycles. In this cycle, we have tracked many hotspots, from DeFi, public chain and NFT to Web3.0, GameFi and SocialFi, and more people have begun to pay attention to the construction of the Web3.0 ecosystem. Therefore, as a firm cornerstone in the Web3.0 world, “DAO” has also become the next hot spot for people to chase….

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  • Can decentralized storage protocols replace centralized cloud storage?

    After entering the Internet information age, data has become a valuable resource. As the network continues to generate massive amounts of data, the storage market has grown rapidly. According to IDC’s “Global Enterprise Infrastructure Quarterly Tracking Report: Buyers and Cloud Deployment” report, the global cloud storage market is expected to reach more than US$100 billion from 2020 to 2025. The current cloud storage market is mainly divided into two categories: Web 2.0 centralized storage solutions and Web 3.0 decentralized storage solutions. The centralized cloud storage solution is currently the mainstream…

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  • A panoramic overview of the Web3.0 ecology

    A16Z is a pioneer in the US crypto fund. It has systematically researched and laid out the entire overseas Cryto track earlier. Studying the report of A16Z has a certain value for us to understand the entire crypto market. There are relatively few articles on the Web3 system in the market. This article is relatively simple and easy to understand. As a basic introduction, it is suitable for readers who are interested in Web3 and can understand the concept of the entire Web3 ecology from a macro perspective. Preface We…

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  • An article to understand blockchain technology and the exploration of open financial systems

    Blockchain technology can reduce transaction costs, promote a decentralized platform, and generate distributed trust, creating a foundation for new business models. In the financial industry, blockchain technology promotes the rise of decentralized financial services, which may be more decentralized, innovative, interoperable, borderless and transparent. Decentralized financial services have the potential to reduce transaction costs, expand financial inclusion, promote open access, encourage permissionless innovation, and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators. In this article, we will evaluate the benefits of decentralized finance, analyze existing business models, and evaluate potential challenges…

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  • A detailed explanation of the DAO ecological panorama

    Since the beginning of October 2021, DAO’s TVL has increased by 90%. Messari researcher Roberto Talamas recently quoted DeepDao’s data on Twitter, saying that since August, DAO members have increased by 133% to more than 1.6 million entities, spanning 164 organizations. At present, the number of DAOs with 7 figures or more has increased by nearly 400%, from 12 to 58; DAOs with more than 100 members have increased from 41 to 71, an increase of 73%. This article mainly analyzes the current projects on the DAO ecology. They follow…