Leading the future·Review of the wonderful content of the 2022 Global Web3.0 Summit Forum

On December 30, 2021, hosted by NirvanaMeta, DCG, Foundry, Animoca, a16z, Grayscale, Coindesk, Genesis, LUNO, OFFChain, BalletCrypto and OASIS laboratories will be the co-organizers, VPM Association, AG Crypto Investment, Wormhole WORLDHOLE, The “Leading the Future·2022 Global Web3.0 Summit Forum” co-sponsored by Liande, IPFS China Community, Lianjin Investment Research, and RAIDERS kicked off in Shenzhen. Many authoritative experts, industry leaders, and investors focused on Web3.0, NFT, GameFi, Metaverse and other popular fields delivered wonderful speeches and roundtable views.


Data ownership is the core element of the development of Web 3.0

From Web1.0 to Web2.0, the Internet has completed the upgrade from simple static desktop webpages to interactive experiences, user-generated content and market economy. Now Metaverse is pressing the door of the Web3.0 era. In the Metaverse Web 3.0 report released by the cryptocurrency investment giant Grayscale, Metaverse is defined as an interconnected and experiential 3D virtual world in which people located in any place can engage in real-time social networking. And form a permanent and user-owned interconnected economic system that spans the digital and physical worlds. In this system, the ownership of data is undoubtedly the core value.

GlanCaGiorgi pointed out in his speech that data ownership is the core of web3.0, which is in line with the content of the Metaverse ecology. Based on this background, we can communicate, commerce, and industrial manufacturing in the virtual world in the form of digital identities. Activity.

Overseas blockchain expert and scholar Frederck Bravey pointed out in the keynote speech that web3.0 has 5 key features, decentralization and partial centralization, decentralized autonomous organization DAO, content display, personal digital identity and digital asset ownership .

Li Paike, Dean of Beijing Zhonglian Institute of Blockchain Technology, also emphasized in his speech on “From the Rebirth of the Universe to Metaverse Capital” that the ownership of digital assets should belong to individuals.

Web 3.0 is an open encrypted Metaverse that is democratically owned and controlled by users all over the world. Unlike the traditional Internet world, the value of data in Web 3.0 will return to personal ownership. In this digital universe, everyone will become a data center node. When data is generated, data is also transmitted. When value is harvested, value is also created. The essence of digital assets is data. Therefore, data ownership must be Web 3.0 The core element of development.

At this stage, GameFi is the best carrier of the Metaverse

After two wonderful roundtable conferences, the content theme of the forum speech also began to shift from technical theory to discussion of application scenarios.

CLIPS Finance representative Yigu Lin pointed out in his keynote speech “Web0 Development Trends in 2022” that the concepts of Metafi, SocialFi, and Gamefi will emerge in the next few years. The explosion of these concepts is nothing more than the following models: Play To Earn/Interact to earn, MetaFi Funding, Decentralized Autonomous Organization Dao/Guid Association, and Decentralized Digital Identity. He finally added that whether it is Metafi, SocialFi, or Gamefi, there will be common interactions in the Metaverse world in the future, which is a world of coexistence.

In this year, some excellent blockchain games such as Axie Infinity, Crypto Kitties, NBA Top Shot, The Sandbox have attracted players in some mainstream markets, and concepts such as blockchain games and GameFi are constantly breaking the circle. The success of GameFi not only Just because of the unique Play To Earn mode.

The main core of Metaverse lies in the carrying of virtual assets and virtual identities. It needs to create a fair, open source, and reliable economic system. In this process, the game has become an important carrier of Metaverse + NFT design, which is important for those who want to explore the Metaverse. For people, GameFi is a wonderful entrance. The organizer of this forum event, NirvanaMeta, also chose GameFi as the entry point for the Metaverse layout.


NirvanaMeta is a Metaverse chain game platform. The value brought by any behavior such as games, recharge, krypton gold, etc. in NirvanaMeta will return to the players, and use MNU as a carrier to circulate freely in the ecology.NirvanaMeta relies on the high-performance public chain MetaChain specially built for the chain game platform. The high-efficiency processing capacity of 3000+TPS per second can easily cope with the demand for high-frequency and high-concurrency chain game applications, ensuring the stable and stable operation of the ecosystem. The first 3D new magic chain game with the same name, NirvanaMeta (Rebirth of the Universe), has been loved by many players once it was launched.

In the NirvanaMeta (Universe Rebirth) game, players can obtain game equipment, experience, NFT cards, tokens and gold rewards through battles, enhancements, missions, and copying. Some of the obtained items can be exchanged into tradable assets in real time. . Under the protection of blockchain and distributed technology characteristics, the data of NirvanaMeta platform game has a high safety factor. The uniqueness of NFT assets provides protection for its value. Through the trading platform, players can freely trade assets or realize cash. Feel the unique ecological charm of Metaverse in GameFi.

In addition to practical application scenarios such as GameFi, Metaverse and Web 3.0 are quietly leading the innovation and upgrading of traditional organizational structures. In the second half of the forum meeting, Alice, the head of VPM Asia Pacific region, delivered a keynote speech “Organizational Reform in the DAO Decentralized Era “.

The full name of DAO is decentralized autonomous organization, which means decentralized autonomous organization. It is an organizational model based on the concept of decentralization and using blockchain technology. DAO uses smart contracts to establish rules and automatically execute decisions, and jointly promote the development of the organization through collective governance in the community. Alice pointed out that the VPM guild is trying DAO-based governance. The members of the guild are distributed all over the world and will continue to develop in the direction of DAO in the future.

On the other hand, the wave of Metaverse and Web 3.0 has also brought new vitality and development ideas to virtual reality technology. In a speech on “Naked Eye 3D Opens Future Digital Life”, Weichao Intelligent CEO Tan Jiefu said that Metaverse It is a vision that spans many companies and even the entire technology industry. It can be seen as the successor to the mobile Internet. Glasses-free 3D is the key to the metaverse and the entrance to future digital life.

Concluding remarks

From the DeFi craze to the rise of NFT, from GameFi’s out-of-circle to the explosion of the Metaverse concept, the continuous development and accumulation of technology, application, consciousness and other fields are driving the arrival of industrial upgrading and innovation. When will Metaverse and Web 3.0 be complete? We don’t know the landing, but the concept of the digital age has undoubtedly been integrated into our lives.

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