Lazi GameFi NA (Nirvana) Chain enters the new market track

From Alipay’s limited sale of NFT payment pages to the launch of NFT cards by Tencent ’s NFT trading software Magic Core, the traditional market is showing great enthusiasm for NFT with practical actions. Coincidentally, in recent months, foreign celebrities, high-end car companies and other giants have used their feet to vote for NFT-related concepts, making NFT smoothly out of the circle in the environment of Zhongxing Pengyue.

As a not new concept, NFT (non-homogeneous token) has ignited the war in the blockchain market. From basic ecology to application scenarios, all kinds of Dapps are constantly being born. Nowadays, NFT is no longer limited to the art of encryption. The aggressive NFT has blown the offensive horn to blockchain games. The P2E (play-to-earn) model derived from it has broken the barriers of previous games; the innovation provided by GameFi The game mechanics give more possibilities and explosive power to the game field.


Against the background of the “gamification finance” led by GameFi, more and more investors are rushing into the game, as if convinced that the “finance + games” model will become the next hot spot in the crypto market.

Then we need to figure out a little bit before entering the game, what is GameFi.


GameFi opposes the traditional Internet game operation model that deprives players and users who have made great contributions to the company’s development to share the right to dividends as investors. As a new type of native business model, GameFi’s core is play-to-earn, which fully returns most of the proceeds to players. The difference between these two models can be described as revolutionary. Because for the new generation of players, financial concepts have long been deeply embedded in their daily life thinking. Any kind of entertainment is not just for pleasure. They are looking for some kind of investment opportunities or financial transaction possibilities. Get value in return. And this is the most essential reason for the rise of GameFi mode.

At the same time, GameFi is also regarded as a revolutionary experiment for mankind to lead to the virtual world of the future depicted in “Top Player”. In the current society, human science and technology are becoming more and more advanced, and the arrival of the meta-universe era has made the virtual world of the Internet become another real world for us. So, in this virtual world composed of 0~1, will the form of making money through games or game-like economic models develop into a normal behavior? With the rise of GameFi, more and more discussions have become louder. In such a digital age, the popularity of GameFi is destined to be the inevitable choice of history.

With the soaring popularity of GameFi, a competition in the game field has slowly opened. In addition to native game blockchains such as FLOW, more and more traditional game manufacturers have also set their sights on chain games. It is foreseeable that more and more competitors will appear in the future, who want to run first in the chain tour circuit.

Ecological prosperity is an important criterion for measuring the success of public chains. Similarly, infrastructure is often the key to the smooth exit of various ecological applications. As we all know, the development of high-quality chain games requires high costs, and only enough new players can participate to cover expenditures. At the same time, high gas fees are becoming one of the factors that discourage players, especially since most of the current NFT values ​​are low. Due to transfer fees, NFT assets suffered a deep sleep.

Therefore, GameFi wants to achieve larger and more creative development, and the underlying technology plays a role that cannot be ignored. From the perspective of past ecological development, NA (Nirvana) Chain has greatly reduced developer costs by virtue of high throughput, high scalability, and high availability, and cleared obstacles for the development of application ecology. Not only that, NA (Nirvana) Chain also has the advantages of high TPS and low transfers, which can greatly reduce the barriers to participation and allow more users to embrace chain games. The current version NA USDT with low fees and convenience of widely recognized, has more than currently authorized to issue Ethernet Square USDT on, provides a stable currency link in a chain of ecological tour.


NA (Nirvana) Chain is a network all-round infrastructure service platform. Its ideal is to build a decentralized blockchain underlying system for application development. The design of its economic model anchors the development of ecology and the growth of the chain. In order to be more universally applicable to the rapidly changing encryption economy, NA (Nirvana) has developed a heterogeneous composite chain, which gives NA (Nirvana) Chain an unlimited total network capacity. In the constant GAS system, the handling fee of the logical chain is only 0.1 USDN, and the handling fee of the data chain is 0.01 USDN per transaction, which greatly meets the strong demand of users in the current chain game market for low transaction fees.

Returning to GameFi itself, the emergence of GameFi benefited from the maturity of DeFi and NFT technology products. NFT introduced DeFi to differentiated assets based on scarcity, and DeFi also gave NFT commercial value through financial means. Both The combination of has brought new vitality to the chain game. A powerful public chain like NA (Nirvana) Chain that has integrated the concept of meta-universe will surely lead GameFi to maturity.

Just as the DeFi boom in the first half of the year, its market scale has grown in the process of continuous improvement of infrastructure, and so has GameFi. GameFi is a new model of the combination of game + financial model. GameFi will bring promising blockchain game plans developed on NA (Nirvana) Chain network to the game community. With more and more teams and funds currently With the influx of games, the GameFi track will no longer be a monopoly, but will present a prosperous scene represented by NA (Nirvana) Chain.


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