Layout NFT track ahead of Twitter, the founder of Mask Network imagines how to give a personality image to Web3.0

Mask Network relies on a plug-in to precede Twitter in the forward-looking layout of the NFT track. In addition to the NFT display and NFT avatar, CryptoPunks may become the spokesperson or CEO of the project in the future.

While the social giant Twitter recently announced its support for Bitcoin rewards content creators, it also stated that it is exploring the NFT display function, hoping to get a share of the hot NFT market.

When the market is full of expectations for Twitter’s NFT display function, as everyone knows, Mask Network has already led the NFT and SocialFi tracks with a plug-in, and has been on the beach including sending and receiving red envelopes on Twitter, publishing encrypted tweets, displaying and purchasing NFTs, etc. A variety of functions.

And Mask Network is doing much more than that. In addition to its launch at the beginning of the year to identify and display the NFT functions of platforms such as OpenSea on Twitter , Mask also recently launched NFT Gallery (NFT wall), NFT Avatar (NFT avatar), NFT red envelope functions, and also The NFT avatar function has been launched for some users, and it may even support the use of NFT to fight monsters later, and experience the cool elf function similar to QQ pets.

Prior to Twitter’s layout of the NFT track, the founder of Mask Network imagined how to give Web3.0 a personality image

“The current NFT and the “Renaissance” written in history textbooks are similarly revolutionary. What Mask Network is chasing is to enable more people to easily participate in it.” He explained to us his views on the NFT market and their views on the NFT market. Suji Yan, founder and CEO of Mask Network, said the goal of Mask Network. Regarding the future, Suji also put forward a bold vision.

Mask Network: A leader in NFT products

Web3.0, Metaverse, and SocialFi are the key directions that Mask Network has been pursuing. Therefore, Mask hopes to allow mass users on traditional social media to easily participate and connect real life together in a simple and easy-to-use way. Reach more and more people. At present, Twitter is the main battlefield of Mask.

Since its establishment in 2017, Mask Network has focused on adding decentralized application-related functions on Twitter through the plug-in mode. At present, the Mask Network plug-in has implemented a relatively closed-loop complete process on Twitter, including publishing encrypted tweets and supporting multi-chain , Red envelopes, Gitcoin donation, integration of information platforms such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, access to decentralized applications such as Uniswap, SushiSwap and QuickSwap, etc.

In terms of NFT, in addition to previously supported NFT purchases or participation in NFT auctions through OpenSea and Rarible , identification and display of works URLs in the NFT market platform, and purchase of Tweets NFT on Valuebles, Mask Network has significantly accelerated its layout recently. First, the Twitter NFT display (NFT Gallery) function is launched. After the user installs the new version of Mask, add the Ethereum wallet address or ENS domain name in the Twitter bio, and then the NFT in the personal wallet can be displayed on the Twitter Profile page, and at the same time You can browse the NFT collections of other users who fill in the Ethereum address or ENS domain name in bio.

Prior to Twitter’s layout of the NFT track, the founder of Mask Network imagined how to give Web3.0 a personality image

View digital artist Pak’s NFT collections directly on Twitter through the Mask plug-in

At present, many big V or ordinary NFT holders on Twitter will replace their avatars with their own NFTs, such as penguins, pet cats, CryptoPunks, etc., and treat this avatar as their personal avatar. With this in mind, Mask Network has also launched another anticipated NFT avatar function. Users can choose one of their own NFTs as Twitter avatars. The current avatar function is only available for some KOLs. However, if a KOL sets an NFT avatar , All users who have installed the Mask plug-in can see it. This feature will be continuously upgraded and open to all users in the future.

This NFT avatar is not a simple JPG format, but it is replaced by directly identifying the NFT in the user’s wallet, and the authenticity and price of the current NFT avatar is proved through the relevant badge, and clicking on the NFT avatar can also be directly linked to OpenSea NFT page.

Prior to Twitter’s layout of the NFT track, the founder of Mask Network imagined how to give Web3.0 a personality image

NFT avatar of Matt Hall, founder of CryptoPunks development company Larva Labs

The integration of a series of NFT-related services and file sharing on social platforms is inseparable from storage infrastructure. To this end, Mask Network supports users to directly use decentralized file storage services on Twitter and Facebook, currently supports Arweave, and will later support IPFS, Sia and Swarm. In addition, Mask Network is actively cooperating or investing in projects such as other storage, storage acceleration network Meson, and on-chain content protocol RSS3 to increase the construction of its underlying foundation and expand application scenarios.

Prior to Twitter’s layout of the NFT track, the founder of Mask Network imagined how to give Web3.0 a personality image

It is worth mentioning that in August this year, the decentralized social media Bluesky funded by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey began to be run by Jay Graber, the early developer of Zcash, and 11 projects including Mask Network became Bluesky’s first community recommendation projects. .

Mask moves frequently, how does the founder imagine the future?

Mask Network also recently purchased CryptoPunk #6128 at a price of 159 ETH , and deposited this CryptoPunk and two other Loot assets in MaskDAO. The team also purchased other NFTs such as MoonCat. According to Suji’s vision, “Mask Network will be completely decentralized in the future. This Punk or other villains purchased later may become virtual spokespersons in a few years, or replace me as the CEO of Mask, which can be changed every few years. One session.”

Suji said that members of the Mask Network team bought Loot very early. Suji said that Loot is equipped with equipment. After that, Punk can also wear skin equipment to hold “stones” and lead “pet cats” or “penguins” to fight monsters.

With the NFT avatar that can be verified in the previous part, Suji said that the Mask Network ecological community is also ready to refer to the QQ pet to launch the elf function. At that time, the user’s Punk can take the Loot equipment on his Twitter page “hanging around” “, you can also go to the homepage of other Twitter users to “be a guest” and “steal food”. You can also “interact” between the two Twitter avatars with the little monster NFT.

Suji was very excited when talking about Mask’s future planning and imagination. Although it sounds a little unrealistic at present, the opportunities and revolutionary effects brought by this virtual image are very worth looking forward to.

Suji’s expectations for the NFT market

There is more or less cyclicality in any field, whether it is market sentiment, cognition, and economics. It only took less than half a year for NFT to officially go out of the circle in March and April of this year to usher in explosive growth in August. However, there has been a recent downward trend in popularity. Next, we will learn about Suji’s views on NFT and future expectations.

In Suji’s view, “The NFT market is still in its early stages. Although it is uncertain whether it will be a bubble, it is far from reaching its peak. Value judgment cannot be judged based on market sentiment alone. The short-term decline in popularity will not affect it at all. In the future development trend, NFT may have 10 times, 100 times or even thousands of times the space in the future.”

Suji also compared the NFT with the Renaissance, both of which are revolutionary, that is, there are a small group of people who want to change the current ideology and want to promote social evolution, but the revolutionary nature of the NFT is diluted by the market or Hidden away. In addition, Suji also shared his experience when he participated in the “Singapore Digital Economy Forum” on the development of blockchain and digital economy in August. Changpeng Zhao, Vitalik Buterin, Three Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu, Wu Jihan and some Singaporean politicians also Participated in the meeting. During the conference, some people were buying CryptoPunk while others were wearing T-shirts with rainbow cats. Suji believed that this fully shows that many people in this field are very optimistic about Metaverse.


Currently Mask Network has formed an integrated ecosystem covering DeFi, NFT, storage, tools, transactions, and privacy, with more than 50 ecological projects. With the addition and iteration of Mask Network plug-in functions, the expansion of plug-in functions to more social platforms in the future, and its decentralization and open source philosophy, it will effectively affect more and more Internet users and promote The evolution from Web2.0 to Web3.0.

The realization of NFT display and avatar functions, as well as the imagination of giving NFT personality roles and even turning it into a CEO exclusive IP, will not only promote the further improvement of the overall value of NFT, but also promote the realization of a true meta-universe, that is, a real world. Parallel virtual world.

In the future, we will inevitably enter a new world of Web3.0, and Mask Network will be ahead of Twitter in the forward-looking layout of the NFT track, and will act as a company that can bypass complex infrastructure and directly participate in NFT and DeFi. Middleware and one-stop portal can produce subtle changes without changing the habits of ordinary users, relying on Twitter’s huge number of users.

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