Launched MetaMask to acquire Quorum Consensys and refinancing estimated value of 3 billion US dollars

According to the British Financial Times reported citing informed sources, the Ethernet Square wallet MetaMask developers Consensys ongoing new round of financing, the latest valuation is expected to exceed $ 3 billion.

In April of this year, ConsenSys raised $65 million through investors such as JPMorgan Chase, MasterCard, UBS, and Protocol Labs.

ConsenSys mainly develops and invests in projects built on Ethereum. Its founder, Joseph Lubin, is also the co-founder of Ethereum. According to the official website, there are currently six products available, including: Codefi, MetaMask, Diligence, Quorum, Infura, and Truffle. Among these six products, MetaMask and Quorum are more well known by insiders.

rN7QuDW5mRClHbDmaSI5VO5Ibuh8BrrrL3OYk3pR.pngData shows that as of the end of August this year, MetaMask has over 10 million monthly active users. ConsenSys predicts that MetaMask’s annualized revenue next year is expected to increase to $1 billion.

Quorum is a blockchain platform owned by JPMorgan Chase (JPM.US) and was acquired by ConsenSys in August this year. In order to make full use of the code source, ConsenSys merged its existing protocol engineering roadmap with Quorum. ConsenSys also stated in a statement that all enterprise Ethereum protocol technologies in ConsenSys will belong to ConsenSys Quorum, and developers will have the right to choose their own underlying technology stack.

In addition, Consensys has also invested in well-known projects such as Compound, BlockFi, and Starkware.


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