Kusama slot auction coming up, boca parallel chain …..

Polka network architecture and parallel chain update.

Kusama, the first network of Polka, tweeted that the V0.9.1 version upgrade has now been approved by the Board of Directors and is now in the public voting phase, which will end on May 14, and this upgrade includes parallel chain, auction and crowd lending codes.

In this round of bull market, DeFi is undoubtedly the big hotspot driving the market, besides, the polka ecology is also the focus and hotspot of the market, the impact of polka on the whole cryptocurrency ecology is far-reaching, if Ethernet opened the smart contract era, then polka opened the cross-chain era.

Before the emergence of polka, different blockchain networks were islands of information, with their own operating standards and no interaction between them, just like the single-computer era in the history of computer development.

However, just as the single-computer era will eventually enter the Internet era, the blockchain world will also eventually enter the cross-chain era, and Poca, as the star cross-chain project, has greatly promoted the development of cross-chain.

How does Poca achieve cross-chain? What is the recent progress of Poca parallel chain slot bidding? With these questions, let’s find out.

Poca Network Architecture

As we all know, Poca mainly adopts the network architecture of “relay chain-parallel chain”, the relay chain is the core of Poca network, which is equivalent to an operating system.

For example, Bitcoin, Ether, EOS, Wavefield, etc. can be connected to the PoC relay chain, thus becoming a heterogeneous parallel chain network of PoC.

Parallel chains that are connected to the PoC relay chain can not only share the consensus security of PoC, but also different parallel chains can interact with each other (data interaction, asset interaction, etc.) through the relay chain. Parallel chains are required to access the PoC network through parallel chain slots, and if they are heterogeneous parallel chains, they also need to access through adapters.

Without parallel chains, Poca would be a functional but unused shell. When more and more parallel chain projects are accessed in Poca relay chain, Poca becomes meaningful.

Due to the performance limitation, the number of parallel chains that can access Poca is limited, that is, the number of parallel chain slots provided by Poca is limited, currently Poca provides about 100 parallel chain slots, some of them will be used for public interest parallel chains, while the remaining parallel chain slots will be sold in the form of candle auction, and the blockchain that succeeds in bidding for the parallel chain slots can access the Poca network and become a Poca parallel chain.

Steps to go live with Poca Parallel Chain

Kusama slot auction coming up, boca parallel chain .....

The prosperity of polka ecology cannot be achieved without the access of a large number of parallel chains. Generally speaking, polka parallel chains are mainly divided into the following 7 steps to go online.

1、Going online with Rococo v1 and waiting for its stable operation.
2、Launch Kusama’s system (public interest) parallel chain.
3、Open the bidding on Kusama.

  1. Put online the parallel chain with successful bidding on Kusama.
  2. Launching the public interest parallel chain of Polkadot after the audit is completed.
  3. opening of auctions on Polkadot.
  4. Launch the parallel chain of successful bids on Polkadot.

From the above 7 steps, we can see that Polkadot parallel chain is mainly involved in three blockchain networks, namely Rococo, the test network, Kusama and Polkadot, the main network of Polkadot.

Rococo is the test network of Polkadot. Just like the blockchain networks such as Ether and EOS build test networks for testing, the main function of Rococo network in Polkadot ecosystem is also for testing.

It has its own consensus mechanism, pass incentive and perfect token economy system, etc. It is an independent and complete blockchain network, as the name implies, the main function of Kusama is to test the new functions of Poca network, including of course the functions of Poca parallel chain. Testing.

Unlike Polkadot, which has faster governance parameters and a lower barrier to entry, if Kusama is crazy and fast, Polkadot is more conservative, prioritizing stability and reliability, and is slower and more methodical in its governance and upgrade process – it is, after all, the main Polka network. Kusama is better suited as a site for bold experiments and early deployments.

Polkadot, on the other hand, is designed to steadily execute risk-averse, high-value blockchain applications.

First, the Polkadot parallel chain can be tested on Rococo for relevant functions, and then go live on the Kusama parallel chain after a period of stable operation on the Rococo network. The successful blocks will be linked to Kusama, the network of kusama.

When the blockchain projects are connected to kusama, and after a period of stable operation, with the improvement of Polkadot related functions of Poca’s main network, these kusama parallel chain networks can be connected to Poca’s main network through parallel chain slots, and of course, they need to participate in parallel chain slot bidding.

We introduced the importance of parallel chains to the Polka ecosystem and the steps needed to bring Polka parallel chains online, now let’s take a look at the latest progress of Polka parallel chains.

The latest progress of Poca Parallel Chain

Kusama slot auction coming up, boca parallel chain .....

The progress related to parallel chain has always been the focus of the Polka community, because the launch of Polka parallel chain can really activate the Polka ecology, so as to bring out the core advantages of Polka cross-chain.

In general, Polka Parallel Chain will have to be tested by Rococo and kusama and then run stably before it can be officially deployed to Polkadot, the main Polka network.

As early as January this year, Polka officially announced the registration process of Rococo V1 slot for the parallel chain test network, and the Plasm project became the first parallel chain on Rococo V1 at the first time. Parity also updated and restarted Rococo regularly, and limited the speed and number of parallel chains online at first.

After continuous efforts, the parallel chains connected to the Rococo network are now running stably. Once the parallel chains on the Rococo network are stable, Polka officials will consider deploying parallel chain-related features on the Kusama network.

According to PolkaWorld, on May 2, Gavin officially deployed the parallel chain module to Westend and Kusama runtimes. This means that Parity has added parallel chain functionality to the Kusama network, and the next Kusama upgrade will support parallel chains.

This is the first step of parallel chains online, followed by upcoming governance voting and other deployment of whiteboard chains, public interest parallel chains, after which it will start supporting parallel chain registration for project parties, i.e. parallel chain slot auctions.

According to the current progress, Kusama parallel chain slot auction will probably be opened in May, and when Kusama parallel chain function can run stably for a period of time, the parallel chain function can be deployed to Polkadot, the main network of Polka.

In short, parallel chain occupies an important position in Polka ecology, without parallel chain, there is no Polka. Only when more and more excellent blockchain projects access Polka to become its parallel chain, Polka can play its real advantages and Polka ecology will prosper.

Whether the launch of Poca parallel chain can bring out its cross-chain advantages and thus open the cross-chain era, time is still needed to verify.

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