Kusama Parallel Chain Slot Token Allocation at a Glance

A list of the project crowdfunding reward amounts for the 11 parallel chain bids.

Kusama Parallel Chain Slot Token Allocation at a Glance

Kusama parallel chain slots will soon start to be auctioned, as the auction will start the crowd lending mode, while users can use their KSM to participate in the parallel chain slot auction and finally get the corresponding parallel chain token rewards. Today, our article takes stock of 11 parallel chain bidding projects and the amount of crowdfunding rewards these projects give for users who are concerned about parallel chain bidding, and there will be other participation and updates in the future.

Acala’s Kusama parallel chain is Karura and its token is KAR, with a total supply of 100 million, offering 11% of the total supply on the parallel chain auction.

The crowd-lending module opens a permissionless smart contract to lock the user’s KSM, which is locked for 48 weeks and is automatically returned to the participant at the end of the lease period.

Each KSM that backs Karura will be rewarded with a minimum of 12 KAR.

Once a Karura bid is successful, 30% of the KAR rewards received will be released immediately after Karura goes live and can be freely traded and also used for KaruraDeFi products and ecology. And the remaining 70% of the rewards will be given to backers in a linear release until the end of the 48-week lease period.

  1. Plasm
    ShidenNetwork, Plasm’s Kusama parallel chain with SDN tokens and a total supply of 45 million, will use 22% of the total supply (9,900,000 SDN) to bid for slots from 0-7 cycles (7 days x 6 weeks x 8 periods = 336 days).

Users will need to lock in 11 months of KSM tokens to support Shiden becoming a parallel chain, with KSM tokens being locked in for one month and released linearly for the following ten months. During the linear release period, token holders can pledge SDN tokens to the network and earn Staking rewards.

  1. Clover
    Sakura is Clover’s Kusama parallel chain. The tokens are SKUs, totaling 1 billion, of which 20% (200 million) will be used to pay rewards to voters after a successful bid. The remaining 80% will be used to support the development of Sakura community and ecology.

Users who participate in Sakura bidding will have your KSM locked until Sakura’s Kusama parallel chain lease expires.

Once a Sakura bid is successful, the KSM will be unlocked at the end of the Sakura slot lease period (48 weeks, approximately one year.) If a Sakura bid is unsuccessful, your KSM will be returned as is.

If the Sakura bid is successful,, each voter who votes for Sakura will receive an SKU airdrop. For every 1KSM voted, you will be rewarded at least 200 SKUs. 28% of the SKUs (56 million SKUs) of the bidding reward will be unlocked immediately after Sakura Parallel Chain goes live, and the remaining 72% will be unlocked linearly for the following 12 months.

  1. ChainX
    SherpaX is ChainX’s Kusama parallel chain. 21 million KSX will be initially issued in the form of IAO (InitialAirdropOffering), 20% of which will be used for community autonomy and 80% for bidding on Kusama parallel chain slots. After that, 10% will be issued annually.

Users who support the successful auction of SherpaX slots will be rewarded with 10 KSX for every 1 KSM voted! After the launch of Statemint parallel chain, KSX assets will be issued on Statemint at the first time, and KSX will be distributed to users’ accounts at the first time by combining PCX snapshot data with data from each previous campaign.

  1. Centrifuge
    Altair is Centrifuge’s Kusama parallel chain. altair’s token is AIR with a supply of 425 million. For those who participate in the crowd lending, backing 1 KSM will be rewarded with 50+ AIRs. The exact number of AIRs allocated to each KSM holder will depend on the price of the parallel chain slot and crowdfunding participation. 25% of the rewards will be unlocked at the outset, while the remaining number will be allocated to crowdfunding participants over the duration of the parallel chain slot. In addition, the Altair network will take a snapshot of the balance on the Centrifuge chain and distribute AIR tokens to CFG token holders in a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Moonbeam
    Moonriver is Moonbeam’s Kusama parallel chain.

Moonriver’s token is MOVR with a total supply of 10 million. 30%, 3,000,000 MOVR tokens will be taken out to participate in the Kusama auction, of which 30% will be distributed directly at the issue and 70% will be released linearly in 48 weeks.

Since Moonriver’s crowdfunding campaign does not have a fixed KSM cap, contributors are rewarded based on the percentage of the number of KSMs you backed compared to the total KSM amount at the end of the auction for an individual. For example, if you backed 100 KSMs and Moonriver received a total of 10,000 KSMs, you would receive 1% of the 3,000,000 tokens, or 30,000 MOVRs.

  1. Phala
    Khala is Phala’s Kusama parallel chain. KhalaNetwork will use K-PHA as network pass and K-PHA is convertible 1:1 with ERC20-PHA and main network PHA.

KhalaNetwork will participate in the Kusama parallel chain slot auction starting from the 2nd slot and will auction 8 time slots, i.e. the lease period is 6 weeks * 8 = 48 weeks.

For each KSM that supports Khala’s bidding, Khala will give 100 PHAs as a reward. That is, a fixed ratio of PHA:KSM= 100:1. The PHA reward pool is capped at 15 million PHA, and will not continue to give rewards to backers after Khala reaches 150,000 KSMs of support!

  1. Crust
    CrustShadow is Crust’s Kusama parallel chain. Regardless of whether the bid is ultimately successful, participating contributors will receive a dual coin reward of CRU+CSM. 30% of the reward for the lease period will be released immediately after the bid is successful, and 10% for each subsequent lease period. After receiving the reward, CRU can participate in the Crust verifier/candidate node pledge guarantee to receive additional rewards.
  2. Bifrost
    In Bifrost Kusama slot bidding, vsKSM casting will be initiated, and KSMs participating in vsKSM casting will be used for BifrostKusama parallel chain slot bidding, and users will be rewarded for releasing liquid vsKSMs with BNC slot bidding. For every 1 KSM supported, a minimum of 10 BNC will be awarded.
  3. Darwinia
    CrabNetwork is Darwinia’s kusama parallel chain. Crab plans to start slot bidding in Round 4 and plans to get 8 slots in one shot, which is 48 weeks of usage time, to ensure the stability of the network’s operation is not affected. For every 1KSM supported, users will receive a base bonus of 25 CRING (APY:15%) per day for the duration of their participation in the crowdlending at the end of the auction (regardless of whether the auction is successful in that round).
  4. Equilibrium
    Genshiro is Equilibrium’s Kusama parallel chain and will bid to win eight six-week leases. Participants will need KSM to deposit to our parallel chain and will be rewarded with GENS tokens for the duration of the parallel chain lease.

Genshiro’s token is GENS, with a total supply of 1.2 billion, of which 20% of the supply will be used for the PLO auction, or 240 million tokens. Users can earn up to 30% annualized returns when participating in PLO.

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