Kusama parallel chain expected to go live next Monday

This week’s Tech Weekly contains technical news from networks such as Ether, Polka, and EOS.

Kusama parallel chain expected to go live next Monday

This week’s Tech Weekly contains technical news from the Ether, Polka, EOS and other networks.

Ethernet Networks
EtherFoundation JavaScript Team to Release EIP-1559 / London Ready Version

May 20 – The EtherFoundation JavaScript team tweeted early this morning that it will release the EIP-1559 / London-ready version of the EthereumJS Block, Tx, VM and Common libraries within the next week if there are no recent bugs or specification changes.

Ether Foundation discloses security vulnerability discovered in 2019, which is less dangerous after Berlin upgrade

The Ether Foundation has disclosed a security vulnerability first discovered in 2019, which prior to last month’s Berlin upgrade had a severity level that could bring down the main network in the event of an attack. The nature of the vulnerability, which triggers random Trie queries, was attempted by Ethernet developers with EIP-1884, EIP-2583, EIP-2929, and the snapshot feature to defend against the vulnerability, which eventually became less dangerous after the Berlin upgrade.

Ether 2.0 developer: Ether will save at least 99.95% energy after moving to PoS

According to the official Ether2.0 blog, Ether2.0 developer Carl Beekhuizen published an article saying that Ether will complete the transition to Proof of Stake (PoS) in the next few months. It is estimated that PoS will be about 2,000 times more energy efficient, which suggests that total energy consumption will be reduced by at least 99.95 percent.

ETH 2.0 BeaconScan, the beacon chain browser, undergoes maintenance tomorrow

It’s official, ETH 2.0 BeaconScan, the beacon chain browser, will be undergoing maintenance from May 21 at 2AM (UTC) and is expected to take 10 to 12 hours.

Ether single block gains once as high as 30 ETH

On May 19, according to OKLink data of Eurotech Cloudchain, the Ether block Gas fee rose sharply due to market fluctuation, and the single block gain once reached 30 ETH. nearly 1000 blocks Gas average price reached 580 Gwei.

Polka Network
Polka Polkadot version 0.9.2 officially released, crucial for parallel chain launch

On May 21, Bill Laboon, Head of Technical Education at Web3, tweeted that Polka Polkadot version 0.9.2 has been officially released with high upgrade priority. This version is critical for parallel chain launch and nodes should upgrade as soon as possible.

GavinWood: Kusama parallel chain expected to go live next Monday

Kusama parallel chain is expected to go live next Monday, said GavinWood, founder of Polka, at PolkadotDecoded, a Polka community conference. “This parallel chain refers to the Shell parallel chain (whiteboard chain) and I’ve written out its Runtime over the last few weeks and it’s very, very simple, probably the simplest Runtime to date. It can’t really do almost anything, the only thing it can do is wait to be approved for an upgrade. But this is the more important first step, we can see the verification process of the block addition and final confirmation, and we do some testing before we actually deploy something very important on it, like the Statemine parallel chain (this is the Kusama version of Statemint). We found some bugs, but they will be resolved soon. We’re releasing 0.9.2 soon and it should be soon, either today or tomorrow. We’ll focus on seeing how it works in a few areas, and pretty much when Shell has been stable for 24 hours, we’ll upgrade the Shell chain to Statemine.” In addition, the public interest parallel chain Statemine is expected to go live this week; the polka auction is expected to start a week or two after the Kusama auction. (PolkaWorld)

Proposal to add Kusama parallel chain passes

Golden Finance reports that on May 18, Gavin Wood, founder of Polka and president of the Web3 Foundation, just tweeted, “Proposal 110 has passed. Within two hours the deployment will be complete and if all goes well we will start to see the first blocks on the Kusama parallel chain.” According to a Medium article posted by Gavin Wood about the launch of Poca’s parallel chain, the launch of Poca’s parallel chain is reportedly expected to take place after two things are completed: 1. A complete external audit has been completed. 2. The Kusama network should have proven that the new logic is viable by executing at least one successful auction involving crowdsourced loans and hosting at least one functional parallel chain. The audit in question has begun and will be completed in three steps in the coming days.

EOS Network
EOS Nation Updates “Flash.sx Attack” Progress: MSIG Will Be Advised to Refund Funds Based on Snapshot

In official news, EOS Nation has released a review of the “flash.sx Smart Contract Attack”, which was executed on May 17, 6/10 MSIG to cancel the authorization of the fast loan contract so that the funds could be safely returned to flash.sx. Next, with the consent of the account owner , EOS Nation recommends that block producers transfer all recovered funds back to the original flash.sx account at MSIG with the current 6/10 custodian authorization. Upon retrieval of funds, two historical snapshots will be published to identify SXEOS and SXUSDT token holders before and after the event. Token holders whose balances remain unchanged will receive a discounted rate of value and token holders who sell, withdraw or move tokens will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. MSIG will be advised to return funds to their rightful owners based on the published snapshot. SXEOS and SXUSDT tokens will be recalled and burned, and SX Vault and Flash will remain closed indefinitely.

Block.one upgrades Voice to an NFT-based social platform

Block.one has decided to shut down its decentralized social media platform Voice to the public for a few months to upgrade it to an NFT-based social platform, which Voice now says is “an NFT platform for emerging creators” and is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2021. The statement said, “By tokenizing the content itself, we provide creators with the opportunity to tokenize their work directly.” Explaining the reasoning behind its latest NFT-oriented move, Block.one pointed to the company’s regulatory woes, saying they are “happy to work with U.S. regulators to obtain approval for our fungible and transferable voice tokens.” Block.one claims it remains committed to building on the EOS mainnet. (Cryptonews)

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