Kusama officially launches parallel chain auction Nocturne, the test network of Ether 2.0, completes the first transfer

This week’s Tech Week contains technical news from networks such as Ether, Polka, EOS, Filecoin and more.

Kusama officially launches parallel chain auction Nocturne, the test network of Ether 2.0, completes the first transfer


▌Ethernet 2.0 client Teku released v21.5.0, new database uses LevelDB to reduce memory usage and improve reliability

Official news, Ethernet 2.0 client Teku released v21.5.0, key changes include: the new database now uses LevelDB to reduce memory usage and improve reliability, existing databases are not affected; automatic failover of eth1 endpoints is supported.

▌Ethiopia Scaling Network Arbitrum will open its main network to developers on May 28

Arbitrum, an Ethernet scaling network, has announced that it will open its main network to developers on May 28. Previously, Arbitrum had said that Sequencer would not be added to the main network, so it would not be able to achieve instant response for transactions and the same latency as Ether. However, this announcement made an adjustment that Sequencer will be added to the mainnet, and Arbitrum will also launch a test network with Sequencer added on May 14 before the mainnet opens. arbitrum said in the announcement: Arbitrum is a community project that is open to everyone. We welcome all projects and users and do not discriminate or give priority access to specific projects. We want to ensure that Arbitrum provides an effective and vibrant ecosystem for users as soon as possible.

▌Ethernet 2.0 test network Nocturne completes first transfer

Nocturne, the test network of Ethernet 2.0, completed the first transfer, and all clients completed transaction execution and kept in sync.

▌Balancer V2 Goes Live, May Lower Gas Fees for DeFi Traders

Balancer Labs has released its Automated Market Maker (AMM) version 2.0. Balancer said the move will lower Ether Gas fees for users.

▌Ethernet beacon chain update Altair upgrade to be deployed to the beacon chain in the third quarter

May 10 news, Ether 2.0 developer BenEdgington said that the client team is currently making good progress in implementing Altair (a beacon chain update) specifications and other aspects, and the proposed schedule for Altair specification delivery is to freeze the specifications around May 21, go live with a short-term test network (Altair specifications only) in early June, fork the test network at the end of June, and An important new feature in Altair is the “Light Client Synchronization Committee,” in which validators are periodically incentivized to provide information on blockheads to light clients.

▌Poca First Kusama has officially launched the parallel chain auction function

According to the official news, Kusama, the Poca first network, has officially launched the parallel chain auction function. As previously reported, Polka Test Network Kusama Parallel Chain announced that it has passed the v0.9.1 upgrade, this time upgrading the code related to parallel chain, auction and crowdfunding.

▌Polkamarkets will release the public beta of MVP test network on May 17

Golden Finance reported that Polkamarkets, the Polka Eco DeFi and prediction marketplace, announced that it will release the public beta version of MVP Test Network on May 17, according to the official Twitter news.

▌Acala, Plasm and other Polka projects join forces to form Polka Wasm Contract Technology Alliance

According to official news, dozens of Polka ecological projects have jointly established a public interest open Polka Wasm contract technology alliance. The founding members are: Patract Labs, Acala, Apron, Coinversation, Manta, Litentry, OpenSquare, Plasm, Bifrost, SubDAO, Standard, Zenlink, Clover, Mathchain, and Phala.

▌Gavin Wood: Kusama’s first parallel chain Shell to go live in the next week or so

Gavin Wood, Founder of Boca and President of the Web3 Foundation, said at the opening ceremony of Web 3.0 Bootcamp II: In the past few weeks, we have conducted auction testing at Rococo and also went live on Rococo to test parallel chains. The number of validators has increased to 900, reaching the level of Kusama, which has also increased our confidence that we believe that it will be ready to go live soon. He also revealed that the first parallel chain on Kusama will be named Shell. “I plan that in the next week or so, after the verifiers finish updating, we will give the verifiers ample time to advance to version 0.9, do the runtime environment upgrade, do the final checks, and go live with the first parallel chain on Kusama, and this first parallel chain will be named ‘Shell’.”

▌Chia founder: Chia already supports Taproot

Golden Finance reported that Chia founder Bram Cohen tweeted in response to a user’s question about “what do you think about the deflationary effect of EIP 1559”, saying, “Chia already supports Taproot.”

▌Chia founder: Chia mining pool agreement will be completed by the end of the month

Golden Finance reported that Chia founder Bram Cohen tweeted that for the Chia pool protocol development, we are working hard on the whole thing: plotting, pooling, GUI and end-to-end testing on the test network. However, the Chia mining pool protocol may not be ready next Monday (May 17), but will be ready by the end of this month. In addition, it is a rumor that K32 will no longer be supported and that K32 will last for several years.

▌Ninth City Signs Chia Digital Currency Mining Pool Purchase and Cloud Service Rental Agreement

Internet company Ninth City (Nasdaq: NCTY) today announced that it has signed server purchase and cloud service rental agreements with three Chia digital currency mining machine suppliers and cloud service providers for a total price of more than $5.7 million, acquiring approximately 130P of total computing power to join what is known as the The company has joined the ecological construction of Chia digital currency, which is called “green bitcoin”. Chia is the third digital currency mining business executed by Jiucheng.

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