KOLO.Market classical music NFT platform Ren Chen Weifen is the art director and has carried out cross-border cooperation projects for artists such as Lang Lang

On March 23, KOLO.Market , a classical music NFT platform invested and incubated by KUKE.US , appointed Ms. Chen Weifen as the artistic director. Ms. Chen Weifen has been deeply involved in international record companies, performing arts brokers and online media industries for many years. She has worked in the classical and jazz departments of international record companies such as Universal, Sony, EMI, and Warner. She has more than 25 years of senior experience in the classical music industry. . During her tenure as Senior Director of Classical and Jazz Department at Universal Music China (UMG), Ms. Chen Weifen maintained its leading position in the industry through the integration of three major business areas, including record distribution, artist brokerage, and local recording content planning, and continued. Expand market share; at the same time, she has worked for Lang Lang, Yuja Wang, Andrea Bocelli, Anne-Sophie Mutter0, Murray Perahia, Yo-Yo Ma, Leif Ove Andsnes, Chen Rui, Maxim Vengerov, José Carreras and many other world-renowned classical artists have accumulated rich experience in planning market promotions, media interviews, live performances and other activities; in addition, she has also successfully The promotion of international outstanding musicians and the overseas export of local high-quality musicians have carried out two-way promotion and exchanges between the East and the West. Ms. Chen Weifen also actively expands the application scenarios of classical music. In the cross-border field of technology and music, she has promoted Lang Lang became the first classical musician to collaborate with Huawei to shoot a VR MV, and collaborated with the brand cooperation team, which promoted the cooperation project between Hisaishi and technology electronic products.


Chen Weifen said: Art, technology, and finance have brought an unprecedented joint movement. As a new track for music NFTs, classical music is being developed. She will focus on content planning and build KOLO’s overall brand image in the NFT international market. , while obtaining more artistic content and commercial support to assist the development of the group.


At present, the KOLO team has embarked on the fast track of classical music NFTs, and successively launched a series of collections such as NFTs of well-known digital albums that have won international awards, which have frequently attracted the attention of market investors.

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