KOLO.Market and NFT.Storage reached a strategic cooperation

KOLO.Market, the world’s first NFT platform based on the field of classical music, officially announced a strategic partnership with NFT.Storage, a distributed data storage platform for NFTs. The establishment of this strategic partnership indicates that the two parties will work together to build a high-quality platform for data security, transaction trustworthiness, and decentralized storage to protect NFT assets and related metadata.

KOLO.Market, which owns many high-quality music copyright contents, focuses on developing the rich and diverse application scenarios of music NFT, and is also committed to continuously optimizing all related experiences of users on the platform. Guarantee high-quality services such as decentralization, asset security and reasonable maintenance costs of NFT itself. How to provide better content and a more friendly and superior user experience to connect and attract more global music lovers and professionals to participate in the entire Metaverse music ecosystem, it is KOLO.Market and NFT.Storage that start the cooperation common goal.

Different from other NFT platforms that only have various platform service functions, KOLO.Market not only has good global artist resources, but also occupies a leading position in the global classical music copyright market by virtue of its strong cooperative alliance advantages . Therefore, Data asset security, convenient data retrieval and decentralized storage are extremely important basic guarantees for the platform. NFT.Storage focuses on the NFT field. With technologies such as “decentralized storage” and “content addressing”, it provides users with a simple and high-performance storage and retrieval experience, which greatly reduces NFT maintenance costs and improves data security. It can be said that the characteristics and advantages of NFT.Storage are undoubtedly the best choice for KOLO.Market. The two parties will further carry out in-depth cooperation on the basis of business fit.

About NFT.Storage

NFT.Storage is a long-term storage service designed for off-chain NFT data such as metadata, images, and other assets, up to 31GiB in size per upload. Data is content that is addressed using IPFS, which means that a URI (“ipfs://…”) pointing to a piece of data is completely unique (using a content identifier or CID) to that data. IPFS URLs and CIDs can be used for NFTs and metadata to ensure that NFTs are always associated with the corresponding data.

NFT.Storage stores copies of uploaded data on the public IPFS network in two main ways, in dedicated IPFS servers managed by NFT.Storage, and on the decentralized Filecoin. Since IPFS is the standard used by many different storage services, it is easy to store data uploaded to NFT.Storage on any other IPFS-compatible storage solution, from Pinning Services to local IPFS nodes, to other Storage network (eg Arweave or Storj). Over time, as a public good, NFT.Storage will gradually expand the degree of decentralization.

About KOLO.Market

KOLO.Market is the first classical music NFT platform invested and incubated by a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with hundreds of well-known record companies in the world, including Naxos, the world’s largest independent classical music group. The works recorded by these well-known record companies have won many awards, including Grammy Awards, Gramophone Classical Music Awards, BBC Music Magazine Awards and other heavyweight international awards.

KOLO.Market solves the problems of copyright confirmation, rights protection and management through the decentralized, traceable and non-tamperable attributes of the blockchain, protects and improves the efficiency of royalty payment, and ensures the legitimate rights and interests of musicians, so as to realize the royalties of classical music decentralization, and create a long-term transparent platform for digital music assets based on the application of blockchain technology. In addition, KOLO.Market also incorporates the concept of web3, so that fans are no longer just givers, but also get rewards while supporting their favorite musicians, which undoubtedly creates a sustainable and healthier new model.

With the wide application of Web3 and the advent of the Metaverse world, KOLO.Market, as the world’s leading classical music NFT platform, data storage security and optimized user experience are the long-term pursuit of KOLO.Market. In the future, KOLO.Market will continue to use NFT.Storage’s excellent storage technology based on the working principle of content addressing, provable storage and elastic retrieval to continue to develop more services and products that are beneficial to users, including blockchain-based services and products. The decentralized high-quality streaming media platform, KOLO Metaverse Art Forum, international classical music competitions, etc., strive to meet the needs of global music NFT users to the greatest extent, and jointly experience various scenes with music as the core in the Metaverse world, As well as intellectual and fun activities and networking.

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