KK Live’s first digital collection is officially released, opening a new exploration of Metaverse interaction

In order to build a new Metaverse interactive scene and enrich the platform ecology, on June 10th, KK Live , a subsidiary of Miluoxing Group, joined hands with Tencent Zhixin Chain to publicly release the first digital collection “3D Sports Car – Red Flame God of War” in an innovative interactive way. Improve the user experience, while strengthening the interactive connection between users, an important step in creating an interactive entertainment Metaverse.

Digital collections are an application form for building Metaverse value with the rise of the concept of Metaverse, which can carry more diverse cultural types and contents through digital means, break through the limitations and value definitions of traditional collection forms, and combine abstract cultural meanings, circles, and values. Layer identity, psychological satisfaction, IP value, etc. are condensed in it, and have unique and inseparable characteristics, with scarcity and unique value, more in line with the pursuit of unique psychology of the younger generation, the self-expression and social needs of showing individuality, so it is popular among the public. hold.

KK Live's first digital collection is officially released, opening a new exploration of Metaverse interaction

A new attempt at KK Live

KK Live has always been actively exploring platform innovation and interaction based on Metaverse scenes, and strives to realize the implementation of more Metaverse interaction scenes. This time, it also paid attention to the content value, social attributes and breaking effect of digital collections. The release of the digital collection “3D Sports Car – Red Flame God of War” is a new attempt by KK Live to deeply connect brands and users through “content IP + platform interaction” in the Metaverse world.

“3D Sports Car – Red Flame God of War” has a tough and smooth model line, the very impactful front face and the raised rear wing are very domineering, and the two faint blue lights are more like a beast opening their eyes, and the particle light effect creates a streamer. Yicai’s visual effects present a sense of cyberpunk’s future technology as a whole.

The selection of this image as the first digital collection of KK Live stems from the insight into user emotions. “The sports car series are the most popular interactive props for users on the platform, which symbolize a kind of identity. It is more intimate and commemorative for old users to use this image as a digital collection; while the sports car adopts a pioneering design style, and also I can vote for the younger generation.” The relevant person in charge said.

Shuzang “Red Flame God of War”

“We always focus on improving the user experience and the fun of platform interaction, so we have carried out platform rights empowerment on top of digital collections to enrich the playability.”

It is reported that after users purchase digital collections on the exclusive page, they will receive rights such as full-platform broadcasts, “collector” labels, and permanent car props.

In addition to the display on the platform, users can also share off-site in the form of “digital certificate”, communicate and appreciate with the same fans, and become an intangible social asset.

KK Live's first digital collection is officially released, opening a new exploration of Metaverse interaction

In the face of the security and reliability of digital collections that are concerned by the public, KK Live also attaches great importance to this collection. Tencent Zhixin Chain provides the underlying technology of blockchain, trusted storage certificates and digital collection certificates, etc. Technical services can fully ensure the security of users’ digital assets.

The distribution of digital collections is another exploration of KK Live in the Metaverse field after KKVR, and it is also an important part of a prosperous platform interactive ecology, giving the new generation a sense of satisfaction and a sense of belonging to the same kind, and for the future interactive ecological development of KK Live’s platform Provides more room for imagination.

“We will also launch digital collection exhibition hall functions, digital collection blind box gameplay, more empowering rights and other content in the follow-up, continue to build more interactive scenes of the Metaverse, enhance the fun of interaction, and create a more global and flattened interaction. A new world of entertainment.”

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