“Kidian Software” received US$16 million in Series B financing; Indonesian fresh food e-commerce platform HappyFresh raised US$64 million

In addition, the valuation of “Vitality Forest” has soared, with the company’s revenue reaching US$450 million in 2020; Indian online education giant Byju’s has acquired education technology companies Toppr and Great Learning for US$600 million.

Globalization of Chinese Companies

Office SaaS vendor “Kadian Software” received US$16 million in Series B financing. 36 Krypton learned that recently, this round of financing was led by an investment fund jointly funded by South Korean software group Hancom and Line’s parent company Naver. The investment fund of Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, China Economic Cooperation Group and Taishan Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd. followed cast. The new round of funds will be used for the research and development of software technologies such as Document AI and SDK, to promote its To B corporate services in the United States, Japan and South Korea, and to further expand the global market.

The valuation of “Vitality Forest” has soared, and the company’s revenue in 2020 will reach US$450 million . According to TechCrunch, in 2020, the revenue of Yuanqi Forest will be about 450 million U.S. dollars. In addition, the company completed its fourth round of financing a few days ago. After the financing is completed, the company is valued at US$6 billion. It is reported that Yuanqi Forest’s products are currently sold in more than 40 countries.

Southeast Asia

HappyFresh, an Indonesian fresh food e-commerce platform, completed a financing of US$64 million. According to e27, the investors in this round of financing are Mirae Asset and Naver Corp. It is reported that HappyFresh was established in 2015 to allow users to order fresh groceries online and provide home delivery services. The company has completed a $20 million Series C financing in 2019.

PropertyGuru, a Southeast Asian multinational real estate technology company, plans to merge and go public with the special purpose company Bridgetown 2 Holdings . According to e27 reports, the combined corporate valuation is approximately US$1.35 billion and the equity value is approximately US$1.78 billion. It is reported that PropertyGuru is expected to raise US$431 million in this merger and listing on the New York Stock Exchange. The funds are composed of two parts, including Bridgetown 2 Holdings’ US$299 million in cash held in trust and a subscription price of US$10 per share Billion dollars in common stock PIPE (Private Equity Fund).

Philippine online payment platform Dragonpay has received a strategic investment from Indonesian payment gateway company Xendit . According to e27 reports, the specific amount of this financing has not been disclosed yet. Last year, Xendit cooperated with DragonPay to launch an installment payment plan in the Philippines. Dragonpay was established in 2010 to provide users with online payment services. As of today, Dragonpay said it has conducted nearly 100 million transactions and attracted more than 14 million users.


Indian online education giant Byju’s acquired education technology companies Toppr and Great Learning for $600 million . According to Inc42, Toppr was valued at approximately US$350 million at the time of the acquisition, and Great Learning was valued at approximately US$150 million. According to statistics, Byju’s currently has acquired 15 start-up companies.

Sequoia India and YC invested US$3 million in Veera, an Indian women’s health technology platform. According to Inc42, Veera has received investment from Sequoia India’s accelerator projects Surge and Y Combinator. It is reported that Veera’s first product is an online medical platform that helps women understand and cope with polycystic ovary syndrome, providing comprehensive medical guidance, nutritional advice and life guidelines.

Europe and America

Robinhood, an American online brokerage firm, opened an IPO roadshow to retail investors and plans to go public on July 29 . According to Sina Technology, Robinhood, a US online brokerage firm, launched a roadshow for the IPO to investors last Saturday, and made the roadshow materials available to all types of investors. In this IPO, Robinhood will leave a 35% share to retail investors on the platform, and the price may be higher than the current target range of $38 to $42. And usually, the retail need to wait until the stock exchange in the beginning of the cross CTG can buy and sell stocks. According to sources, Robinhood stock is expected to be traded on the Nasdaq market on July 29.

Cytek Biosciences is listed on NASDAQ . 36Kr was informed that Cytek was successfully listed on NASDAQ in the United States under the stock code “CTKB.O”. Cytek is a cell analysis solutions company. In October 2020, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kunlun Wanwei invested approximately US$2 million in Cytek.

Latin America

Celcoin, a Brazilian financial technology company, completed approximately US$11 million in financing . According to LatamList, the investors in this round of financing are Torq Ventures, Vox Capital, and boostLab. It is reported that Celcoin focuses on open finance, serving approximately 7.5 million Brazilians every month. The company’s technology enables companies to quickly obtain financial services.


Kenya’s automated AI platform KOSA AI completed the Pre-Seed round of financing for an unknown amount . According to WeeTracker, this round of financing was led by EchoVC Partners, with participation from APX, Dale Matthias, Fineday Ventures, The Continent Venture Partners, and Arch Capital.

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