Justin Sun has another son, APENFT and WINkLink, to work together to deploy GameFi?

From basic ecology to application scenarios, NFT (non-homogeneous tokens) has set off a full-scale war, just like the “Cambrian Explosion” has spawned a variety of applications. Looking at the present, not only the art of encryption, but also the NFT attacking the circle has set off a game craze. Unlike chain games a few years ago, the diversity of gameplay and the innovation of game mechanisms have given the game field more possibilities and explosive power. In particular, modes such as P2E (paly to earn) and GameFi have accelerated the popularization of the concept of NFT while also breaking the barriers of previous games.

With the new wave of “gamification finance” hitting, Justin Sun, a hotspot indicator, has recently entered GameFi. In the opinion of the founder of TRON, GameFi will lead the next block chain era as strong as DeFi. Therefore, WINkLink in the TRON ecosystem will formally deploy Gamefi and NFTfi together with the APENFT Foundation, and is planned for the fourth Officially launched quarterly. With Justin Sun pre-booking the best hot spots of this year and more and more competitors entering the game, the “left-handed finance, right-handed game” model seems to have become the next explosive point in the market.

Justin Sun has another son, APENFT and WINkLink, to work together to deploy GameFi?

The chain game trend is coming again, GameFi becomes the biggest selling point

On the evening of August 3, the first batch of 300 NFTs of Tencent’s NFT trading software, Phantom Core, went on sale, and they were sold out in less than one second, which is enough to show the enthusiasm of the outside world for NFTs. Although it is not a new concept, judging from the bets of Tencent, Alibaba, Instagram and other giants in recent months, the frequent emergence of large-scale financing, and the springing up of various NFT projects and platforms, NFT is already A hot word in the current crypto world.

Google search trends show that NFT’s search volume has been far ahead of DeFi for quite some time. At the same time, according to the “NFT 2020 Annual Report” released by Nonfungible, the NFT market transaction volume has increased from 40.9 million in 2018 to 338 million U.S. dollars in 2020. And this year, the peak value of NFT single-day trading even set an astonishing record of $102 million. From the data, we can also see the strong capital effect of the NFT market. Even though the market value was cut in half due to the “Black May” in the crypto market before, the NFT still returned to blood quickly. Coingecko data shows that as of August 12, the total market value of the top 100 NFT project tokens has rebounded and exceeded 23 billion U.S. dollars.

Justin Sun has another son, APENFT and WINkLink, to work together to deploy GameFi?

Top 10 popular NFT projects Source: NFT Insider (May 28, 2021)

NFT can rise again in the wind, thanks to the re-emergence of chain games.

From the perspective of market value and token growth, half of the top ten NFT projects in Coingecko’s market value are games. Judging from the growth rate of these game projects, as of August and September, the average growth rate in the past 30 days has exceeded 49.7%, far exceeding the growth rate of mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as DeFi leading coins such as Uniswap, Maker, and Compound.

From the perspective of the number of users and transaction volume, Dappradar data shows that in the past 30 days, the number of users in the game field exceeded 860,000 and the transaction volume exceeded $19.7 million, far ahead of DeFi, exchanges and other tracks. From the perspective of financing, many game developers or projects such as Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Virtually Human Studio, The Sandbox have received millions of dollars in financing.

Justin Sun has another son, APENFT and WINkLink, to work together to deploy GameFi?

Number of users in the game field in the past 30 days Source: DappRadar

The exponential increase in the popularity of chain games is inseparable from the promotion of GameFi projects. Although last year’s “DeFi+NFT” combination punches unexpectedly collided with development vitality and possibilities, this type of game quickly fell into the cold after becoming popular, and GameFi still owes its popularity to large-scale development. This year, typical GameFi projects such as Axie Infinity, Illuvium, My Neighbor Alice, and My DeFi Pet relied on the P2E model to ignite the first fire for the game. Among them, Axie Infinity’s single-day income was once the super-popular mobile game king glory three times. Different from the past, this kind of game financialization method that integrates DeFi and NFT not only broadens the application scenarios of game assets in a true sense, but also allows users to earn real income while playing and making money, and “GameFi” is also because of this. Become the biggest selling point of current chain games.

However, the GameFi sector projects are still relatively vacant, and most of the traffic is concentrated on a small number of head projects, and most of the projects are based on Ethereum, which means that there is still huge room for development in this field. Especially under high traffic, Ethereum often affects user experience due to network congestion and excessive gas fees, which also gives other blockchains more opportunities. For example, Justin Sun announced on Twitter that the APENFT Foundation will join the first TRON ecological system-wide oracle project WINkLink to enter GameFi, and the product prototype of the joint project will be completed in the third quarter of this year.

How can APENFT join forces with WINkLink to seize a place?

With the soaring popularity of NFT, the competition in the game field has been opened. In addition to FLOW, WAX, BSC and other native blockchains, traditional fashion giants such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry have also set their sights on the chain game. “Big Cake” on. It is foreseeable that in the future, more and more participants will want to “take a seat” in the chain game circuit, and the market will also release greater explosive power.

However, the promising prospects also mean that competition will become increasingly fierce. If you want to get a slice of the popular blue ocean track, you must have a strong technical and ecological strength. From the perspective of the development of DApps, Ethereum, BSC, TRON, etc. have already had outstanding performance in the fields of games, collectibles, and trading markets. As of August 12, the number of Ethereum-based DApps reached 2,408, followed by TRON with 1,302, and BSC ranked third with 1,246.

“Ecological prosperity” is one of the new standards for measuring public chains. Conversely, infrastructure is often one of the keys to “out of the circle” of applications. As we all know, the development of high-quality chain games requires high costs, and only enough new players can participate to cover expenditures. However, in the hotspot iterative fast crypto market, most projects are actually very difficult to maintain long-term freshness. For this reason, the market is not Few projects chose to copy the code directly, and the chain tour was once caught in the involute trap of imitating disks. At the same time, high gas fees are becoming one of the factors that discourage players, especially since most of the current NFT value is lower than the transfer fee, and NFT assets are falling asleep.

For example, COVIDPunk, a popular CryptoPunks imitation disk, once caused the gas fee to soar from 70 Gwei to 400 Gwei; Ethereum-based Space Poggers once soared to 625 GWei due to the NFT sale.

From this point of view, if the GameFi project is to achieve a larger and more creative development, the underlying technology plays a role that cannot be ignored. Relying on the public chain TRON under the leadership of Sun Ge, and the joint cooperation between the APENFT Foundation and WINkLink may bring more possibilities to the GameFi market.

From the perspective of past ecological development, TRON has greatly reduced developer costs by virtue of high throughput, high scalability, and high availability, which has cleared away obstacles to the development of application ecology. Not only that, TRON also has the advantages of high TPS and free transfer, which can greatly reduce the barriers to participation and allow more users to embrace chain games. The TRC version of USDT is also recognized for its low handling fee and convenience. The current authorized issuance volume has exceeded the USDT on Ethereum, providing a stable currency link for the chain game ecosystem. In addition, in terms of the underlying protocol, TRON launched the first NFT standard TRC-721 as early as 2020, and it is fully compatible with the ERC-721 standard protocol used to create NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Justin Sun has another son, APENFT and WINkLink, to work together to deploy GameFi?

TRON transaction volume in the past 30 days Source: TRONSCAN

The left hand is the competition of technology, and the right hand is the contest of NFT resources and cognition. In this regard, Justin Sun actually made the first move. He bought a number of world-class famous paintings NFT, such as the Picasso that was photographed for 143 million yuan. The famous painting “Lying Nude Girl Wearing Necklace” and Andy Warhol’s “Three Self-Portraits” are wound on TRON according to the TRC-721 standard, officially unveiling the prelude to the NFTization of the masterpiece. In addition, TRON has also optimized its Bittorrent File System (BTFS), the world’s largest distributed storage system, to adapt to the storage needs of NFT.

Of course, the outbreak of GameFi is inseparable from the important element of DeFi. In the process of reshaping the value of chain travel, the blessing of DeFi has enriched transaction forms and asset application scenarios, which in turn attracted more new players. In the process of the continuous emergence of innovative DeFi applications, the oracle is an important infrastructure in the blockchain. If there is no oracle, the blockchain is like a computer without an Internet connection. As the TRON version of Chainlink, WINkLink solves the needs of smart contracts on TRON for external world data, and provides strong support for TRON DeFi ecological applications and off-chain data intercommunication.

Not only WINkLink, but the APENFT Foundation, which is skilled in the art of encryption, may bring more possibilities for unlocking innovative GameFi applications. On the one hand, the APENFT Foundation has Ethereum and TRON as the underlying technical support, and uses the decentralized storage system BTFS as the permanent storage of files; “Ocean’s Front”, “ABUNBANCE” (5 pictures) and the entire NFT work “Cube” of encryption artist Pak were donated to the APENFT Foundation. These masterpieces are worth more than 200 million yuan, which can be used by the APENFT Foundation in ” Provide sufficient space for innovation in the exploration of “art + blockchain”. In addition, the APENFT Foundation has also reached in-depth cooperation with the head auction platforms such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Nifty Gateway and encryption artist Beeple.

In the current age full of curiosity and hype filters, the APENFT Foundation provides a certain value support for the current development of NFT, and it also brings greater competitiveness to the GameFi layout.

Justin Sun has another son, APENFT and WINkLink, to work together to deploy GameFi?

“Lying Nude Girl Wearing Necklace” Source: APENFT Foundation

It is worth mentioning that both APENFT Foundation and WINkLink have governance tokens NFT and WIN, which will be used in the NFT games launched by both parties, which can provide a powerful boost for governance and game asset circulation in the future. Among them, APENFT Foundation recently spent 2.52 million US dollars for NFT repurchase and destruction, which can further increase the value of tokens.

In short, just like the sudden rise of DeFi last summer, in the process of continuous improvement of infrastructure, various applications are like Lego bricks to spell out various possibilities, the market scale is growing day by day, and so is GameFi. Although GameFi has become a hot spot for nuggets in the crypto market, it is still at an early stage in terms of overall development. With the current influx of more and more teams and funds, the GameFi track will no longer be “single-playing” with Ethereum. “Fighting”, but presents a scene of a hundred flowers blooming.


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