Justin Bieber’s first Metaverse concert surprised the world

On November 19th, the famous American singer Justin Bieber held a 30-minute meta-universe concert on the virtual music platform Wave. The avatar Justin Bieber sang his latest album Justice “.

Justin Bieber's first Metaverse concert surprised the world

The background of the whole performance is very gorgeous, golden wheat fields, golden sunlight, and golden fireflies floating from the grass, which can more appropriately express the connotation conveyed by music.

With the blessing of the virtual scene, although Bieber who sang with wheat is not as vivid as the real person, it can cover up some shortcomings in traditional concerts, such as the singer’s tone and image.

Justin Bieber's first Metaverse concert surprised the world

Then Bieber’s “real body” appeared in the lower right corner of the screen. Bieber is wearing a capture suit, acting as his own virtual character, keeping the virtual version of himself on the screen “in sync”.

Justin Bieber's first Metaverse concert surprised the world

It can be seen from the video that the current motion capture technology is very perfect. Although there is still some delay visible to the naked eye, the subtle movements of Bieber’s favorite leg shaking maintain a very accurate synchronization.

Justin Bieber's first Metaverse concert surprised the world

In addition to the scene update, the virtual concert has a unique audience interaction. Fans of this concert can watch the concert through the Wave platform, and can also watch the live broadcast on Bieber’s official YouTube account.

While watching the live broadcast, the audience can send flowing golden light to Bieber according to the scene, and the grass will grow red, yellow, and blue flowers in three different colors.

Justin Bieber's first Metaverse concert surprised the world

On the whole, although the shocking effect of live-action concerts is still far behind, especially Bieber’s image is still very rough, but the trend of meta-universe concerts is self-evident.

At 2 o’clock in the morning on February 3, the game “Fortress Night” and the internationally renowned musician Marshmello’s virtual concert opened. Marshmello uses motion capture technology to broadcast live in a virtual image. Players can even come to him and talk to him after entering the venue. He interacted closely, and a total of 10.7 million people participated in this concert .

The success of this concert allowed the world to see the future of the meta-universe concert.

Justin Bieber's first Metaverse concert surprised the world

As a result, singers have joined the camp.

In addition to the meta-universe concert held by rapper Travis Scott on Fortnite, in August this year, well-known American female singer Ariana Grande attracted as many as 78 million players at a virtual concert Rift Tour that lasted several days in Fortnite.

Justin Bieber's first Metaverse concert surprised the world

Roblox, another gaming platform, also hosted virtual concerts in its meta universe including famous singers such as Lil Nas X and Zara Larsson.

Soon, Roblox announced that it would hold a virtual concert for rising star singer Tai Verdes on November 13.

As far as the current technology is concerned, large-scale interactive operations cannot be fully realized, and the fineness of the concert needs to be greatly improved, and there are still many problems.

But as companies and celebrities invest in the meta-universe layout or related activities, these problems will definitely be solved one by one.

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