June Polkadot Eco: Kusama Slot Bidding in Full Swing 3 Parallel Chains Connected

Check out the progress of the Polkadot Eco project in June!

June was a very exciting month for the Polkadot ecosystem, starting with the successful launch of Statemine, the Kusama asset chain, followed by the official opening of the first parallel chain auctions, with Karura winning the first slot, followed by Moonriver winning the second slot. In addition to the slot auction, we see more eco-projects starting to collaborate to usher in a new era of scalable and interoperable blockchains.



  1. Technology/Product Progress

Generated Karura Genesis block and successfully ran Karura Parallel Chain

Implemented collector management module

Updated Substrate / Polkadot / Cumulus version to 0.9.5

Fix some bugs found by audit

Configure Karura governance module

Update code to use NamedReserve

Improve incentive reward module

Use Relay Chain blocks for token unlock cycle calculation

Under development

Karura mainnet feature upgrade, ready for governance to be turned on

Support walletconnect protocol

  1. Progress and Cooperation

On June 2, Acala’s official Asian Ambassador recruitment program was launched.

June 4, Karura opens Crowdloan pre-registration, users get referral code and start inviting users.

On June 8, Kraken, OKEx, Kucoin, Fearless, Newland and Polkawallet open their channels to support Karura Crowdloan.

On June 9, Kusama announced the first parallel chain slot bidding time, Karura’s Crowdloan officially opened and launched a 3-day 10% early bird bonus, and the number of KSM support exceeded 200,000 within 24 hours.

On June 9, Acala released the Karura Crowdloan participation tutorial and FAQ.

On June 15, the Kusama Parallel Chain Slot Auction officially started, Karura surpassed 380,000 total KSM support and launched a two-day 5% auction launch bonus.

On June 15, Kusama launched the #KusaMEME emoji contest, and Karura joined in and gave 500+ KAR as the emoji contest prize.

On June 17, the normal period of Kusama parallel chain bidding ended and Karura Crowdloan KSM support exceeded 400,000.

On June 22, Kusama’s first parallel chain slot auction results were released, and Karura won with 501,137 KSM support, accumulating over 15,000 participants locked in KSM.

June Polkadot Eco: Kusama Slot Bidding in Full Swing 3 Parallel Chains Connected

On June 22, Acala team released the steps of Karura go-live process.

June Polkadot Eco: Kusama Slot Bidding in Full Swing 3 Parallel Chains Connected

On June 23, Kusama and Karura held a celebration ceremony on Twitter for the successful bidding of the first parallel chain, allowing Kusama eco-users to get up close and personal with Ruitao Su, Bette Chen and Dan Reecer from the Acala team.

June Polkadot Eco: Kusama Slot Bidding in Full Swing 3 Parallel Chains Connected

On June 23, Kraken, the nation’s second largest compliance exchange, produced a winning parallel chain slot auction article and video for Karura (https://blog.kraken.com/post/9715/karura-wins-the-first-kusama-parachain-slot -auction/).

June Polkadot Eco: Kusama Slot Bidding in Full Swing 3 Parallel Chains Connected

On June 23rd, Acala released the Acala Treasury Science article and provided a demonstration and introduction to the future form of the Acala Network Proposal (ATP).

On June 25, Acala released a tutorial on Karura network address creation and KAR reward query.

  1. Community Events

On June 1, Dan Reecer, Acala’s Head of Global Growth, interviewed Trevor Marshall, CTO of Current, a U.S. mobile bank, and uploaded the video to Acala’s official YouTube Channel. The video shares how DeFi integrates with traditional finance, why Trevor Marshall transitioned from Wall Street to DeFi, how future users can use Current + Acala to seamlessly access global multi-asset services, and more.

June Polkadot Eco: Kusama Slot Bidding in Full Swing 3 Parallel Chains Connected

On June 9, Acala co-founders Ruitao Su & Bette Chen and Acala Global Growth Lead Dan Reecer hosted an online event at Crowdcast on Karura Crowdloan bidding rewards and process details, attracting 1,187+ viewers.

June Polkadot Eco: Kusama Slot Bidding in Full Swing 3 Parallel Chains Connected

On June 11, Acala & Karura, in collaboration with Winkrypto, held a live online event with the theme of Karura Summer Rally, featuring Parity’s VP Fabian and DRF Managing Director Yin Cao, who not only shared the Karura Crowdloan participation tutorial, but also the current Karura The event was attended by Parity’s VP Fabian and DRF Managing Director Cao Yin, who not only shared Karura Crowdloan’s participation tutorials and Karura’s current auction data, but also gave their thoughts on the future of Polkadot and Kusama, attracting a total of 2,700+ viewers.

On June 11, Dan Reecer, Head of Global Growth at Acala, participated in the Kusama Parallel Chain Slot Auction hosted by Kraken, the second largest compliance exchange in the U.S., giving Kraken users an overview of how the parallel chain auction works and how to participate in the Karura Crowdloan.

On June 16, Ruitao, co-founder of Acala & Karura, was a guest on ADN Community’s third podcast, sharing Karura and Acala’s development plans, including Karura’s upcoming launch and related product features, economic models, and the relationship between the two.

On June 16, Acala open contributor Fuyao participated in the 100 Talks event hosted by Golden Finance, sharing his thoughts on Kusama’s first parallel chain slot and how to capture the potential opportunities therein.

On June 21, Acala PR Kelly participated in an online event held by Moonbeam, sharing his thoughts on the layout of multiple chains in the Polkadot ecosystem.

On June 23rd, Acala co-founders Ruitao Su & Bette Chen and Acala Global Growth Lead Dan Reecer hosted an event on Crowdcast about Karura’s growth plan and Build series after the successful auction, attracting 3,177+ users.

On June 24, Acala Co-Founder Bette Chen participated in an online event hosted by Global DeFi Summit to share insights on user education and scenario use cases for DeFi in 2022.

On June 24, Acala co-hosted an offline Meetup with Chicago DeFi Alliance and CumberLand/DRW in Chicago, USA, with Imran Khan, head of DeFi Alliance, Nate George, analyst at DRW, and Dan Reecer of Acala.

On June 24, Acala open contributor Yuzhu participated in a live event hosted by PolkaWorld, where he shared the steps of Karura’s rewards query and explained the go-live process.


  1. Technical/Product Advances.

Bifrost Dapp

Swap module development, Bifrost Asgard CC4 new chain upgrade to solve the Dapp bug and interface with Swap API.

Completed all API interfacing of Swap module, tested Swap & Liquidity normal working condition after new pool.

Completed SALP main module development, integrated Bancor algorithm to automatically repurchase or reserve vsToken; code review & process testing and added vsBond Auction function.

vsKSM Mint Drop

Add crowdloan.addMemo and crowdloan.attribute modules to interface with supported Crowdloan applications such as Fearless, Nutbox, Mathwallet, etc.

Opened official voting phase, added UI details, updated third-party participation channels, created and audited multi-signature accounts.

Opened Kusama Parallel Chain Auction limited time double reward mode, increased reward factor, and reopened invitation code mechanism.

Bifrost Node

Completed Bifrost Launch update, deployed and upgraded CC4 release-v0.9.3, tested various Pallet functions.

Registered Kusama parallel chain Genesis block and conducted audit, officially opened Crowdloan.

2、Operation/market progress.

Online/offline activities.

On June 1, LBANK and Bifrost’s live broadcast Bifrost Slot Auction takes new utility to KSM was held on Youtube, Tyrone revealed in the live broadcast why Bifrost didn’t issue a test network to participate in the slot auction and how vsKSM released liquidity. How vsKSM unlocks liquidity, details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly_rzjsU-oY

June 2 – June 4, Bifrost participated in the Tides Wave 2021 Blockchain Industry Impact Summit hosted by Blocklike live, where Lurpis gave advice on improving liquidity during the afternoon roundtable sharing on the second day.

On June 16, Telegram AMA on Kusama Parachain Auctions, hosted by Euclid CEX, invited Tyrone, Bifrost Product Manager, to give a detailed analysis of the need for slot bidding, the liquidity of bidding lockups offered by Bifrost and the advantages of bidding. A detailed analysis was given. https://telegra.ph/AMA-Recap-Kusama-Parachain-Auctions-for-Shiden-NetworkSDN-Crust-ShadowCRU–BifrostBNC-06-21

On June 17, Tyrone was invited to participate in the Telegram AMA Bifrost on its way to Kusama Crowdloan hosted by the TopDao community. From business to slot bidding, Tyrone explained in detail to the community about the Bifrost SALP and how to Maximize your BNC rewards in the slot auction, details: https://topdao.medium.com/3ea6e7a66b99

On June 23rd, Bifrost co-founder Lurpis was invited to participate in the 114th edition of the ForceField Community Live to explain in depth the latest progress of the Kusama Parallel Chain Slot Auction. The live broadcast gave detailed answers from the impact of the general market environment to the competition between project bids and the way ordinary users can participate, details: https://www.yizhibo.com/l/emRSn5J6yedT5Mqk.html

Content Building.

On June 23rd, the Bifrost vsKSM slot auction tutorial was updated to the Bifrost public video, where peeps can participate in the Bifrost slot auction through the wallet side and vsKSM minting at https://ksm.vtoken.io/.

On June 24, the Bifrost Crowdloan slot bidding video tutorial was also updated on the Bifrost public page to provide a more intuitive understanding of how to participate in the Bifrost Crowdloan KSM voting via the Kusama mainnet from the PC side. Bifrost will publish the mainnet after a successful parallel chain auction, and for every 1 KSM voted or cast, you will receive at least 11 BNC bonus, and an additional 5% for inviting friends.

On June 25, Bifrost Risk Control Series III: Multi-level risk prevention and control measures for capital security was released, Bifrost designed corresponding risk control measures from multiple levels and multiple levels, and shared security through parallel chains to ensure the security of the various derivative assets carried.

Ecological Cooperation.

Bifrost has entered into cooperation with Fearless Wallet and now supports Bifrost Kusama parallel chain bidding. In the future, Bifrost will enter into a deeper product partnership with Fearless Wallet. The ease of use of the Fearless Wallet product will help DeFi users lower the barrier to participation in derivatives and explore the future of the Polkadot ecosystem together.

Bifrost has partnered with RMRK, the NFT protocol, to facilitate Bifrost’s parallel chain bidding by distributing limited amounts of NFT. Anyone who participates in the Bifrost Crowdloan with at least 10 KSM will be able to claim a special Kanaria component that can be equipped with a Kanaria bird using the same crypto address.


  1. Technical/Product Advances

DEX Protocol

Additional refinements to the test user and code structure of the EVM contract version, and an external code audit will be conducted soon.

Optimized and improved the API interface services related to the EVM contract version, including transaction notifications, balance inquiries, transaction liquidity inquiries, etc.

The interface for adjusting transaction fees is reserved. Through economic incentives to enhance the income of ecological participants (traders, parallel chains, liquidity providers and market makers, etc.) and help the ecological development.


Through modeling abstraction and architectural reorganization, the DEX DApp has been able to access two different implementations of the DEX Protocol (EVM contract version and Module version) simultaneously. This will effectively smooth out the cognitive friction and improve the user experience, allowing users to migrate smoothly from the previous single-chain DeFi ecosystem to the complex structure of the Polkadot DeFi ecosystem.

Since the kernel mechanism of the EVM contract version is very different from that of the Module version, DEX DApp has done a round of adaptation design for the EVM contract version, which includes account address conversion and additional transaction authorization process.

By using the Batch Transaction function of Polkadot network, we are able to complete the “Authorization + Exchange” function in one click.

SlotVault DApp

The first batch of partner projects have basically been accessed. For each project, users will experience different paths of use.

Mobile adaptation is complete. Users will be able to access SlotVault directly from major decentralized mobile wallets (e.g. imToken, Math Wallet, TokenPocket, etc.).

2、Community/event progress

Community News

On June 3, Zenlink team launched the first Global Community Idea Contest, which includes two activities, Zenlink Meme Idea Contest and Zenlink Essay Contest, and announced the winners on June 17.

On June 4, Zenlink launched the second batch of Discovery Edition NFT release, which was distributed through a random lottery selected by community voting and conducted on the SakeSwap platform, followed by the “Supplementary Announcement on the Second Batch of Zenlink Discovery Edition NFT Release” on June 10, in which the logic of the NFT lottery was On June 10, Zenlink released a supplemental announcement on the second batch of Zenlink Discovery NFT releases, detailing the logic of the NFT sweepstakes and publishing solutions, FAQs, etc.

On June 6, Zenlink released its weekly report No. 10 “Weekly Report | Zenlink SlotVault is gradually accessing the first batch of partner projects”.

On June 9, Zenlink released the “Announcement on the Temporary Suspension of ZenlinK SlotVault Launch”, for more details, please visit: https://zenlinkpro.medium.com/announcement-about-the-temporary-suspension-of -zenlink-slotvault-launch-5ef0f5e60d44

On June 18, Zenlink released its weekly report No.11 “Weekly Report | Zenlink DEX DApp Finished Accessing Protocol EVM Version”.

On June 24, Zenlink officially announced the first batch of ZenlinkDAO initial governance committee members to start a new beginning of governance. Capital and crypto KOL Cao Yin and other diversified organizations and individual representatives joined, meanwhile, applications received from overseas will be announced as the second batch of members in due course after review and communication!

Brand Events

On June 4, Guo Tao, the head of Zenlink China, participated in the second edition of Zenlink & Acala Special AMA hosted by Polkadot Ecology Big Talk Blockchain, and gave a detailed introduction of Zenlink’s future plans and new product SlotVault.

On June 10, Guo Tao, the head of Zenlink China, was invited to participate in the “DeFi New Paradigm – and Bifrost Kusama Parallel Chain Auction Launch” live event, and expressed his views on the significance of slot auctions for Polkadot.



Development / Product Progress

  1. migrate all ChainX runtime modules to Substrate 3.0 property macros
  2. Fix Docker compilation issues in the latest develop branch
  3. refactor the xpallet-transaction-fee module based on the latest transaction-payment
  4. fix the problem that the candidate verifier can get the reward without actually running the node, after the patch is deployed to the main network, all candidate verifiers must also run the node to send heartbeat transactions regularly or they will be punished.
  5. fix the bug that btc-relay parsed the dogecoin part containing auxpow blocks and the bug that the getBlock rpc parameters of Dogecoin and Bitcoin in Btc-relay are different.
  6. export the state from the current mainnet and build a test chain based on the exported state for testing
  7. build dogecoin testnet, maintain sherpax test network
  8. minichain browser first version function development completed
  9. nft card page basic function development completed
  10. coming desktop, complete keystore login, tune through group chat


  1. Technical progress

Darwinia Crab parallel chain development and testing, parallel thread deployment, crowd lending and parallel chain auction

Optimization of Ethernet virtual machine, DVM Withdraw and KTON precompiles merged and completed

Complete MMR trimming solution and optimize on-chain state

Merged BSC on-chain light client implementation to prepare for subsequent crossover of BSC assets to Darwinia

Complete Darwinia BEEFY light client design and advance its solidity implementation

Conducted Substrate <> Substrate message cross-chain testing on Pangolin

Develop Substrate <> Substrate cross-chain asset module, including asset endorsement module and mapped asset issuance module, which will support ERC20 and Substrate Currency assets across chains

Bridge Relayer Rust Client Bridger Refactoring

The new framework structure of Bridger has been formed, which will simplify the development of bridges between different chains and make it easier to maintain.

2、Community progress

2021.06.11 Crust, Phala, Darwinia Kusama parallel chain auction launch, we live-streamed on how users across chains can empower Web3.0, to help everyone better understand the Darwinia network.

Released the Darwinia Crab Crowd Lending Portal Summary article to help users choose the right way to contribute to KSM for themselves, which includes a graphic how-to for all users.

Kusama & Darwinia Crab Global Creative Competition started We opened a global creative competition, aiming to let more users know about KUSAMA parallel chain auction as well as add fun to the auction event.

Darwinia community at home and abroad opened [Daily Knowledge Interactive] activities.

Discussions were held around many blockchain hot topics and Darwin related knowledge, and many interesting questions were enthusiastically interacted with, for example, what is NFT, what is meta-universe, and what is KUSAMA slot auction?

This event will be held from Monday to Friday at 5:30 pm every day to popularize a trivia and post questions about blockchain hot topics or Darwin project, 000 RING Grand Prize

Darwinia CMO Bree participated in a series of sharing events, including

Bitwell English AMA, shared kusama parallel chain auction strategy

Topdao overseas community AMA, answering questions about the Kusama parallel chain auction

AMA Vozblockchain & DarwiniaNetwork, shared knowledge about Crab network

Kusama Auction AMA with Crust and Phala, aiming to explore how privacy, storage, and cross-chain can empower Web3.0

  1. Collaboration Progress

Dariwinia and Genesis Shard started working together and through this partnership, the Genesis Shards project will be able to implement Darwinia’s cross-chain bridging network for its platform. It has applications across different domains such as DeFi, trading, NFT and gaming.

Dariwinia and Subquery began working together to open the door for Darwinia to the application ecosystem to build more compelling applications on this free data source through the public data available on SubQuery.

Dariwinia and Jambo Network begin a partnership where Jambo will continue to drive advertising eco-applications to the ground and combine Darwinia’s decentralized bridging network and NFT eco-applications to provide traffic value services to more heterogeneous chain users.


Evolutionary Planet

Technical Progress

  1. The newbie guidance system of Planet Evolution has been developed and has been opened for testing in Test Service 1 continent.
  2. Gold Rush function has been developed and will be launched on June 28, 2021 at 10:00 am, and the first phase will be closed on July 5 at 10:00 am.
  3. the farming function has been developed and is open for testing on mainland 1.
  4. Evolution Planet is connected to DefiBox and finished uploading project data.
  5. Evolution Planet continent performance optimization has been completed and entered the testing process.

Community progress

  1. The Metaverse expedition team led by Mr. Cao Yin came to Planet Evolution to explore the potential of Planet Evolution [One Place One Dapp social meta-universe].
  2. Planet Evolution cooperated with Polygon, and the Polygon project will move into Planet Evolution by participating in the land auction in the future.
  3. Planet Evolution held a live broadcast of “How Planet Evolution builds Web3.0 meta-universe” in BML community, and BML community will also be in Planet Evolution by participating in the land auction.

Smart Contracts

Patract Labs

  1. Technology/product progress.

1) Redspot

Review of v0.4 completed.

Modified examples so that local dependencies can be installed for development.

Fixed the contract name issue, upgraded the Polkadot.js dependency, and added the Plasm chain contract example.

2) Ask!

released v0.2 of Ask! and planned the preliminary details of v0.3

Provided examples needed for testing/demonstration.

3) Europa


Finished parsing transaction details, parsing event details and improving page styles. Finished saving Europa contract trace and RPC call to get interface.

Completed developer page and block details page. Add startup page and settings page, provide Database path and Workspace selection, can be associated with Redspot project.


Finished recording state changes using tracing, and finished parse process for traces.

Released Europa v0.3.1 and completed the financial proposal Europa v0.3 node.

Provided binary compilation and packaging CIs for Windows, Linux and macOS, which can automatically release binary compilation packages for the three platforms after each release, so that developers can use Europa directly without compiling it by themselves.

4) Elara

Added support for Statemine and Westmint nodes.

Official website

Added Elara’s last 30 days request data display.


Node transpond pressure test, test, RPC Latency average 40ms qps2800, node pressure test limit qps8000-9000.

Add Trace log, Perf part optimization.

5) Metis

Completed Metis proposal, Metis early version development, implemented basic component model and examples.

Design and improve the macro and unit test support for Metis component development, and define the component development paradigm.

Improve Metis component testing support based on Redsopt and ink!

Complete the implementation and testing of ERC20, Access-Control, Reentrancy-guard, Escrow, Pull-payment and other components.

6) Jupiter

Merge polkadot-v0.9.3 branch of Jupiter to master and release version.

Restart Jupiter test network.

7) PatraScan


PatraScan v0.4 documentation details optimization, improve the design of Treasury-related data presentation.

PatraScan v0.9 documentation writing 50%, Staking related data presentation design.

Account-related module database table design.

Back-end API

Add some Metadata API, class diagram documentation and database documentation.

Fix Blockchain part of API, write new version of Treasury design documentation.

Front-end UI development in progress.

  1. Ecology/Collaboration Progress.

Polkadot ecological smart contract hosting platform t3rn announced to join Patract Open Alliance.

3、Community/Event Progress.

On June 3, Patract CMO Santry and Helena, Head of Business and Operations of Parity Asia, were invited to participate in the “Polkadot Big Talk” Parity & Patract session as interview guests.

On June 3, Yue Lipeng, the founder of Patract Labs, together with Moonbeam and Clover, was invited to the “Web3.0 Bootcamp Smart Contracts Session” organized by Web3 Foundation, Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, New Chain Space and Parity.

On June 9, CTO Aten shared “Patract’s Contract Development Toolchain – Redspot&Europa” in the technical session of PatraShare Phase 5.

On June 10, Patract was a guest at a roundtable hosted by Bifrost, talking with other guests about “Anticipating the future of composability of Polkadot eco-projects”.

On June 23rd, CTO Aten shared “How to use Europa and tips” in PatraShare’s 6th technical session.

  1. Parliamentary work.

Voted to approve a series of Kusama Council Motions to go live with Statemine.

Voted in favor of Kusama Treasury Spending Proposal #92 on the development of Sube v1.0, the lightweight Substrate transaction signing tool.

Voted to reject Polkadot Bounty proposal #2 because it is an anonymous malicious proposal with no substance.

Voted in favor of Polkadot Treasury Proposal #51 for Treasury spending on Figment Learn course production costs.

Voted in favor of Kusama Council Bill #92 on VLN’s development costs for Sube v1.0.

Voted in favor of Polkadot Council Proposal #89 for June/July/August operating costs for the non-profit organization Polkadot Ecology Institute.

Voted in favor of Polkadot Council Proposition #54, on infrastructure costs for the Polkadot Network Subscan for the months of March through May 2021.

Voted in favor of Polkadot Assembly Bill #53, Maintenance, Operations and Human Resources Costs for Polkassembly July through September 2021, including general maintenance, Runtime upgrade changes and infrastructure costs.

Voted in favor of Polkadot Assembly Bill #51, regarding the allocation of DOT for the Figment milestone as an incentive to developers.


  1. Technical progress

Integration of SecretStore functionality allows MathChain to provide distributed cryptographic key storage capabilities

Completed user wallet key encryption distributed storage internal demo

Completed the upgrade and debugging of browser, tap and node monitor

The web wallet has been upgraded and now supports transferring, creating L2 addresses, backup and restoration, etc.

  1. Ecological progress

Completed the first phase of Substrate Builder Program milestone

Released a new roadmap detailing MathChain’s future plans: https://docs.mathchain.org/en/launch/

Entered into a strategic partnership with Apron Network to provide developers with a one-stop shop for creating Substrate-based applications compatible with the EVM framework and decentralized node services, lowering the development threshold and cost for developers

Strategic partnership with Manta Network to develop DEX with privacy protection and bring full end-to-end on-chain DeFi privacy protection to wallet users through integration with Math Wallet

Astar (formerly Plasm Network)

  1. Renamed Plasm to Astar Network

Because of the name “Plasm”, it is often thought of as a Layer2 related project. In reality, Plasm is not a Layer2 project, it is a multi-chain dApp hub on Polkadot, supporting Ethernet VMs and WebAssembly, and Layer2 is not the main feature, but only a complementary feature. So Plasm team decided to update the brand and change Plasm to Astar Network!

2、Sota interviewed by Microsoft

Our goal is to build an open, transparent and sustainable platform for Web 3.0. Astar Network will be a decentralized platform. We have already started talking to cloud providers like Microsoft and Amazon.

  1. Shiden launches Crowdloan campaign at Kusama

The third auction of Kusama should start and the highest bidder is currently Shiden, after winning the auction, Shiden will become a Kusama parallel chain and then Shiden will be launched step by step. So our first phase is to win the auction and in the second phase to prepare the smart contract functionality and collect people to stabilize the whole network. Our third phase is to integrate XCMP to develop cross-chain use cases.

  1. Partnership with Oraichain

Plasm Network announced a partnership with Oraichain, which enables the two companies to work together to integrate products, services and AI data to extend both companies’ AI ecosystem offerings. Through this partnership, we are bringing AI data into our ecosystem for developers to use on Shiden and Plasm Network.

This new partnership connects Oraichain with the Plasm ecosystem, a hub of dApps on Kusama and Polkadot, to help accelerate the development of both platforms. We are working on cross-VM communication (X-VM) libraries for the Shiden and Plasm networks, which makes Oraichain available to all developers building in the Plasm ecosystem.

  1. Stake Technologies, the company behind Plasm & Shiden, closed a $10 million strategic funding round!

Stake Technologies, the core company behind Plasm Network and Shiden Network, announced a $10 million funding round led by Distributed Capital with participation from other notable investors including Hypersphere Ventures, Gumi Cryptos, IOSG Ventures, TRG Capital, AU21 Capital, Digital Strategies, SNZ, Digital Strategies, Sub0 Capital, Altnomy, East Ventures, and others. The round also included Nobuyuki Idei, a well-known angel investor and former CEO and chairman of Sony.

  1. Plasm Network/ Shiden Network announced a partnership with doublejump.tokyo, the largest NFT content creator in Japan! Will expand Plasm and Shiden’s ecosystem by introducing NFT.

7、Astar introduces X-VM

Our vision for X-VM is to build an abstraction layer that allows smart contracts to execute calls and read stored data from different contract engines (virtual machines) and languages (e.g., interacting with Solidity dApps written in ink!).

As Dr. Gavin Wood mentioned earlier, WebAssembly is the future of smart contracts, but Ethernet virtual machines are also important now. The WASM-based engine has a bright future, as there are many great developers like Patract Lab who are making WebAssembly easier for developers to use on Polkadot.

However, we still see the value of EVM as we closely follow the latest developments in layer2 solutions for Ethernet, such as Optimistic Rollups and ZK Rollups. Rollups.


Crust Network

Technology/Product Advances.

  1. Preview network Maxwell has been running steadily for 5 months (current block height is 2.2 million), with 2,667 nodes in the network, total capacity of 635PB, 31590 meaningful files, and about 19PB meaningful file storage capacity
  2. Web3 ecology added including Chainlink’s IPFS Adapter, Compound and MakerDao Oasis App, which use or integrate the storage function of Crust network
  3. Crust Grants awarded 6 new programs in June, including subscan storage explorer, NFT, user-oriented cloud drive cruDrive, etc. For more information, please see: https://github.com/crustio/Crust-Grants- Program/pulls?q=is%3Apr+label%3A%22%F0%9F%AA%9A++project%22+
  4. Crust Shadow officially participated in Kusama Crowdloan, the parallel chain code 2012, and has accumulated 2 weeks of crowdsourced rewards, optimization and new features include: the introduction of collator-selection and session module and other features to adapt to the latest Kusama parallel chain mechanism; for the latest Kusama Cross-chain storage xStorage module
  5. On-chain protocol completed PoC25 version iteration, including: new CSM guarantee module; Benefit module adjustment and re-optimization; optimization of many functions of the storage market; adjustment of GPoS/MPoW/DSM parameters and mechanisms for the main network; version locking and upgrade process for the main network online
  6. The under-chain protocol sWorker completed all the development work of real-time Seal/Unseal and conducted large-scale testing in Maxwell preview network, and completed the following: performance testing of each DB of IPFS and finalized the DB scheme; optimized the interaction between Enclave and App; optimized the memory allocation mechanism for the new version of Enclave. Optimization
  7. Crust Apps released new version 0.85.2-15, including: optimization of CRU/CSM claiming process, new Profit Data page
  8. designed a complete off-chain work machine pd-machine to count, calculate and monitor the behavior of users storing data on Maxwell Preview; optimized and refactored the sManager for large-scale order taking.

Ecological/cooperation progress.

1、Crust Network and CryptoTycoon formally reached a strategic cooperation. Crust Network will provide decentralized storage service for CryptoTycoon to solve the problem of massive amount of Coinan Smartchain users getting NFT rate in CryptoTycoon platform, etc.

Crust has launched a specific incentive program, releasing a total of 90,000 CRU and 18 million CSM rewards, which will be released immediately after successful bidding! Crust has compiled a list of crowdfunding channels that have been connected to Crust, and we welcome all community partners to choose according to the characteristics of the platform and their usage habits, and vote for Crust!

  1. Jambo Network and Crust Network have entered into a strategic partnership. Both parties will jointly explore the decentralized storage technology of Web3.0 ecosystem and promote the application of blockchain Web3.0 network data technology.

At 15:00 GMT on June 16, Crust issued the first batch of rewards for Kusama slot bidding, with a total of 322.73091 CRUs and 64546.18236 CSMs for 4610.44159 KSMs supporting Crust Shadow.

  1. The second batch of rewards was snapshotted at 14:00 BST on June 23 and was distributed on the same day.

Community/Activity Progress.

1、From June 2 to June 4, Crust was invited to participate in “Tides Wave 2021 – Blockchain Impact Summit” organized by Cabin VC and Blocklike and co-organized by Golden Finance and POW POWER. Crust participated in the roundtable forum titled “Blockchain Privacy Computing: Privacy, Technology and Value” on the first day, and discussed the cutting-edge ideas with other guests.

2、On June 9 at 18:00, Crust 6th Openday will focus on the theme of “Slot Auction, Ready to Launch”, inviting many guests from Crust ecology and Polkadot ecology to discuss the development of Crust ecology, application implementation, and the auction strategy of Polkadot ecology star projects.

3、On June 21 at 8:00 pm (Beijing time), Crust will hold a large-scale airdrop event through Coin Market Cap, and airdrop 9,000,000 CSMs for free to community users, with a total of 1,000 copies and 9,000 CSMs each, adopting a randomly selected whitelist mechanism.

4、On June 11, 20:00 pm, Crust, together with Phala and Darwinia, will hold an online parallel chain auction launch to talk about “How Privacy, Storage, and Cross-chain Empower Web3.0”, which will be live-streamed on CoinHub.

5、Crust is now online [Free Storage Space] activity All eligible community members can get unlimited free storage space through this activity! Activity entrance: https://fs.crust.network/

6、On June 21, Crust was invited to participate in the Moonbeam Astronaut Alliance roundtable discussion to share thoughts on the layout of multi-chain ecology.

7、On June 25, in order to make more people understand and use Crust for file storage, Crust launched [Data Creates Value] campaign, which lasts for 180 days with a total reward of 54,000 CRU. During the campaign period, users can choose to become [Data Provider] (get data computing power by storing files, thus getting CRU reward, suitable for users with large storage needs) or [Data Guarantor] (by providing CSM guarantee pledge for data arithmetic) to get the corresponding CRU rewards. Activity entrance: https://apps.crust.network/#/csmStaking



1、Development progress

? Test.com: We have successfully completed the first milestone inside the Substrate Builders Program! This means that the credit calculation, the Identity Linker module and some features in the Litentry App and parachain have been completed.

Design and initial implementation of linking Polkadot accounts in the Account Linker module

Release type and initial logic implementation of the NFT module

Development of Xrecovery module

Research on Substrate TEE

Deployment and testing of Chainbridge on Testnet

Complete development of Merkle Airdrop

Discuss and prepare SubstraTEE module

Fixed generation block issue in pr-review

Prepare code for Builder program that needs review

Completed Merkle Claim development for NFT module, unit testing and documentation editing

Built NodeJS demos to generate Merkle trees and Merkle proofs as demos with the NFT module

Investigated SubstraTEE and developed an MVP plan for TEE integration

Test plan for token migration

Benchmark testing of the on_finalize method of the off-chain worker

SubstraTEE setup and investigated SDK versioning issues

Updated the dependency of parachain v0.9.6

Updated Account Linker module and added module documentation

? App.

Added council interface

Added Treasury interface

Reconnected and switched servers

Explored the front-end stack of the web app

Added Polkadot plugin connection

Added polkadot hook and React components

Resolved some webpack issues that came up after installing the Polkadot library

Refactored the navigation header

Integrate Firebase

Set APP notification screen

Link to APP notification function

? Other Development

Support Twitter Linker backend

Deployed polkadot and kusama indexing services

Chainbridge testing and debug

Wrote smart contract documentation

Debugging and fixing CI issues

Discussion on Chainbridge code auditing

Fixed CI issues on parallel chains in version 0.9.4

Added logging and error handling information to a branch of OCW

Investigated devops tool, ansible, for future deployments

Support for twitter-linker backend and frontend

Selection of SGX hardware

Supported some work on token migration

Refactoring and supporting Twitter-linker backend

Set up Chainbridge’s secret key file

Set up server management tools

Deployed ansible playbook

Set up playbooks for installing rust, nodejs and mongodb

Fixed CI issues with 0.9.5 and 0.9.6 upgrades

Completed Chainbridge setup script

Added Testnet configuration file for Chainbridge

Added parachain, relayer setup scripts

Litentry forum upgrade

Upgraded Polkadot and Kusama verification nodes

2、Ecology/product cooperation

Project Collaboration: Litentry x iMe

In Litentry’s identity aggregation protocol, users’ identity data (e.g. transfer transaction records, IDO participation) can be used to generate personal reputation values in a privacy-encrypted environment. By partnering with iMe, we can integrate data from iMe and Telegram so that users can use their behavioral data on the platform to generate reputation values for better DeFi services.

Project Collaboration: Litentry x Automata

We have entered into a partnership with Automata to enhance the privacy protection of Litentry’s identity score computation layer. Through a secure hardware approach based on the trusted execution environment Intel SGX, Automata ensures that Litentry’s identity calculation is performed in an isolated and shielded environment from any malicious actor’s surveillance. After Automata completes the computation, the result is encrypted using the request signing key from Litentry and recorded on the blockchain, and the outside world is required to decrypt the computation with a private key. This ensures that no outside parties can observe any of the computation process or the data used. With this collaboration, we hope to work with Automata Network to prevent potential data leakage during the identity score generation process.

Project Collaboration: Litentry x Encointer

Litentry and Encointer had an in-depth discussion on how DID could be applied to implement such a system – Litentry’s DID solution is highly Sybil-proof and anonymous. We believe that the integration of Litentry’s DID system into Encointer’s protocol will have the potential to greatly simplify the process of registering and proving users’ identities on the Encointer dApp. Encointer is currently experimenting with projects using random pseudonymous key signing parties. Their entity proof of attendance can be used as personality verification and can be used to complement the associated aggregated identity features in the Litentry protocol.

  1. Community/Marketing Events

Litentry was a guest on Clubhouse’s “PlatOn Talk” to discuss the application of DID in DAO governance and the current state of DID business.

The second episode of Litentry & Friends was released, featuring Victoria Gavrilyuck from iMe and Lilly M. Dobreva from Litentry to discuss the potential applications between DID and instant messaging.


Phala Network

R&D Progress

  1. Phala Crowdloan Dapp development completed and officially launched on June 11, with the reward rules upgraded and adjusted to 150 PHA for every 1 KSM pledged. https://crowdloan.phala.network/
  2. Completion of the new mining mechanism interface.
  3. completion of Khala Crowdloan Dapp backend open source.
  4. completion of work on the pRuntime side of the Phala Task Queue, PR: https://github.com/Phala-Network/phala-blockchain/pull/224.
  5. Completed Phala in-chain message queue module split, PR: https://github.com/Phala-Network/phala-blockchain/pull/225
  6. According to https://polkaproject.com/#/rank, Phala Network is the most active project for developers in the Polkadot ecosystem in the past 7 days.

Ecological Progress

  1. Phala announced that the management of Phala Network’s R&D company, HashForest (Singapore), will bring in three heavyweights as full time partners: Shunfan Zhou, Sandro Gorduladze, and Ruby Wang.
  2. Phala’s “Global Ambassador Program” welcomes two new recruits, one to work in the Spanish-speaking community on content output and technical node education, and the other to assist the Italian-speaking community with community growth, event planning, and content translation.
  3. one new guide will be responsible for Chinese community question answering in Phala domestic community.
  4. the release of the “Phala Thought Leader Tournament” program to recruit community KOLs with high quality content.
  5. on June 2, Pippi Finance (Heco) started PHA two-way pledge mining.
  6. Phala Spanish-speaking community held AMAs with KuCoin and overseas community Crypto Legacy successively to preach the Khala bidding rules.
  7. on June 25, Phala’s strategic partner, Neukind, the largest blockchain node deployment platform in Japan, joined forces with Zofuku, a decentralized blockchain data center, to distribute and deploy physical nodes in Japan, and deployed Phala physical nodes in four locations.
  8. on June 25, Cryptocurrency opened the PHA/USDT trading pair.
  9. 222,412 total Phala global community members as of June 30.

Market/cooperation progress

  1. Phala prep mainnet Khala opened Kusama auction, so far, a total of 30,518.5532 KSM from 1501 KSM addresses participated in supporting Khala parallel chain auction.
  2. Released a brand campaign highlighting the current Web 2.0 security and privacy issues and showing how Phala is filling this gap and optimizing the Web 3.0 world. With a super quick overview of the Phala universe, the video also conveys Phala’s vision that the privacy cloud will replace the tech giants and create a better Web 3.0 world for everyone. Watch it at: https://youtu.be/9AGWOqienOU
  3. To facilitate everyone to better understand Khala bidding mechanism and use Khala crowd lending tools, Phala has held 3 AMAs in overseas and domestic communities, Phala’s first official overseas AMA. Review: https://youtu.be/XiIbufdTBzk
  4. June 18, Phala launched the 30,000 PHA prize pool on CoinMarketCap to help Khala Crowdloan bid on airdrops.
  5. on June 2, Phala announced a strategic partnership with Amara to jointly launch MaraLink, a cross-chain solution for asset data, which aims to build an asset data interoperability bridge between the Polkadot ecosystem and other popular public chains.

On June 24, Phala Network announced a strategic partnership with New Zealand blockchain technology provider Bit. information for its users.

  1. a partnership with Altcoin Traders, an educational KOL community for overseas cryptocurrency users, which provides Phala with the opportunity to reach out more widely and include cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  2. on June 2, Phala was invited to attend the “TiDES Wave 2021 Blockchain Industry Impact Summit” and Phala CEO Marvin Tong represented at the inauguration of the Privacy Computing Technology Consortium (PCIC).
  3. On June 26, Phala co-organized “CodingDay 2021@Wuhan” with Rebase, Piece+, and Parity, and Hang Yin, Phala co-founder & chief developer, attended the event on behalf of the team. In the Substrate Workshop session, he carefully explained to developers how to implement Substrate blockchain online upgrade, and demonstrated advanced features such as storage migration and pre-migration preview test on site.


1、Product Progress

1) Front-end product prototype

Last month, Manta technical team has completed most of the back-end development including blockchain runtime, zero-knowledge proof circuit, and other cryptographic constructs, and conducted internal testing and QA. This month, the technical team focused on the external front-end design, which will allow users to easily mint, transfer and exchange privacy tokens through the front-end page.

2) Test.com block browser

Manta entered into a partnership with Polkadot’s well-known parallel chain block browser Subscan. Subscan will work with Manta to integrate its services into the Manta network.

3) Privacy LP pool concept introduced

Manta released an updated version of its white paper and introduced the concept of Privacy LP Pools for the first time. It will not only provide privacy protection services to mobility providers, but will also be the first application of the Privacy LP Pool, which is of great importance for DeFi privacy.

  1. Partners

On June 29, Manta and MathChain reached a partnership through which Manta can embed its privacy protection layer into MathChain, and MathChain can use Manta’s zkSNARK-based privacy protection technology to support the privacy of various Polkadot parallel chains. At the same time, Math Wallet will also support Manta Network’s parallel chain auctions and crowd lending.

3、Community Activities

In early June, several Manta Network co-founders traveled to Miami for the annual Bitcoin 2021 conference, the first cryptocurrency industry conference where several co-founders participated live together.

On June 2, Manta was invited to participate in the 2021 Blockchain Industry Impact Summit co-hosted by Cabin VC and Blocklife, and discussed “Blockchain Privacy Computing Track Heating Up: Privacy, Technology and Value” with privacy project parties such as Phala, Crust and Horizen.

On June 19, Jamie Deng, a core development engineer at Manta, participated in the “RUST Blockchain Developer Matching Day” offline event co-hosted by Bixin Ventures and Infura, sharing how Manta uses Rust language to develop scalable privacy protection services.

4、AMA Event

On June 7, Holly, the head of marketing of Manta China, was invited to participate in the “Polkadot Ecology Gathering” series of community AMA, sharing Manta’s recent project progress and planning as well as the outlook on Polkadot ecology.

On June 12, Manta co-founder Kenny Li participated in the AMA held by Korean community leader ICO Pantera at Telegram.

5、Mandalor Ambassador Program

The Manta Mandalor Ambassador Program China recruitment was officially opened, with more than 160 people applied. At the same time, we also opened the ambassador program in South Africa and India, and received more than 100 applications.

6、Project outlook

Manta will release the bidding strategy and more information about Calamari, the Kusama pioneer network, in the near future.

The beta site will be launched soon, and early on we will invite some users to experience the product and submit bugs.

Manta will continue to develop more useful tools around the Ambassador program to enhance the Ambassador experience.



Release v2.0.7-beta – v2.1.0-beta Multiple iterations.

Added Karura Network parallel chain crowdloan support.

Added support for Karura network plugins.

Add Kusama network auctions & crowdloans support.

Polkawallet SDK webView upgrade.

Kusama/Polkadot multi-version runtime compatibility handling.

Fix known bugs.


  1. Technical progress

Optimize PLO related data presentation and open API.

Batch transaction, part of the call execution failure ux optimization.

2、Visual display of democratic referendum.

New ParaID-based project information submission and display, please refer to the submission portal and rules at

Multi-sign tool Technology stack migrated from Vue to React, Web3 Grant Milestone 2 function completed and entered testing phase.

3、Progress of cooperation

Cooperate with Karura and Moonriver to provide parallel chain browser service.

Support Kilt test network.

Supported Manta test network.

Obtained Crust Grant to integrate storage related functions for Crust web browser, and will finish Miledstone 1 soon.

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