JuggyLAND Officially Launches Lion NFT Trading

JuggyLAND officially launched Lion NFT trading! The value of game assets can be maintained through the liquidity provided by connecting buyers and sellers. Anyone participating in the network or ecosystem can attest to the authenticity of game assets.

JuggyLAND trading is online, users can freely sell or buy the strongest lion NFT to fully prepare for the next battle!

JuggyLAND was officially launched on December 23rd, North American time (December 24th, Beijing time), and simultaneously opened blind box buying and breeding. JGN Metaverse never follows the rules and will create a new template for the game in an all-round way.

Lion NFT trading, just enter the official website of JuggyLAND to trade, free to buy or sell with pending orders.

Go to the official website link, open your war reserves, and trade for the battle. Are you going to make a full zombie series, or would you rather have the strongest lion with a balanced team? The decision is yours! Get ready for battle! ⚔️

How to trade on  JuggyLAND

JuggyLAND’s in-game transaction operation is simple and convenient. Users only need to connect their wallet, prepare enough JGN and BNB, select the lion you want to buy and sell, and initiate a transaction.

How to Sell Lion NFTs

1. Enter the game homepage and click “My Favorites”


2. Enter the “My Favorites” page, select the lion you want to sell and click it directly


3. The page jumps to the Lion NFT details page, click “Approve to sell”


4. Click to enter the wallet page, click “Confirm” to allow selling (take Metamask wallet as an example)


5. After the transaction is approved, you are free to sell any lion you own!


6. Click “Sell” and fill in the selling price of the lion, with JGN tokens as the price unit (1=1JGN)


7. After filling in the selling price, click “Next” to proceed to the next step, and finally click “Confirm” on your wallet. After confirmation, your little lion will be placed and it will be waiting to be purchased in “Amoy Lion”!


8. The lion that has pending order to sell can cancel the sale at any time, click on the lion, and then click “Cancel Sell”


9. Click “Confirm” on the wallet, and the cancellation will be successful immediately


Friendly reminder: To successfully open a transaction, you need to confirm the wallet of “allowing to buy and sell” first. After confirmation, you can trade Lion NFT at will.

How to Buy Lion NFTs

The operation steps of buying and selling are almost the same, but the buying user needs to check and judge the performance and price of other lions, so as to buy lions with the most cost-effective.

1. Enter the homepage of the official website, click “Amoy Lions”, or click “Collect” under the homepage



2. Entering the “Amoy Lions” page, you will be able to see all the lions for sale (including your own pending order lions) and their selling prices.


3. Choose to buy your favorite and cheapest lion! Click on your selected lion, go to the approval page, and click “Approve Buy”


4. Click “Confirm” in your wallet


5. After the purchase is approved, you can buy any lion in the market. Select the lion you want to buy and click “Buy”


6. Click “Confirm” in your wallet to complete the purchase. After the transaction is completed, you will become the owner of the new Juggy Lion!

Friendly reminder: To successfully open a transaction, you need to confirm the wallet of “allowing to buy and sell” first. After confirmation, you can trade Lion NFT at will.


Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been launched at the same time, and now JGN is fully preparing for the launch of Phase 3, which will have a unique and innovative battle system and economic model setting!


About Juggernaut (JGN)

Juggernaut (JGN) is a Metaverse NFT 2.0 project with a strong DeFi infrastructure. Taking Gamefi as an entry point to step into the Metaverse field, we are determined to create a new experience of NFT+DeFi+Metaverse+DAO and lead a new round of industrial waves. Create a cohesive and empowering ecosystem.

JGN is inspired to realize the close integration of DeFi+NFT+Metaverse and create an interesting consumer-level experience. The infrastructure construction of JGN in NFT and DEFI ecology will also rapidly promote the ecological development of JGN in Metaverse NFT 2.0. Users will experience the true potential of Metaverse and realize a user-generated, open and scalable new digital world for unbounded Interaction and true connection.

JGN has built a leading NFT exchange (JuggerWORLD), DAO governance model (Diamond JGN), GameFi products and SWAP staking mining (JuggerSWAP) in DeFi + NFT infrastructure.

The upcoming JuggyLAND Metaverse is the most forward-looking ecological expansion of JGN, and the market-leading Create-to-play will bring users a new experience. Users can become the co-creator and community of interests of the ecology, a new paradigm of creator-centered, community-driven spontaneous innovation. Users participate in value creation to build their own Metaverse ecology, and generate Metaverse earnings through JGN users.

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