Juan Delivers the Latest Speech: Building a Metaverse

Recently, Hu An, the founder of Distributed Storage Protocol & Interplanetary File System, attended the OVioHQ’s Diffusion 2021 event and delivered a speech on “Building a Metaverse”. The following is a summary of his speech.

Juan’s speech is mainly divided into three parts: constructing meta-universe through Web3, constructing block of meta-universe, and building meta-universe by himself.


Build a meta-universe through Web3

“Meta universe is important to each of us”, Juan first introduced the vision of the meta universe, and then when introducing the model of the meta universe, he talked about the hierarchy of the meta universe and the Web3 Toolbox toolbox.



Then he preached that Metaverse needs power, and Web3 empowers software. He said that the incentive mechanism is the foundation of civilization, and the blockchain empowers a global, robust and scalable mechanism design.


He also shared the value of Web3, including decentralization, privacy and security, and user confirmation.


In addition, he introduced how Web3 catalyzes the meta-universe, and he talked about Interstellar File System, NFT, games, etc.



Meta universe building block

In the second part, Juan introduced Libp2p, IPFS, and Interplanetary File System. He said that you can use CID to link your data, use IPFS to distribute and manage data, and use the Interplanetary File System network to store your data.




“By using NFT.storage and Web3.Storage recently launched by Protocol Labs, you can easily do everything mentioned above.” He introduced that NFT.storage can be used to store NFT data for free, while Web3.Storage is a simple Interface for developers to store and retrieve data from the decentralized storage network of the Interplanetary File System.



Secondly, he shared his views on how the meta-universe grows. He said that it is possible for large companies to create large-scale platforms to build meta-universes, but he believes that if large companies eventually control the interaction of most users, it will become a bad world. The meta-universe should start from fragments and then connect together, it should be an open platform.



He said that he is very happy to see the development of the NFT Museum and NFT Gallery, because through this we can have a valuable experience in the virtual world and explore the meta-universe.


Build your own meta universe

Juan said that he encourages everyone to build the meta universe on their own. How should you build the meta universe? He made an introduction through the four aspects of “start, build, release, and grow”. Among them, he introduced some of the support policies and bonuses given by the Protocol Lab. Welcome everyone to join in and build Web3 together.



In addition, he introduced some ideas and opportunities for builders. Including data upgrades, infrastructure, NFTs, games and social experiences, worlds, etc.




Juan said that the development of history is always driven by a small group of people, which in turn affects most people. He encouraged everyone to create the meta-universe on their own. He said, “The more you participate, the faster the meta-universe will be realized, and the future depends on you!



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