Jobs: The Complete Guide to Finding a Job on the Blockchain

When people hear about blockchain technology, they immediately think it must be difficult to understand and deal with, because until now there are many stereotypes like techies, developers, crypto enthusiasts, it sounds difficult to grasp .

However, this is far from the truth, as blockchain has evolved (and still is) as a term encompassing many smaller fields: from NFTs and DeFi, to games and the Metaverse, which significantly abstract the complexities of blockchains sex.

Today’s article will briefly dissect the three largest blockchain ecosystems: DeFi, NFT & Metaverse to see how easy it is to enter the space.


DeFi is a blockchain space dedicated to decentralized finance and the applications that support them. It is short for “decentralized finance”. This is a financial system/structure where no one centralized body controls, in this case the blockchain power code (aka smart contracts), that controls all the operations behind the scenes (money transfers, exchanges, transactions , credit account, debit account, etc.).

The world of DeFi offers many opportunities, and in the blockchain space, there are bankers, developers, financial analysts, investors, customer support, and more.


In early 2021, NFTs have gained a lot of popularity, which has led to the acceptance of the blockchain by more mainstream users outside the space and a higher level of adoption. In fact, the craze caused by NFTs is unlike any other craze seen in the blockchain space. Today, NFTs and their individual communities have reached ridiculous but impressive numbers in terms of user adoption and profits.

At this stage, we are also starting to see more creative and innovative utilities being used or already being built around NFTs, as opposed to the initial nature of when blockchains were first introduced. But what exactly is an NFT?

NFTs utilize blockchain technology to create unique digital items (which can be in the form of music, videos, Gifs, images, artwork, etc.) that can be traded and transferred between wallets, marketplaces, and blockchains. This is the most basic explanation.

It is inappropriate to think that NFTs are basically general knowledge, because we need specialized blockchain technology, code and algorithms to create them. The remaining general knowledge is NFT concepts, ideas, creative solutions, NFT utilities on the blockchain.

Therefore, we can see that the NFT field is open to artists, musicians, product designers, digital creators, developers.


The intuitive sense of the Metaverse has yet to materialize, and Facebook (now META) plans to create one in the near future. At present, in order to reassure developers and players in the field of blockchain games and NFTs, we say: The Metaverse is a digital world where players can trade, interact and make money, built using blockchain technology to decentralize game items , interoperable and have real value.

The Metaverse offers countless creative jobs on the blockchain. But, realistically, all DeFi and NFT work is required when building a Metaverse, because there is no way to show everyone a Metaverse without NFTs, and a Metaverse without basic decentralized finance.


Blockchain has many areas, and it has evolved into an ecosystem where anyone can learn, create, and make a living from it. It offers many creative “jobs” never seen before, gives people from all over the world absolute independence, and greatly reduces the digital divide and many other barriers that people face.

Types of Blockchain Jobs

  • Official Blockchain Jobs

For starters, most formal blockchain jobs do not require a degree from a reputable university, and many jobs are remote except those that require human interaction.

Official blockchain jobs are usually posted directly on the company’s website or outsourced to online job search companies. Official jobs on the blockchain require a resume, portfolio presentation, and an official cover letter statement.

There are countless official blockchain jobs posted daily, including: Metaverse Product Designer, Lead Content Creator, Technical Writer, 3D Animator, Senior Blockchain Developer, Chief Talent Recruiter.

Features related to official blockchain work

  • Asked to be experts in our field.
  • Must have a track record of excellence/achievement in our field.
  • Official blockchain positions may not require blockchain expertise.
  • On average, 60% of official jobs are entirely remote.
  • Unofficial blockchain work


Like their names, they are largely unofficial. These jobs can be interacting on Twitter, participating in the blockchain community, etc. Unofficial jobs reflect the true nature of the blockchain ecosystem, for example: doing what we love to do and accepting referrals along the way. There are countless unofficial jobs on the blockchain. Can be blockchain project partnerships, content creation (YouTube, Medium, Twitch), Discord community work, moderators, debugging research and more!

Features associated with unofficial blockchain work

  • There is absolutely no need to be an expert in your field.
  • In order to build trust and get referrals, we often need experience in our field.
  • Unofficial jobs are a great quick-start path for crypto newbies.
  • Unofficial work gives us extra freedom and independence.
  • An average of 80% of unofficial work is remote-based, with regular interactions with “teams”.
  • Self Employed Blockchain Jobs


Self-employment may be the real joy of being a blockchain user and player. As I summed up in the blockchain definition above, I think this is one of the greatest benefits that blockchain offers today: the ability to do what we want to do to make a living.

No matter what our motivation, what our skills may be, we can increase our income and status by starting our own business in several blockchain fields, our imagination is our only limit.

Some examples of self-employed areas include: blockchain gaming, content creators, content streamers, influencers, artists, fashion designers, and more.

Self-employment features on the blockchain

  • Self-employment can be achieved using beginner, intermediate, or expert-level skills on the blockchain.
  • You can work exactly on your own schedule and be your own boss.
  • Opportunity to explore multiple interests without committing to one project.
  • You must learn the tools and platforms to operate the blockchain yourself, no special training is required.
  • Most blockchain users fall into this category.

How to get a job on the blockchain?

  • Cryptocurrency Jobs (Official)


Crypto Job Network is a special online job bulletin board that shares remote and job-based jobs posted by blockchain companies, with a large number of blockchain jobs posted every week. This platform is the best when it comes to searching for official blockchain jobs with minimal effort.

Their platform gives us features like personalized filters to better group the jobs we’re looking for. By subscribing to their newsletter, we can get a weekly report of the latest blockchain work published.

At Crypto Jobs, we can find a wide variety of jobs (developer, content creator, artist, product design, team management, etc.).

The application process for the Crypto Jobs Network is very similar to the regular job application process we are used to.Usually, you need to fill in your name, a link to your previous job, upload a resume, and in some cases, a cover letter. Our cover letter can be written in a PDF or Docx file, or can be uploaded directly in the text field provided.

  • Crypto Work (Official)



CryptoJobs is an online recruitment platform just like the Crypto Jobs Network. They share various blockchain jobs and offer similar functionality to CryptoJobs, but they differ in this: CryptoJobs provides users with an intuitive style and streamlined operation.

We may create a profile and upload our own personal information (such as name, date of birth, address, CV, education level) which will be automatically uploaded to the position we apply for. Some of the other features offered by Crypto Jobs include access to the total number of applicants for a position and the availability of user profiles for potential employers.

  • Blockchain Gaming (Self Employed)

Gaming can be one of the best ways to be self-employed on the blockchain for those who don’t want a job focused on skills and want to have fun while making money.

Blockchain games have been around for more than 3 years, and in 2021, the most popular Play2Earn game, Axie Infinity, has been heavily covered by the media (from Bloomberg, The New York Times, and even CNN TV) and redefines the concept of blockchain gaming. future. By 2022, the number of blockchain games stimulated by the Play2Earn economy is already countless. With the integration of NFT technology and novel blockchain protocols, developers have created very cool games on the blockchain, and many incredibly innovative games are in development (from Open-World RPG, to MMORPG, battle arena games), which were previously thought to be impossible to exist on the blockchain.

  • Company website (official)

Some blockchain companies do not post their vacancies online, such as CryptoJobs and CryptoJobs listed above.

We can search the website of the target blockchain company and keep it updated regularly. This route requires us to have a certain understanding of blockchain companies, what they do, and how our skills should be used.

Browsing vacancies on a company’s website is as easy as visiting their careers page and following the steps of an application form.

  • Hive (self employed)


If we are new to blockchain, HIVE is the place for us.

HIVE is a social microblogging platform and a blockchain platform with Dapps (decentralized applications), including blockchain games, DEX (decentralized exchanges) and NFT markets. Hive is a special blockchain, but hardly like a blockchain in that it simplifies the complexity of a blockchain. People can share their daily life activities, gaming adventures, investment strategies and more in the blogging community.

Hive is the best advice I can give to someone new to blockchain and willing to learn about it. It’s a popular community called Leo Finance, filled with blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance, DeFi masters, and eager newbies.

You can make money on Hive by simply blogging about what interests you; there are many dedicated communities on a variety of topics that anyone can join, participate in, and monetize.

Two main ways to start our HIVE blockchain adventure:

(1) Create a Splinterlands account: Splinterlands is a blockchain Play2Earn game developed based on Hive, which is a TCG.

By creating a Splinterlands account, we can automatically create a Hive account, with which we can access all Hive features: Hive.Blog, Hive Dapps, Hive games.

(2) Create Hive account via Onboarding app: There are some Hive Onboarding apps that can easily create a Hive account for free. Both Ecency and HiveOnboard are options for us.

  • NFT & Blockchain Competition (Self Employed)


Blockchain is an ever-evolving ecosystem, with projects appearing every day, and there are many competitions that provide us with the opportunity to make a profit.

Participating in NFT competitions is the fastest way to improve our game on the blockchain and use it to build valuable skills on the blockchain. During this time, we can easily learn new skills, become creative, and go further.

How to get started?

Information is the most important asset to participate in the blockchain race. So we should try to keep up with news and updates in the blockchain community we follow. Their Twitter and Discord pages are the most reliable methods.

The most common types of competitions include content creation, which also includes a variety of skills: 3D creation, graphic design, illustration, written content, engaging video, product design, and more.

Check out the following resources:

Axie Ecosystem: Axie Infinity is not just a game, it is an ecosystem of many products and sub-communities where we can create value and be rewarded.

DappRadar: DappRadar is a top blockchain news outlet sharing the best information about blockchain games, DeFi and NFT projects. DappRadar can be used to find blockchain communities that want to join. A massive ranking system will help filter out better projects.

DappRadar also shared informational posts on top NFT competitions.

HackerNoon: HackerNoon is a global online platform where developers share various technology-related posts to an active community with over 4 million monthly readers. If we are technically inclined, we can start participating in monthly blockchain competitions by writing on HackerNoon.

  • Buildspace (unofficial)

Buildspace is a free online resource for learning how to build blockchain applications (dapps, NFTs, marketplaces and games) on top blockchains like Polygon, Solana and Ethereum.

Resources for learning blockchain are very rare, and until recently, it was quite difficult for the average developer to build blockchain applications without specialized technical knowledge. But now, blockchain development with Buildspace is easier than ever.

In addition to creating this free resource for people to quickly start building blockchain applications, they are bridging the gap between blockchain developers and recruiters by creating extensive access-only job boards where we can work with Blockchain companies get in touch. They work with many companies in the blockchain space who are looking for applicants directly in the Buildspace community.

All you need to get started building on Buildspace is a Discord account and the MetaMask wallet extension. By linking Discord users, we can gain personalized access to additional resources, technical assistance, and interaction with other builders. MetaMask will receive an NFT badge for each successfully completed project. These NFTs will give us access to the VIP area of ​​Buildspace.


The blockchain and crypto space has been around for over a decade since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, but it has become even more fascinating with discoveries and advancements in subfields such as NFTs, DeFi, and the Metaverse. The ultimate goal of blockchain is mass adoption because of its ability to drastically improve our lives (one of the most obvious trends – in finance).

Blockchains are here to stay, and as novel tools, applications, and communities are created, it will be easier for people to get into it.

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Coinyuppie is an open information publishing platform, all information provided is not related to the views and positions of coinyuppie, and does not constitute any investment and financial advice. Users are expected to carefully screen and prevent risks.

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