Jinan’s first blockchain electronic labor contract was born and will cover the city by the end of 2022

This morning, the launching ceremony of the Jinan electronic labor contract platform was held at Shandong Shunhe International Hotel. At the ceremony, the first company in Jinan to use the electronic labor contract platform signed an electronic labor contract with the new recruits on behalf of Shunhe International. Jinan’s first electronic labor contract was born, which also marked the official entry of Jinan’s labor relations field into electronic labor. The contract era.

Full chain management and multi-scene connection

Realize the sharing of contracted data according to law and real-time inspection

In order to adapt to the new development situation, further optimize the business environment, create a good ecology of honest labor, enrich the application scenarios of “smart human society”, and promote the convenience of private enterprises, Jinan has developed and constructed an electronic labor contract platform.

Electronic labor contract is the use of new technologies such as the Internet and blockchain to innovate a new labor contract electronic application management model of “online signing, chain management, and big data application”, and standardize the generation, transmission, and storage of electronic labor contracts. Using the technical features of blockchain decentralization, multi-party consensus, tamper-proof, traceability, etc., timely discover changes to electronic signatures and contract content to ensure that they are complete, accurate, and not tampered with.

Jinan City, as a “blockchain” pilot city of Shandong Human Resources and Social Security, the electronic labor contract platform architecture is designed with both integrated versatility and openness. It supports the expansion and continuous development of system structure, function design, service objects and other aspects to satisfy corporate users. In the future, we will keep pace with the times and expand the scope of application. The platform can realize seamless docking and synchronous operation with the enterprise’s human resource system, and it is also highly compatible with the electronic labor contract data submitted by other electronic labor contract signing platforms.

With the next upgrade on the chain, the “electronic labor contract + big data early warning + blockchain deposit certificate + Internet arbitration” will be further implemented in the human and social government service scenarios. Insurance agencies, as well as labor unions, arbitration, notarization and other units have established blockchain service nodes to realize the legal sharing of contracted data and real-time inspection, and effectively solve the daily problems of “difficulty in obtaining evidence, difficult in displaying evidence, difficult in certification, and difficult in depositing evidence”. Create a non-repudiation “rights confirmation and rights protection” mechanism.

Free use of the second sign to do

Realize smart services that benefit enterprises and people around the clock

As an important livelihood department of the government, the Human Resources and Social Security Department plays an important role in optimizing the business environment and serving the development of enterprises. Insist on taking enterprise evaluation as the first evaluation and the people’s satisfaction as the first standard, and provide enterprises and the people with more convenient and warmer human and social services with responsibilities and feelings. After the Jinan electronic labor contract platform goes online, it will be provided as a public platform for government services to enterprises for free use. The platform can be realized through the “Jinan Human Resources and Social Security” WeChat subscription number, the online service hall of the Jinan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Jinan Municipal Affairs Service Platform, the Shandong Province Unified Identity Authentication Platform, and the Aishan APP inquiries, downloads, logins, and processing. Synchronous operation and information sharing of government affairs side, enterprise side and personal side.

The enterprise logs onto the platform to initiate a contract, the system intelligently fills in the contract content, the employee signs online, the unit confirms and signs, and the contract is completed. The Jinan electronic labor contract platform can realize the electronic signing of the entire process from employee entry, contract signing, job transfer, employee resignation, personnel certification and other scenarios, reducing the number of human resources department staff required for batch entry of former employees from five to six to Two or three employees, the average time it takes for each employee to sign a contract has been compressed from 2-3 hours to less than one minute, or even a few seconds. Non-local employees no longer have to mail the contract back and forth, which perfectly solves the problem of signing a large number of labor contracts. The difficulty is to realize the signing of a single batch of unlimited labor contracts. In addition, the application of electronic labor contracts has greatly reduced the operating costs of contract signing and management, and reduced the cost of using and storing paper contracts by nearly 80%.

Exploration of the pilot project in Huaiyin and Laiwu

Achieve full coverage of Jinan by the end of 2022

Wang Zhuang, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee and director of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, introduced that Huaiyin District and Laiwu District will serve as pilot projects in the city to take the lead in guiding registered labor-intensive enterprises and other enterprises willing to use them to sign electronic labor contracts. Actively explore ways to advance, solve current deficiencies, and summarize application experience. Through labor-intensive enterprises taking the lead in demonstrating and willing enterprises to follow-up implementation, gradually promote and drive the electronic dataization of labor contracts of various enterprises in the city, and gradually promote and drive the security protection, development and sharing of government data, business secrets and personal information data , Integrated application, and continuously improve the overall level of the human and social data chain. At the end of 2022, all kinds of enterprises and economic organizations registered in the administrative area of ​​Jinan will fully implement the electronic data signing of labor contracts.

The electronic labor contract, through the blessing of new technology and the interactive coupling of resource elements, effectively saves social costs and stimulates the release of reform vitality. It will play a positive role in promoting the digital and intelligent upgrading and transformation of enterprise personnel management in Jinan, and accelerating the construction of a modern and powerful provincial capital in the new era. enhancement.

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