JGN officially launched the exclusive NFT for contemporary artist Chen Jianzhou

Recently, Juggernaut (JGN) and contemporary artist Chen Jianzhou have reached an NFT partnership. On the evening of October 25th, Chen Jianzhou’s first series of NFTs will be officially launched on JuggerWORLD, opening Chen Jianzhou’s exclusive NFT series transaction.

This time, Chen Jianzhou’s first NFT series is from the most reverberant Chinese art “Journey to the West Return”. Through the launch of this NFT, JGN and Chen Jianzhou jointly promote the international stage of Chinese element art.

Chen Jianzhou is the most representative contemporary artist in China and a member of the Chinese Artists Committee. He has created the most responsive Chinese art in the silent world. At the age of three, Chen Jianzhou lost the right to listen to the world due to illness, but it was also this quiet that gave him the “talent” for painting, and he could explore the kingdom of art that belonged to him in a silent world, and depict what belonged to him. Spiritual world. He gave art more spiritual strength and courage to make progress.



Chen Jianzhou has combined Chinese art and modern painting with great tension. His works have won many awards such as the “Olympic Champion Painting Biography World Volume Silver Award Beijing”, and his works have a total auction price of more than one million yuan. His masterpiece “The Return of Journey to the West” has become one of the representatives of contemporary art. It has participated in many international exhibitions and won many awards. The art work born with heart has created the most moving Chinese art.

Introduction to ” Journey to the West 

Journey to the West is a work written for everyone. In each of us, there is a Sun Wukong who is true, self, aggrieved, unwilling, helpless, miserable, lonely and frightened. The Journey to the West in Chen Jianzhou’s hands shows the world “the time has changed and the world has changed”. The reality has changed us, so try to prevent glitz from eroding our truest selves. The heroes and Journey to the West understood by Chen Jianzhou are closer to life. They are so vivid that they are imperfect, and so vivid that you can empathize with them.


The NFT exchange JuggerWORLD meets the different needs of different users with the functions of buying, selling, casting, auctioning, pledge and royalties, creating the best DeFi+NFT trading experience for users, and creating a high-performance trading market.

JGN focuses on the field of NFT + DeFi + GameFi. Its JGNnft.com is the first NFT + DEFI exchange focused on the BSC community. Currently JGN has obtained Goldman Sachs (Canada), Australian SFIP Fund, Binance “seed fund”, SoftBank Group (UK), LD Capital and many other institutions have made strategic investments.

How to purchase Chen Jianzhou series NFT works ?

Chen Jianzhou’s first series of NFT works is online. The first batch of 4 original NFT works is online. Each NFT is limited to 10 pieces. The first purchaser of each NFT will buy it at a price of 50JGN, and the second piece of work can be purchased at 60JGN. Yes, and so on, the tenth work is worth 140 JGN, and the user who bought it first can conduct NFT transactions at the most favorable price.



NFT works display :


Goku Jordan 2.0 (10 works in total)

Introduction of the work : “Drink! Let’s see my cool posture!” Monkey King was busy for three hundred and sixty-five days a year. It is the incarnation of the magical version of 996. Finally, there are a few days of free time that belongs to me, and I immediately start to fuck my favorite “basketball”! Oops, if there is no basketball, I will steal a flat peach to replace it~, it’s the same anyway. As soon as Monkey King touched Pan Tao, he was like a “Red Bull”, igniting his fighting spirit! The whole person is excited. No, several “Grand Slams” have been won by him. “It’s my grandson and me!” He was proud of the spring breeze, and his face was filled with a satisfied smile.



Our Angel (10 works in total)

Work introduction : pay tribute to Kobe, in our hearts, he is an angel! May there be no pain in heaven.


Monkey King · Bruce Lee Edition (10 works in total)

Introduction of works : Pay tribute to Mr. Bruce Lee, and thank Mr. Bruce Lee for presenting us with many wonderful films. Monkey King imitated Bruce Lee’s classic moves.


Monkey King · Bruce Lee Edition NO.2 (10 works in total)

Introduction of works : Pay tribute to Mr. Bruce Lee, and thank Mr. Bruce Lee for presenting us with many wonderful films. Monkey King imitated Bruce Lee’s classic moves.

This time JGN cooperated with Search Hunter Art to create the first NFT for Chen Jianzhou’s “Journey to the West Return”, giving art more space for display and diversified value! Bring Chinese art closer to life through NFT and face the world. Take action, the transaction begins! ! !

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