JGN Newly Opens NFT 2.0 Ecological Expansion: Leading the New Trend of Decentralized Games

Have you ever wondered why so many people like to play games? From kids who play Pokémon to old people who love to play chess, games have run through every aspect of our lives. People are more and more enjoying the thrill of victory in the game world, the desire to establish contact with others, and the ultimate relaxation in the pressure of survival in the game world. They make the game fun, exciting and more meaningful!

Game industry, the rapid development has completed all the people global expansion

In recent years, we have seen how the globalization and internationalization of the game ecology has changed the game industry from within.

The rapid development of e-sports, or the increase in global chess players due to streaming services such as Twitch and Netflix Serie “The Queen’s Gambit”, further indicate the democratization and globalization of the game.

With the progress of the times, although the game industry has been disrupted and recognized by the society, the game experience has not been much innovative. In the current game environment, pay-to-play and play-to-win mechanisms are very common.

The traditional game model cannot break the user’s high passivity and high restriction

The current game paradigm is isolated and highly closed. After the game is created, it is sold or provided to game players for free. Although there are microtransactions or loot boxes in the game, the game economy is limited to the game environment. Some valuable assets, characters, Land, tools, and avatars have no real-world value and cannot be traded online.

The current games are completely centrally controlled. Game players are limited to consumer roles, only equipped to support them by recharging, and they rarely have the opportunity to participate in the development and production of their favorite games.

Today’s games are just “games”, they cannot break through the limits of four walls and pixelated screens. Game players cannot really control the assets generated by their games, because in the final analysis, they do not own these assets, and even become addicted to them, and still can’t get any income.

In short, the old game experience can be defined as:

l The company behind the game always controls everything.

l Game players are limited to the role of consumers, and the game company suspends your account, and your achievements will disappear forever.

l Centralized gaming platforms are vulnerable to attacks, especially in terms of storage or employee access to private information.

Decentralized games occupy the market and break the traditional game development model

The world’s largest rental service company does not own a room (Airbnb), and the world’s largest taxi company does not own a car (Uber).

What they have in common is that they decentralize useful services. Decentralization means shifting from a centralized source of power to a fairer and more equal distribution of power, which is in the hands of the people participating in the decentralized system.

Different from traditional games, decentralized games are about player ownership: the ownership of items or assets in the game, the security and transparency of data, and the right to freedom of game creation and choice. Gamers can become co-creators and community of interests of their favorite games, participate in the design and development, and provide help through open source contributions. They will be rewarded with in-game assets, profit sharing and partial ownership.

After the concept of blockchain became popular, decentralization has been mentioned more and more. Blockchain games are not only limited to entertainment aspects. They can use a method similar to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to integrate The entire business model of the game is placed on the chain, and the record of the game’s financial affairs and the procedural rules of business operation are realized through smart contracts, so it is defined as a decentralized autonomous game.

The meta-universe concept is working on the lack of connectivity in early NFT games, and there are more opportunities to create a new global social world.

The meta-universe simulates the interaction and economy of the real world in the digital environment. This is an alternative digital reality for social interaction, work, entertainment, and trading, but can the currently online meta-universe games really bring a decentralized experience?

Metaverse NFT 2.0, expand the new ecological model of the game

The gradual heat of the concept of meta universe marks the development of NFT from the earliest digital collection auction scene to a more complex and huge system. The main core of meta universe lies in the carrying of virtual assets and virtual identities. It needs to create a fair, open source, and reliable The economic system, in this process, the game has become an important carrier of meta-universe+NFT design. Metaverse can expand the scope of a single game, connect NFTs with games or other NFTs (or even hyper-connect) to create a new digital world composed of mini-ecosystems.

So far, our games in Metaverse or NFT 1.0 are still isolated, and there is also a huge bubble in NFT.

However, due to the ability to introduce new users in the ecosystem and fully expand with Metaverse, there have been a large number of NFT games (such as Axie Infinity ) data that has grown exponentially. Axie Infinity currently has 2.3 million daily active users, an increase of nearly 6,000% since April this year, and an estimated revenue of US$2.7 billion.


Users have shown high interest in exploration and participation in meta-universe games. However, if we want to realize the full potential of the meta universe, we need to bring “meta” into it, connecting different games and NFTs.

The fully developed model where the game is controlled by a central entity will no longer be applicable. Let the antagonistic relationship between traditional centralized game operators and players be fundamentally reversed. With NFT 2.0, players can control everything and create new working experiences.

The new way of decentralized gaming is to return power to players. With a decentralized framework, games can be forked, skinned, and modified. The initial developers will not have absolute power over the future development direction of the game. Developers and game players can build and create content beyond the original scope of the game.

JGN to open a new Metaverse + NFT decentralized model game

Welcome to Create-to-play, JuggyLAND is a Metaverse game that truly connects new JGN users.

Players can experience the true potential of Metaverse, and there is no longer an isolated or central entity controlling the player. Gamers can become the co-creator and community of interests of JuggyLAND games. JuggyLAND will build and create content beyond the original scope of the game for gamers.

The five elements of Metaverse include reliable economic system, virtual identity and assets, strong sociality, immersive experience and open content creation. If Metaverse is always trying to create an independent immersive virtual digital world, with an open, self-consistent economic system, low access restrictions, smooth reality interaction and continuity, then what we are now in is still Metaverse. Budding period. The series development of JuggyLAND will be the biggest explosive exploration game in the meta-universe and NFT.

Phase 1 : JuggyLAND Metaverse Game (2021)

JuggyLAND is a brand new JGN Metaverse game, which opens up the ecological expansion of metaverse +NFT2.0 decentralized games. JuggyLAND is a beta version of game interconnectivity, dedicated to greatly extending the vitality of the game.

Meta Universe is still in its early stages of development, and every major innovation and transformation has its first step. JGN’s NFT 2.0 will be officially launched from JuggyLAND. This is an innovative earning game where players collect, fight, and Breed to earn JGN tokens. 

JuggyLAND will adopt a brand-new battle system. In the arena, players will fight hard for victory to win more tokens and other rewards!

Expected release date: November/early December.


Juggernaut is not a traditional game company. It only aspires to create and design era-leading game models and experiences with pure decentralization in the world of blockchain. The JuggyLAND stage is a small part of our ambitious plan. .

JuggyLAND will gradually expand and improve the game mechanism, which will fully embody the concept of JuggyLAND Metaverse.

Phase 2 : JuggyLAND v2 Metaverse game (early 2022)

JuggyLAND v2 will let players and the community decide the fate of the game! The concept of Metaverse is quickly combined with the game to quickly realize the decentralized development of the game. Jointly solve the shackles that lack of fun and deviate from the original intention of the game, and more fully and purely use the characteristics of the meta-universe and NFT to achieve essential game design thinking changes.

In JuggyLAND v2, users will be able to create content for the game and get rewards accordingly. JGN is a new paradigm of creator-centered and community-driven spontaneous innovation.

JuggyLAND v2 will let users generate content for the game. The community will be able to design, innovate and change the rules, stories, items, characters, etc., and the open and transparent operating method allows JGN to work with players to build a game ecosystem, which will undoubtedly increase the vitality and development of the game more possibilities! 


When we talk about returning power to players, we essentially let them play the way they want. Decentralized technology will enable JGN to make games without being restricted by a single entity. Juggernaut is trying to use the power of Network to create a Metaverse and integrate the spirit of Meta into the Metaverse.

Phase 3 : Meta Metaverse, full ecological connection (end of 2022)

Meta Metaverse is the most ambitious part of the entire plan. Link the reality and the virtual, link the platform and the platform, and link the economy, assets, identity, social interaction, experience, content creation, etc., to create an independent immersive virtual digital world, with an open and self-consistent economic system , Low access restrictions, smooth reality interaction and continuity.

In this mode, players can switch games without losing their jobs and achievements, or play different games with the same character they like.

And, players can generate content for their favorite games, play games, and be part of the game and get rewarded at the same time.

Juggernaut is leading the trend of game 2.0, which is a brand-new transformation and expansion to achieve the decentralized development of games. JGN is creating a higher ecological form for The Metaverse, where all the connections between platforms, users, assets, and identities are at the forefront of the revolution.

JGN is determined to make the threshold of decentralized games very low, where users will have the most intense collisions, create a more open and inclusive game industry, and create a new experience that has never been seen in the world.

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